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water hole


  • Water pours over the old woman from the hole in the pot
    Water pours over the old woman from the hole in the pot
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n water hole a natural hole or hollow containing water
    • ***


Watering hole - (UK) A watering hole is a pub.


In literature:

A few yards from the end of the trench a large hole had been dug and filled with water.
"Modern Mythology" by Andrew Lang
We also met with water in many little holes; and, no doubt, great plenty might be found by digging.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 15 (of 18)" by Robert Kerr
The bottom and sides of the box were filled with many holes, from which the water now dripped.
"Six Little Bunkers at Grandma Bell's" by Laura Lee Hope
Under these drains or sink holes can be placed to collect water.
"Military Instructors Manual" by James P. Cole and Oliver Schoonmaker
When he was coming home, he saw water flowing from a small hole in the dike.
"Big People and Little People of Other Lands" by Edward R. Shaw
Reaching the lower story they found a great many peep-holes through which they could look in upon the water of the tank.
"Elsie at the World's Fair" by Martha Finley
There was water all round the stone, but very little was flowing through the hole.
"Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know" by Various
Sit down by this group of Tommies by the water-hole in the mid-day halt.
"With Rimington" by L. March Phillipps
When, the canes are planted in the spring, the trenches must be filled with water, and some poured into every hole.
"The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom" by P. L. Simmonds
We are slowing down; the road is getting water-logged and full of holes.
"Out To Win" by Coningsby Dawson
Then another time Ceres would find a spring bubbling out of a little hole in the earth, and she would play with her fingers in the water.
"Young Folks Treasury, Volume 2 (of 12)" by Various
Here the grass was very abundant and the holes full of water.
"Journal of Landsborough's Expedition from Carpentaria" by William Landsborough
The fences had been pulled down and the water-hole enlarged.
"The Ridin' Kid from Powder River" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
Dave had gone on a little jaunt to a water-hole to shoot hooters for supper.
"The Sheriff's Son" by William MacLeod Raine
At the bottom of the hole is a pool of brackish, green water, reached by a spiral track around the wall.
"Captured by the Navajos" by Charles A. Curtis
We made our camp by a water hole replenished by the recent rain.
"I Married a Ranger" by Dama Margaret Smith
She poured water into the hole and then put in hot stones until the water grew hot.
"The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone" by Margaret A. McIntyre
As there was a water-hole some twenty yards off, I took the doctor's fur cap, and filling it with water, returned to the stag.
"Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet" by Captain Marryat
To the south he could see the familiar water-hole, and farther the entrance to the canyon, fringed with cedars and pines.
"The Man of the Desert" by Grace Livingston Hill
"Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines" by R.M. Ballantyne

In poetry:

At an old water-hole,
Bones lay in the hide
And teeth gibbered up
Of things that had died.
"Crows" by Mary Eliza Fullerton
They bored a hole above the keel
To let the water out;
But, strange to say, to their dismay,
The water in did spout.
"A Sailor's Yarn" by James Jeffrey Roche
Jest like ten thousand souls, all lost,
The wind howls—ain't it nice!—
The water-hole is froze acrost
With crinkly-crackly ice.
"October on the Sheep Range" by Arthur Chapman
Ten years ago, "as the crow flies,"
He remembers the farmer's daughter
And his hated rival, the plumber's mate
Who used to bore holes in the water.
"The Miser" by T W Connor
Then the darkness closed like a trap that was sprung,
And the night grew black as coals,
And we heard the ceaseless thunder
Of the water down the holes.
"The Legend of Cooee Gully" by Henry Lawson
The boat sailed on
The masts were made of straw
The sails were made of finest silken thread
And out of holes on either side the prow
Gushed endless streams of water and of flame
In which the passengers saw curious things:
"The Truth is Blind" by David Gascoyne

In news:

It's been said that boats are holes in the water into which owners throw their money.
Watch out, Marfa: There's a new watering hole in town.
What you call a big hole in the ground with water in it, on a ranch (or farm) in Texas.
As long as the area is not soggy wet or water is filling the test hole you dig then you are not over watering and need to water more often.
Serial entrepreneur takes helm of Laguna watering hole .
The bartoonist reviews Williamsburg's newest waterfront watering hole .
A trip to the local watering hole .
Not Your Ordinary Watering Hole .
Fate of Blue Heron mill -- and a nearby watering hole -- hang in the balance.
Clarke's a modern-day watering hole for rich and famous.
Bartender is slain at popular watering hole .
A well-executed watering hole .
Beloved watering hole near Yards closes for good on Friday.
Milwaukee's Best After-Work Watering Hole and Karaoke Bar.
Siberia, Famous Watering Hole of Manhattan Media, to Reopen.

In science:

Figure 6: Cutaway view of 4 SICA cells. The outer diameter is 174 mm. The round holes are cooling water tubes; dimple tuning is provided (not shown).
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
Most of the proposed artificial black holes [136] are based on a simple idea [181, 184]: Consider a moving medium with spatially varying flow speed, say water going down the drain of a bathtub.
Quantum Physics of Simple Optical Instruments
Frozen into vertical holes 2.4 km deep, drilled by hot water, the optical modules will lie between 1450 m and 2450 m below the surface.
The ICECUBE prototype string in AMANDA
The Hawking radiation emitted by the black hole can be used to heat up, say, a pan of water just as though the pan was kept inside a microwave oven.
Thermodynamical Aspects of Gravity: New insights
Dramatic improvement in the calculated spectra is obtained with a proper excitation theory, as shown in a recent paper, which focused on water and adopted Hedin’s GW approximation for the self-energy of the excited electron in presence of a static core hole.
Role of quantum nuclei and local fields in the x-ray absorption spectra of water and ice
Ghez and Genzel’s stars, and Miyoshi’s water masers, are buried well within the sphere of influence of the supermassive black holes in the Milky Way and in NGC 4258.
Supermassive Black Holes
The holes where AMANDA strings are buried, were produced with high pressure hot water (∼ 90◦C ).
Neutrino Astronomy at the South Pole: Status of the AMANDA Experiment
The shell is not intended to withstand static pressure, but has several small holes which allow water to form a layer between the PMT and the shell.
Astrophysical Neutrino Telescopes
Holes are drilled with hot water, and strings with PMTs are frozen into the ice.
Astrophysical Neutrino Telescopes
AMANDA contains widely spaced photomultiplier tubes (PMTs; see Figure 5), connected together by strings and placed into water-filled holes drilled into the ice.
The History of Astrophysics in Antarctica
The holes range from several hundred metres to 3 km in depth and the water in them rapidly refreezes, trapping the PMTs within the ice.
The History of Astrophysics in Antarctica
AMANDA contains 677 widely spaced optical modules, connected together by strings and placed into water-filled holes that were drilled into the ice, before the water re-freezed.
The History of Astrophysics in Antarctica
The distance to the spiral galaxy NGC 4258 can be determined to very high precision and accuracy (∼ 3%) through geometrical methods based on VLBI observations of water masers located in the accretion disk of its central supermassive black hole (Herrnstein et al. 1999; Humphreys et al. 2005).
Cepheids, Eclipsing Binaries and the Distance Scale: from the Galaxy to the Local Group
During re-freezing it increases since the hole freezes from the top, developing a con fined water volume.
Sensor development and calibration for acoustic neutrino detection in ice
Maser distances are inferred by comparing the rotation velocity and proper motion (angular velocity) of water masers in Keplerian motion around supermassive black holes in spiral galaxies.
Astrophysical Tests of Modified Gravity: Constraints from Distance Indicators in the Nearby Universe