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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n zinnia any of various plants of the genus Zinnia cultivated for their variously and brightly colored flower heads
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Zinnia (Bot) Any plant of the composite genus Zinnia, Mexican herbs with opposite leaves and large gay-colored blossoms. Zinnia elegans is the commonest species in cultivation.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n zinnia A genus of composite plants, of the tribe Helianthoideæ, type of the subtribe Zinnieæ. It is characterized by solitary radiate flower-heads with a conical or cylindrical receptacle, the flowers both of the disk and ray being fertile, and those of the ray almost or quite without a tube, and persistent upon the ripened achene; the achenes of the inner flowers each bear from one to three awns. There are 12 species, natives of Mexico, Texas, and Arizona, 2 of which, long cultivated in gardens, are now widely naturalized. They are annuals, perennials, or sometimes shrubby plants, bearing opposite entire leaves and rather large and showy flower-heads peduncled at the ends of the branches or in the forks between them. Five species occur within the United States, mostly with light-yellow or sulphur-colored rays. The cultivated species are chiefly of various shades of deep red; they have been called youth-and-old-age, from the lasting and somewhat rigid rays and the continued production of new disk-flowers; but are more usually known by the generic name zinnia, especially in the common double form.
    • n zinnia [lowercase] A plant of this genus.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
NL. So called after Professor Zinn, of Göttingen


In literature:

The zinnia was planted according to Helen's way of planting and told by her under the girls' planting in a later chapter.
"The Library of Work and Play: Gardening and Farming." by Ellen Eddy Shaw
In the darkened atmosphere the zinnias and marigolds up and down the path struck a brave note of red and yellow.
"Lewis Rand" by Mary Johnston
Double Zinnias are so varied in colour and beautiful in form that they deserve to take high rank as exhibition flowers.
"The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers From Seeds and Roots, 16th Edition" by Sutton and Sons
It was bare now of its rosy-pink blossoms and Anne gathered some red and yellow zinnias to play lady with.
"Honey-Sweet" by Edna Turpin
Zinnia I mourn your absence.
"Your Plants" by James Sheehan
Those zinnias are lovely.
"Patchwork" by Anna Balmer Myers
Zinnias are easily grown.
"The Mayflower, January, 1905" by Various
The 1st of May or a little later Honeysuckles, Phlox, Snapdragon, Zinnias, and annual Larkspurs appear.
"Beautiful Gardens in America" by Louise Shelton
Only a few red verbenas and zinnias gleam forth from the dull green monotony.
"'O Thou, My Austria!'" by Ossip Schubin
The Zinnia is another fine annual that has been much spoilt by its would-be improvers.
"Wood and Garden" by Gertrude Jekyll
The same is true with dahlias, zinnias, lilies, gladioli, pinks, and portulacas.
"Eye Spy" by William Hamilton Gibson
Around this dial is a crescent-shaped bed of Zinnias, and very satisfactory do they prove.
"Old-Time Gardens" by Alice Morse Earle
For this purpose let not the stiff-necked zinnia be despised.
"A Garden with House Attached" by Sarah Warner Brooks
A large bunch of zinnias and amaranthus set in a broken pitcher formed a gay center-piece.
"Old Times in Dixie Land" by Caroline E. Merrick

In poetry:

And where the larkspur and the phlox
Spread carpets wheresoe'er she pass,
She seems to stand with sombre locks
Bound bleak with fog-washed zinnias.--
"A Dark Day" by Madison Julius Cawein
As if a bed of bloom had taken wing--
Bright marigolds, nasturtiums, zinnias gay--
They breast the breeze or, lightly poising, cling
To other flowers not animate as they.
"Butterflies" by Leigh Gordon Giltner
The podded hollyhocks,—that Fall
Had stripped of finery,—by the wall
Rustled their tatters; dripped and dripped,
The fog thick on them: near them, all
The tarnished, haglike zinnias tipped.
"Uncertainty" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

Graziella Bush picks zinnias from one of her garden plots at the community gardens in Columbus, Ind.
The garden is a near-impenetrable maze of tomatoes, beans and squash interwoven with dahlias, zinnias, cosmos and basil plants so big they're flopping into the paths.
Zinnia's so-called life - or, how an imaginary girl got a lot of junk mail .
Of all the fictional characters I've created, the one who haunts me most is Zinnia Koss.
I am hoping that you could help us identify this yellow wildflower that showed up in our zinnias bed this summer.
"All of the sudden I was planting zinnias and dahlias there," she said.
Grow a vibrant container of zinnias and other annuals with the Container Flower Garden Collection by Renee's Garden.
Double Fire is the one of the newest varieties of zinnias .
Zinnia Brentano Brentano's Design Studio reworked its successful pattern Dahlia to meet the needs of clients who were seeking a sophisticated and graphic outdoor upholstery.
The official low temperature this morning was 41 degrees F in Des Moines, but the frost on the narrowleaf zinnias, at left, prooves that it was colder in my yard.
The official low temperature this morning was 41 degrees F in Des Moines, but the frost on the narrowleaf zinnias, at left, prooves that it was colder in my.
Zinnia in San Francisco.
Chef David Guempel's Zinnia is a sweet spot in an improbable locale: a former gas station on Big Bend, just north of Laclede Station Road.
We'll be broadcasting LIVE during our 5 and 6 newscasts from the Splash Park off Zinnia and North 29th Streets.
Zinnia's so-called life - or, how an imaginary girl got a lot of junk mail.