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standard of measurement


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n standard of measurement accepted or approved instance or example of a quantity or quality against which others are judged or measured or compared
    • ***


In literature:

The difference, however, is so comparatively slight, that we can each one reconcile it to the standard measurement of time.
"The Girl in the Golden Atom" by Raymond King Cummings
There are other standards by which we can measure the value of objects, as well as by money.
"Practical Education, Volume II" by Maria Edgeworth
She measured by the standard of her own people: her father and mother, her grandmother, her uncles.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
Don Pedro, when measured by the standard of Christianity, was proud, perfidious and tyrannical.
"Ferdinand De Soto, The Discoverer of the Mississippi" by John S. C. Abbott
Man has few to his credit because he could not measure them by the only standard he had mastered, that of the dollar.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume V"
Measured by such a standard, the human value of a pupil takes quite another character to that judged by the results of examinations.
"The Sexual Question" by August Forel
Each generation has had to measure its wits, its resources, its manners, against new standards of comparison.
"The American Mind" by Bliss Perry
She began to recall the men she knew, and concluded that she was without a standard of measurement.
"Claire" by Leslie Burton Blades
These are most notable works, even when measured by the standard of their contemporaries.
"Frederic Lord Leighton" by Ernest Rhys
Measured it, perhaps, unconsciously, by his own standards of behavior.
"The Monk of Hambleton" by Armstrong Livingston
On the base of the Venetian standard the measures of length then in use are engraved.
"The Shores of the Adriatic" by F. Hamilton Jackson
Religious standards of value should be measured by final utility, not initial utility.
"The Evolution of the Country Community" by Warren H. Wilson
The time, on an average requisite for the production of an article is the only standard by which it is measured for social use.
"Woman under socialism" by August Bebel
Measured by this standard, these are of the highest literary order.
"The Brownings" by Lilian Whiting
In assuming that capital earns a twentieth of itself in a year, we may use a commodity standard of measurement.
"Essentials of Economic Theory" by John Bates Clark
Each of us had to measure ourselves by this standard.
"Captain Macedoine's Daughter" by William McFee
If he acts, he must measure up to that standard at his peril of answering for injurious consequences.
"An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law" by Roscoe Pound
God also has His standard of measure.
"With the Children on Sunday" by Sylvanus Stall
The quality of many products, however, though improving, has not measured up to average world standards.
"Area Handbook for Bulgaria" by Eugene K. Keefe, Violeta D. Baluyut, William Giloane, Anne K. Long, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole
The negro was compelled to measure Hotchkiss by the standard of the most of the white men he knew.
"Gabriel Tolliver" by Joel Chandler Harris

In news:

During its November 15 Board meeting, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) reaffirmed its vote against a blanket deferral of Statement 157, Fair Value Measurements.
Maryland's House gave initial approval to a dog-bite liability measure that creates a strict liability standard for owners of all dogs.
Revision of F588 - 07 Standard Test Methods for Measuring the Forced Entry Resistance of Window Assemblies, Excluding Glazing Impact.
WK34328 Standard Test Methods for Measuring the Forced Entry Resistance of Window Assemblies, Excluding Glazing Impact.
F1978-12: Standard Test Method for Measuring Abrasion Resistance of Metallic Thermal Spray Coatings by Using the Taber Abraser.
A standard of measurement .
The Rohde & Schwarz ETL TV analyzer has become the standard for TV transmitter performance measurement and fine tweaking of exciter correction.
Revision of D6299 - 10e2 Standard Practice for Applying Statistical Quality Assurance and Control Charting Techniques to Evaluate Analytical Measurement System Performance.
All 15 programs exceeded the new NCAA APR team score standard of 930 for 2010-11 - the most recent year measured.
List of physical measurement standards developed by ASTM.
Now widely accepted as the construction industry's standard measure of safety performance, the STEP awards were established in 1989 to evaluate and improve safety practices and recognize outstanding safety efforts.
This new standard measures productivity by number of completed scans in a specified period of time.
A recent study by Mingus Union High School administration showed Cottonwood Middle School students passed the science portion of the Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards test at a much higher rate than MUHS students.
The next wave of standardized testing is here, measuring your kids in art, music, and phys ed.
The study, "E-mail Marketing Measurement," found that despite 45 percent of e-mail marketers claiming to be satisfied with e-mail vendors' methodology for determining metrics, there is no standard .

In science:

If Φ is a perturbed simply attractive model, then λ is easily seen to be a finite measure; we can add ∞ to E to make it a compact standard Borel space (by the definition of ) with finite underlying measure.
Random Surfaces
As can be seen from Figure 2 of Fontaine et al. (2003), the standard deviations between both sets of measurements allow us to estimate the real external errors for stars in the ZZ Ceti range, σ(Teff ) ∼ 200 K and σ(log g ) ∼ 0.05.
On the Purity of the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip: Discovery of More Pulsating DA White Dwarfs on the Basis of Optical Spectroscopy
We refer the reader to for standard results concerning the space of measures.
Generic sets in spaces of measures and generic singular continuous spectrum for Delone Hamiltonians
It is the second type of measurement which is considered here, which yields insight into single particle properties which differ from the standard ensemble measurement, provided that a non-ergodic phase is investigated.
A Random Walk to a Non-Ergodic Equilibrium Concept
First, it may be tempting to define a random element of a borelogical space V as a measurable map from a standard probability space Ω to the (nonstandard) measurable space (V, Σ).
Brownian local minima, random dense countable sets and random equivalence classes
By a standard concentration of measure argument, a similar statement will be true about a small simplex centered at z0 .
Beyond Hirsch Conjecture: walks on random polytopes and smoothed complexity of the simplex method
A closely related ob ject is the uniform measure on the set of pairs of standard Young tableaux having the same shape (equivalently, the so-called Plancherel measure on the set of partitions).
Random matrix central limit theorems for nonintersecting random walks
Note also that the probability measure defined by Eq.(2.20) or Eq.(2.22) is not homogeneous, contrary to the measure of the standard P´olya walk.
Random patterns generated by random permutations of natural numbers
The measurement uncertainties listed in Table 4 represent the weighted standard deviation of the velocities measured from the 700 2 ˚Awide spectral “chunks” used in our Doppler analysis (Butler et al. 1996).
A Long-Period Jupiter-Mass Planet Orbiting the Nearby M Dwarf GJ849
Note that for every u and v in D, if the geodesic segment [u, v ] is transverse to Lg, then ed(u, v ) = dg (π(u), π(v )), as any piecewise transverse path from u to v has transverse measure at least the transverse measure of [u, v ], by standard arguments.
Scaling limits of bipartite planar maps are homeomorphic to the 2-sphere
We measured the probability of |1i as a function of time for the standard refocused decoherence measurement.
Randomized Benchmarking of Quantum Gates
A standard method of measuring rotational periods is based on observations of stellar surface inhomogeneities which produce signal modulations over the rotational period.
Age-Rotation-Activity Relations for M Dwarf Stars Based on ASAS Photometric Data
Then Ξn converges in distribution (with respect to the topology of weak convergence of probability measures on R) to a random probability measure Ξ∞ that is Gaussian with random mean θZ and nonrandom variance 1 − θ2, where Z is a standard Gaussian random variable.
Spectra of random linear combinations of matrices defined via representations and Coxeter generators of the symmetric group
In fact, for any real x and any measure µ one can find a Cauchy sequence of measures in D such that a standard binary encoding ρµ of this sequence computes x, hence x is not random for µ with respect to the representation ρµ .
Measures and their random reals
Measurement of the coherent scattering cross-section would provide a sensitive test to the Standard Model11,12 probing the weak nuclear charge and radiative corrections due to possible non-standard neutrino interactions or additional neutral gauge bosons.
Ultra-Low-Energy Germanium Detector for Neutrino-Nucleus Coherent Scattering and Dark Matter Searches