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  • WordNet 3.6
    • v sympathize be understanding of "You don't need to explain--I understand!"
    • v sympathize to feel or express sympathy or compassion
    • v sympathize share the feelings of; understand the sentiments of
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1755, the first Canadian post office opened in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The fist Deputy Postmaster General was American inventor Benjamin Franklin who was later dismissed for sympathizing with the American revolutionary cause
    • Sympathize To agree; to be in accord; to harmonize.
    • Sympathize To ansew to; to correspond to.
    • Sympathize To experience together. "This sympathized . . . error."
    • Sympathize To feel in consequence of what another feels; to be affected by feelings similar to those of another, in consequence of knowing the person to be thus affected. "Their countrymen . . . sympathized with their heroes in all their adventures."
    • Sympathize To have a common feeling, as of bodily pleasure or pain. "The mind will sympathize so much with the anguish and debility of the body, that it will be too distracted to fix itself in meditation."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • sympathize To have or exhibit sympathy; be affected as a result of the affection of some one or something else. Specifically— To share a feeling, as of bodily pleasure or pain, with another; feel with another.
    • sympathize To feel in consequence of what another feels; be affected by feelings similar to those of another, commonly in consequence of knowing the other to be thus affected.
    • sympathize To be affected sympathetically; respond sympathetically to external influences of any kind.
    • sympathize To agree; flt; harmonize.
    • sympathize To express sympathy; condole.
    • sympathize To be of like nature or disposition; resemble.
    • sympathize To have sympathy for; share in; participate in.
    • sympathize To form with suitable adaptation; contrive with congruity or consistency of parts; match in all the concomitants of; harmonize in all the parts of.
    • sympathize Also spelled sympathise.
    • ***


  • Aldous Huxley
    “I can sympathize with people's pains, but not with their pleasures. There is something curiously boring about somebody else's happiness.”
  • Lord Chesterfield
    “I find, by experience, that the mind and the body are more than married, for they are most intimately united; and when one suffers, the other sympathizes.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “I can sympathize with everything, except suffering.”
  • Amos Bronson Alcott
    “Strengthen me by sympathizing with my strength, not my weakness.”
  • Leigh Hunt
    “Sympathizing and selfish people are alike, both given to tears.”
  • George Santayana
    “There is nothing sweeter than to be sympathized with.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. sympathiser,. See Sympathy


In literature:

Was it not enough for her to sympathize with them?
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
He deeply sympathized with those Southern Rights men who denounced the Union they professed to love.
"Robert Toombs" by Pleasant A. Stovall
He sympathized with her feeling, but he could not see very much hope in a revolt.
"A Spoil of Office" by Hamlin Garland
Do not the sons of Great Britain sympathize with their mother country?
"New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 4, July, 1915" by Various
I made her cry when I said, 'If Ermengarde Wilton was only a year or two older, she'd sympathize with me.
"The Children of Wilton Chase" by Mrs. L. T. Meade
This was her first actual "witnessing" outside of the narrow limits of her intimate three friends who all sympathized.
"The Chautauqua Girls At Home" by Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden
His sympathizers in Costa Rica were overthrown in a battle at Ochomoco.
"A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year" by Edwin Emerson
Thus, under the circumstances of the case, the world has always been most inclined to sympathize with Rosamond rather than with the queen.
"Richard I" by Jacob Abbott
I hope my readers are none of them too old to sympathize with the boyish feeling.
"The Foot-path Way" by Bradford Torrey
However, at present I almost sympathize with his action.
"Lorimer of the Northwest" by Harold Bindloss
This seems to sympathize with uneasy sensation in the bowels.
"Zoonomia, Vol. II" by Erasmus Darwin
Even as it slumbered, it now and then heaved a sigh, sympathizing with the lonely man who pondered near his parents' grave.
"The Silver Lining" by John Roussel
Never were a lot of people more easy to be amused, more eager to laugh or sympathize.
"Ainslee's, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905" by Various
The Republican National Committee was in charge of men who sympathized with him.
"The New Nation" by Frederic L. Paxson
There were, indeed, a few who did not sympathize with the general feeling.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
Every year similar trains are dispatched, yet the parting scene always attracts a sympathizing crowd.
"The Land of Thor" by J. Ross Browne
No one could ever reproach him with sympathizing with criminals.
"The Third Degree" by Charles Klein and Arthur Hornblow
I've had no one to sympathize with me since her death.
"Frances Kane's Fortune" by L. T. Meade
While the Rover boys were at Colby Hall the great war in Europe opened and our country was overrun with German spies and sympathizers.
"The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck" by Edward Stratemeyer
He is an enthusiastic young man, and though a native of the North, seems to sympathize with us very heartily.
"A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital" by John Beauchamp Jones

In poetry:

“Regretful questionings; be sure
That very seldom do they rise,
Nor for myself do I endure—­
I sympathize.
"The Letter L" by Jean Ingelow
A mournful silence fills the sky,
And falls upon the gazer's soul,
And down the sympathizing cheek,
The watery teardrops silent roll.
"The Wintry Days" by James Avis Bartley
Blest is the man whose bowels move,
And melt with pity to the poor;
Whose soul, by sympathizing love,
Feels what his fellow saints endure.
"Psalm 41" by Isaac Watts
Yielding with sympathizing stem
To the quick feet that round him flew,
Sprang from the ground as they would do,
Or sank unto the earth with them:
"The Meetings Of The Flowers" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
There's a wild harp, which unconfined by rule
Of science, varies with the varying air,
And sympathizes with the free-born wind;
Swelling, whene'er the tempest swells, or sad
"To A Young Friend Learning To Play The Flute" by John Gardiner Calkins Brainard
How pleasant 'tis to see
Kindred and friends agree;
Each in their proper station move,
And each fulfil their part,
With sympathizing heart,
In all the cares of life and love!
"Psalm 133" by Isaac Watts

In news:

Mets' Matt Harvey can sympathize with Nationals' Stephen Strasburg.
When the Mega-Rich Fall, Do the 99% Laugh or Sympathize .
Toronto Raptors' Chris Bosh can sympathize with flailing NJ Nets.
Old Knicks Stars Sympathize With the Lowly Current Crew.
Bosco's Corner: Learning to sympathize with parents.
Why Many in China Sympathize With Occupy Wall Street.
Could have been Al Shabab or a 'lone wolf' sympathizer .
Taliban ' sympathizer ' held on federal charges.
High society and union sympathizer .
Occupy Sympathizer Tweets 'Kill a Cop Or Two'.
'al-Qaida sympathizer ' accused of NYC bomb plots.
A Peter Singer Sympathizer Changes His Mind.
Romney wrongly criticized the Obama administration for sympathizing with the murderers instead of condemning the attacks.
Union sympathizers slam Hostess over shutdown.
If you can sympathize, you might want to try out makeup artist Amy Nadine's technique for creating LC's lips .

In science:

The team players don’t care whether ellipsoids (singly or from more than one measurement) and axes are aligned or not, as long as the resulting volume is small. I can sympathize with the lone wolves on aesthetic grounds but the future belongs to the tilted ellipsoids.
Gravitational Lensing: Recent Progress and Future Goals - Conference Summary