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system of measurement


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n system of measurement a system of related measures that facilitates the quantification of some particular characteristic
    • ***


In literature:

They also understood the commercial advantages of a well-regulated system of coins and measures and weights.
"The Story of Mankind" by Hendrik van Loon
This love of children may arise, in a great measure, from the patriarchal system under which they dwell.
"Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa" by David Livingstone
The second system maintains that it is the effort itself which forms the measure of, and constitutes, our riches.
"What Is Free Trade?" by Frédérick Bastiat
France determined to give us a neutral system of weights and measures, and the world now thanks her for it.
"International Conference Held at Washington for the Purpose of Fixing a Prime Meridian and a Universal Day. October, 1884." by Various
They had devised a system of geometry for the measuring of their wheat fields and city streets.
"Hebrew Life and Times" by Harold B. Hunting
This and the reform of the whole fiscal system must precede every other measure, as they form the ground-work of the whole.
"Life in Morocco and Glimpses Beyond" by Budgett Meakin
Furthermore the inhabitant of Mars determines event-particles by another system of measurements.
"The Concept of Nature" by Alfred North Whitehead
The measures suggested for the carrying out of his system were adopted.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 97, November, 1865" by Various
The second system maintains that it is the effort itself which forms the measure of, and constitutes, our riches.
"Sophisms of the Protectionists" by Frederic Bastiat
The system has its measure of success, as the records of Scotland Yard attest.
"The Hand in the Dark" by Arthur J. Rees
In respect to procedure, the system was further amended by a measure of 1899.
"The Governments of Europe" by Frederic Austin Ogg
This system of plunder was at length checked, in a measure at least.
"Three Years in the Sixth Corps" by George T. Stevens
From the first Napoleon had welcomed the embargo as a measure likely to contribute to the success of his continental system.
"Union and Democracy" by Allen Johnson
The most primitive system of measurement prevails.
"The World and Its People: Book VII" by Anna B. Badlam
That there should be only one system of weights and measures, and usages.
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 7 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
The abolition of benevolences was a most beneficent measure, designed to put an end to an oppressive system of extorting money.
"Richard III: His Life & Character" by Clements R. Markham
A common system of weights and measures was introduced in 1868.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 8" by Various
It is the measure of the tonus of the vasomotor system.
"Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension:" by Louis Marshall Warfield
Visby had a system of government and rights independent of, and in some measure opposed to, that of the rest of the island.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 3" by Various
The system of measurement has reached a state of perfection almost incomprehensible to the man who does not understand.
"The Chase of the Golden Plate" by Jacques Futrelle

In news:

Cassini makes measurements of Saturn's aurora and associated electric current system.
(AP) – Forecasters say a storm system crossing the Northern Plains will bring measurable snowfall to parts of the Dakotas.
A storm system crossing the Northern Plains is bringing measurable snowfall to parts of the Dakotas.
Color measurer Gretag Macbeth Regensdorf Switzerland A new alternative to camera based systems for inline inspection of prints has been introduced.
Improve the scalability of measurement and control systems.
Unfortunately, the Kansas Board of Regents system fails to measure up to today's challenges.
Deficits have skyrocketed since the recession took hold in 2008 and Congress responded with a massive bailout of the financial system and last year's $862 billion stimulus measure.
Measuring the Minnesota Department of Education 's new ratings system.
My process of tuning a sound system involves the measurement of every speaker in the system.
This analysis is intended to help the city authorities improve the urban mobility, by showing them a measurement of the performances of the system.
A proprietary benchmark from IBM for measuring the performance of OLAP systems.
That's how families may view a new system of accountability, including something called the Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) that was just released by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).
It's the only system that measures both timing and force of a bite.
Tank truck carriers should take a new look at their security measures, but not try to recreate the system, says Steve Niswander, safety and compliance vice-president of Groendyke Transport Inc, Enid, Oklahoma.
Effective use of digital predistortion (DPD) in power amplifiers for wireless-communications systems requires the right measurement tools.

In science:

This paper presents the design and prototype implementation of the DataFlow system of the ATLAS experiment. Its functional decomposition is described and performance measurements for each individual component are shown.
The DataFlow System of the ATLAS Trigger and DAQ
Let {(Xx′, Fx′, mx′ )} be the associated canonical system of conditional measures.
Boundaries and harmonic functions for random walks with random transition probabilities
We describe quantum tomography as an inverse statistical problem in which the state is the unknown parameter and the data is given by results of measurements performed on identical quantum systems.
An invitation to quantum tomography (II)
Quantum systems and measurements This subsection serves as a short introduction to the basic notions of quantum mechanics which will be needed in this paper.
An invitation to quantum tomography (II)
With respect to the new basis we can write   The physical interpretation of the eigenvalues is that when measuring the observable X we obtain (randomly) one of the values xi according to a probability distribution depending on the state of the system before measurement and on the observable X.
An invitation to quantum tomography (II)
This probability measure is degenerate if and only if the system before measurement was prepared in a special state called an eigenstate of X.
An invitation to quantum tomography (II)
We averaged between the results of measurements performed by each photodiode and obtained the temperature coefficient of the system blue LED pulser photodiode is equal to -0.60%/◦C.
Design and performance of LED calibration system prototype for the lead tungstate crystal calorimeter
Furthermore, the range and source maps of GΛ are local homeomorphisms, so there is a Haar systems of counting measures on GΛ .
Topological higher-rank graphs and the $C^*$-algebras of topological 1-graphs
More formally, let us say that a system of experimental probabilities p(αi, βj ) admits a classical screening off model if one can find a sample space Ω and a measure µ thereon obeying (18) and (21), and such that µ(αi ∩ βj |α ∩ β ) = p(αi, βj ).
A Bell Inequality Analog in Quantum Measure Theory
Theorem 1.3 is the analog of a similar result in ergodic theory, where there are again two classical models of measure-preserving systems.
Genericity in Topological Dynamics
Suppose we carry out a number of measurements described by operators ˆOi on an ensemble of systems described by a density operator ˆr.
Models of measurement for quantum fields and for classical continuous random fields
Temperature sensor system to measure the pointing offsets due to thermal deformation of the structure.
Evaluation of the ALMA Prototype Antennas
A number of measurements which included the corrections applied by the displacement sensor metrology system were made.
Evaluation of the ALMA Prototype Antennas
Loosely speaking, for a system of L sites, any statistical measure involving a finite number G of consecutive gaps will converge to its Poisson value in the insulating phase as L → ∞. B. I.
Localization of interacting fermions at high temperature
This leaves only the system of interest, ρ, and a stochastic measurement record r(t) which can be used to construct an estimate of the state of the system, ρ.
Weak measurement and control of entanglement generation