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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj unglamorous not challenging; dull and lacking excitement "an unglamorous job greasing engines"
    • ***


In news:

Visual Arts Picasso drew and painted plenty of sphincters in his perverse erotic fantasias, but the necessary but generally unglamorous muscle doesn't get a lot of face time in fine art—not even in nudes.
John Updike's Lyricism Exalted the Everyday and the Unglamorous.
Drugs Week / Music Unglamorous gangsta rap.
Steven Patrick Morrissey and Elizabeth "Lizzy" Grant are both singer-songwriters with a clear love of cinema and a distaste for the bland, the bourgeois, and the unglamorous.
The polar opposite of sports cars, commercial trucks are common, unglamorous vehicles.
John Updike 's Lyricism Exalted the Everyday and the Unglamorous.
Duty in Afghanistan includes not just patrols, but also the sweaty, unglamorous everything else of being in the infantry.
The Unglamorous Truth About a Hyped-Up War.
John Updike's Lyricism Exalted the Everyday and the Unglamorous .
Barry Alan Berkus made his name in an unglamorous field.
Colleagues who visit Lynsay Fox do unglamorous chores her husband might have done, such as making sure a sump pump worked before Hurricane Sandy hit.
Food stylist Alison Attenborough and her chef husband, Jamie Kimm, play with scale to transform the unglamorous meatball into the ideal party dish.
If the end of this wacky world were near, Nightranger would do something totally nesty and unglamorous: stay at home nuzzled toasty next to our loved ones with a carton of Cookies 'n' Cream while the Stones.

In science:

This is an unglamorous way to “see” Hawking radiation, but it seems to be all one can hope for when the black hole is embedded in an integrable system.
Two Dimensional String Theory And Black Holes