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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj unmeasurable impossible to measure "unmeasurable reaches of outer space"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Unmeasurable Immeasurable. "What an immensurable space is the firmament."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • unmeasurable Immeasurable.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Unmeasurable immeasurable
    • ***


  • Sophocles
    “The long unmeasured pulse of time moves everything. There is nothing hidden that it cannot bring to light, nothing once known that may not become unknown.”


In literature:

Also, it gave him a momentary glimpse into another and hitherto unmeasured depth in the valley of stumblings.
"The Price" by Francis Lynde
Abercromby soon proclaimed his disgust at the excesses of his troops in unmeasured terms.
"William Pitt and the Great War" by John Holland Rose
And under the broad top currents of jealousy are the secret unmeasured tendencies of enmity or rivalry of ancient jealousy.
"A Tramp's Notebook" by Morley Roberts
The struggle was over, and Fox vented his rage and disappointment in a speech of unmeasured invective.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
I had no fewer than sixteen letters about it, all praising it in unmeasured terms.
"New Treasure Seekers" by E. (Edith) Nesbit
He awards unmeasured praise to Matthew Arnold, while of his defects and shortcomings he speaks plainly.
"Studies in Literature and History" by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall
Yet from a great heart sprang the unmeasured speech.
"Indian Poetry" by Edwin Arnold
Northern men denounced the assault in unmeasured terms on the floor of the House and Senate.
"Robert Toombs" by Pleasant A. Stovall
Thou canst do no good, and may empty on thy head unmeasured ills.
"Saronia" by Richard Short
Only here is the look of immense, unmeasured, immeasurable age.
"The Book of the National Parks" by Robert Sterling Yard
It was three or four feet deep about the lodges and he knew that it lay in unmeasured depths in the passes.
"The Great Sioux Trail" by Joseph Altsheler
You see, my dear friend, that I speak to you with the most unmeasured frankness.
"Memoirs To Illustrate The History Of My Time" by François Pierre Guillaume Guizot
It is more likely that we shall quench the anti-social ardour for unmeasured wealth, for social power, and the vanity of display.
"Liberalism" by L. T. Hobhouse
Unmeasured was Mompesson's wrath when he returned and learned of the alarm.
"Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters" by H. Addington Bruce
Why, man," he continued, in a tone of unmeasured scorn, "you are duller than I thought you were!
"The Wild Geese" by Stanley John Weyman
Their amazement was unmeasured and unutterable.
"Victor's Triumph" by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
The public disapprobation now vented itself in unmeasured terms.
"Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 59, No. 366, April, 1846" by Various
God responsible for the unspeakable woe and the unmeasured suffering of man?
"The Church, the Schools and Evolution" by J. E. (Judson Eber) Conant
Mr. Platitude was filled with wrath, and abused Dissenters in most unmeasured terms.
"Lavengro The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest" by George Borrow
The two men stared at each other, unmoving, for the unmeasurable unit of time that the ship fell.
"The Ethical Engineer" by Henry Maxwell Dempsey

In poetry:

I see all human wits
Are measured but a few,
Unmeasured still my Shakspeare sits,
Lone as the blessed Jew.
"Quatrains" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
But though the world observes thee not,
In one fond heart thou‘rt treasured;
And bright indeed must be the lot,
That shares a love unmeasured.
"Aster" by S C Edgarton
Old Tara's heathen temple rung
With sounds, whose waves are rolling yet,
From which unmeasur'd good has sprung,
Which grateful hearts will not forget.
"St. Patrick's Day" by Thomas Frederick Young
Distrust this angel purity, fair soul!
It is to guilt thy pity armeth me;
Could being lavish its unmeasured whole,
It ne'er could give a gift to rival thee!
"The Conflict" by Friedrich von Schiller
In midst of affliction my table is spread;
With blessings unmeasured my cup runneth o’er;
With perfume and oil Thou anointest my head;
O what shall I ask of Thy providence more?
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" by James Montgomery
No more the grazing herds I see,
But still their bells chime silvery
The tuneful, if unmeasured peal,
And, as when heard in dewy morn,
From lonely mind and heart forlorn
Their desolation steal.
"Celestial Heights" by Alfred Austin

In science:

This effectively makes the off-shell effects an unmeasurable quantity.
The physical meaning of scattering matrix singularities in coupled-channel formalisms
It was found early on that the magnetic specific heat in Fe 8 would be unmeasurable at very low temperatures and zero external field, because the spin-lattice relaxation time of the electron spins becomes much longer that the typical timescale of the experiment (∼ 103 s at most).
Quantum nanomagnets and nuclear spins: an overview
If we are now given values of the homogeneous parameters (φφφ), then the only unmeasured variables in our dynamic linear model (3) are the realized shocks (ωωω i, εεεi ).
Changes in the Distribution of Income Volatility
Searches for edms – test the SM’s two sources of CPNC, the CKM phase measured in neutral kaon decays and the unmeasured QCD θ parameter (edm searches require |θ| ∼< 10−10 ); and – probe CPNC beyond the SM (baryogenesis appears to require new sources).
Fundamental Symmetries and Conservation Laws
Retrieval of lost unmeasurable variables is not possible by rescaling since it is not possible to take a truncated series and rescale it to form a more accurate one.
Generalized Entropy from Mixing: Thermodynamics, Mutual Information and Symmetry Breaking
However, if the effect is small it may be possible to use the simulation to extrapolate into the unmeasured region. 3.
THE TOOLS AND MONTE CARLO WORKING GROUP Summary Report from the Les Houches 2009 Workshop on TeV Colliders
Then, the FSR photon energy and the energy of “unmeasured photons” is shown; in the case of muons, all photons are considered unmeasured; for electrons, photons outside the cone of 0.2 are considered unmeasured.
THE TOOLS AND MONTE CARLO WORKING GROUP Summary Report from the Les Houches 2009 Workshop on TeV Colliders
Z/γ ∗ → µ+ßµ− events contain an unmeasured FSR photon above 5 GeV.
THE TOOLS AND MONTE CARLO WORKING GROUP Summary Report from the Les Houches 2009 Workshop on TeV Colliders
These include the assignment of the reconstructed jets to the quarks from W decay (for the hadronic side of ℓ+jets events) and the impact from the unmeasured η value for the neutrino arising in leptonic W decay.
Tests of the Standard Electroweak Model at the Energy Frontier
These production modes involve the W tb coupling and therefore cross section measurements provide previously unmeasured information on the electroweak sector, particularly the CKM matrix element Vtb .
Tests of the Standard Electroweak Model at the Energy Frontier
The event probability density is estimated using a leading order matrix element and integrating over the unmeasured quantities.
Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron
Among the still unmeasured neutrino properties, the third neutrino mixing angle, θ13, is likely to be the one we will next find out.
The Last Neutrino Mixing angle theta13
The latter fact implies that the difference of action integrals is zero and that the Compton frequency and redshift at that frequency are unmeasurable, no matter what modified Lagrangian is used (i.e. independently of any redshift violating parameter β ).
Reply to the comment on: "Does an atom interferometer test the gravitational redshift at the Compton frequency?"
Are large observational studies less susceptible to unmeasured biases ? There is certainly a sense in which large observational studies are more—not less—susceptible to unmeasured biases than smaller studies.
An exact adaptive test with superior design sensitivity in an observational study of treatments for ovarian cancer
These biases are due to the failure to control some unmeasured covariate that would have been balanced by random assignment of treatments.
An exact adaptive test with superior design sensitivity in an observational study of treatments for ovarian cancer