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torch song


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n torch song a popular song concerned with disappointment in love
    • ***


In literature:

Aloud the marriage song; and far and wide Long splendors flashed from many a quivering torch.
"Philothea" by Lydia Maria Child
CAROL, a long tawney coat, with a red cap, and a flute at his girdle, his torch-bearer carrying a song-book open.
"A Righte Merrie Christmasse" by John Ashton
Torch-bearer Catherine, will you start the Good-night Song?
"For the Sake of the School" by Angela Brazil
The last songs of the people are dying away behind us; a few torches here and there just glimmer through the gloom!
"The Continental Monthly, Vol 6, No 5, November 1864" by Various
A thousand torches flame aloof; the songs Of wantonness and blasphemy go up!
"The Poetical Works of William Lisle Bowles Vol. 2" by William Lisle Bowles
Pitch torches lighted up the path for them, and song cheered the company.
"Seldwyla Folks" by Gottfried Keller
Throughout the East, songs, dances and torches formed part of the ceremonies essential in all sacred feasts.
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 1 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
Torches blazed and songs were sung in every street leading to the castle.
"The Childhood of King Erik Menved" by Bernhard Severin Ingemann
The building is bright with torches and gay with song.
"Legends & Romances of Spain" by Lewis Spence
Little Lark-that-sings-in-the-Desert, you will kindle the Torch with your song!
"The Camp Fire Girls Solve a Mystery" by Hildegard G. Frey
In winter, the banquet room is lighted up with large torches, and a band of minstrels make the castle resound with their songs and roundelays.
"Ruins and Old Trees, Associated with Memorable Events in English History" by Mary Roberts
There is music of drums and flutes, and song, and all the little street is ablaze with torches.
"A Layman's Life of Jesus" by Samuel H. M. Byers

In poetry:

And many met us with song and dancing,
Mantled in skins and crowned with flowers,
Waving goblets and torches glancing,
Faces drunken, and grinned in ours:
"The Three Pilgrims" by Archibald Lampman
From Spanish chestnut trees' dense shade,
By old and heavy convent walls, a wailing song,
Song of lost love—the torch of youth and life quench'd in despair,
Song of the dying swan—Fernando's heart is breaking.
"Proud Music Of The Storm" by Walt Whitman
O Mighty Voice, whose words shall stand—
When all our songs have ceased to be—
Steadfast, the watchwords of our land,
The guide and torch of Liberty!
The Master-Poet called afar,
And thou at last hast found thy star!
"Brunton Stephens" by George Essex Evans

In news:

A torch song comes as naturally to her as fire comes to a match.
Culture- ART FEATURE- Torch songs: Dona Ruff's burnt offerings.
Some, like David Byrne's sly pro-American torch song "Empire," take a stab at the recent savagery of American neo-colonialism.
From torch song jazz to rock-electronica to melancholy pop, Shivaree brings on passionate vocals, poetic lyrics and swanky rock guitar hits.
"Never too old to contain my rage," bellows 51-year-old Bob Mould on his new solo LP, proving it on 10 songs (in 38 minutes) blistered with blow-torch riffs.
The crown jewel, though, is the Etta James–associated standard "I'd Rather Go Blind," a chest-beating torch song that would feel like a death sentence for 99 percent of the semi-competent Brooklyn troubadours currently crowding the Internet.
Tomas Theriot (foreground) and Katie Chaidez star in ' Torch Song Trilogy.'.
' Torch Song Trilogy' gets its acts back at Theatre Q.
I knew that I had Neko's torch-song -ready voice, so I was half the way there.
For Zachary Matusow's design for Foster The People's Torches tour, some more dramatic moments include a Kabuki drop after the first song, triggered by solenoids on the mid-stage truss.
' The tune, ' Put it to the Torch,' is a compact, short and to the point song that we've come to expect from this Connecticut hardcore institution.
With mugs, statues, songs and fashion, these kamaaina are carrying the kitschy, tacky, tiki torch.
Torch Songs Elizabeth Leach Gallery, 207 SW Pine, through Nov 20.
Why we love torch songs.
' The tune, 'Put it to the Torch, ' is a compact, short and to the point song that we've come to expect from this Connecticut hardcore institution.