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speech communication


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n speech communication (language) communication by word of mouth "his speech was garbled","he uttered harsh language","he recorded the spoken language of the streets"
    • ***


  • T. S. Eliot
    “And what the dead had no speech for, when living, they can tell you, being dead: the communication of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “People should talk less and draw more. Personally, I would like to renounce speech altogether and, like organic nature, communicate everything I have to say visually.”


In literature:

He persistently refused all communication with them by speech or writing.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 5" by Various
Why have we the power of speech, but to communicate our thoughts?
"Caleb Williams" by William Godwin
We must all be able to communicate with one another, both through the medium of speech, and through the medium of written and printed symbols.
"Craftsmanship in Teaching" by William Chandler Bagley
Several of them have already recognised their old comrade, and in hurried speech communicate the fact to the others.
"The Lone Ranche" by Captain Mayne Reid
Formerly people had almost no other way of communicating their thoughts than by speech.
"Pushing to the Front" by Orison Swett Marden
We are endowed with the power of speech to enable us to communicate our ideas.
"Jacob Faithful" by Captain Frederick Marryat
At great pains the race has worked out beautiful forms of speech, for communicating our ideas to each other.
"Practical Ethics" by William DeWitt Hyde
No communication by the speech of touch has yet been established with her, but the time has not been long enough.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
They are quite destitute of the art of drawing, and have no means of communicating their thoughts except by speech.
"Man And His Ancestor" by Charles Morris
We could not communicate with the girl in this fashion, however, for we did not understand her speech.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
Communications might be restricted to speech through a door with the chain up.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan
But, as it chanced, up to a certain point Mrs. Castle was quite open of speech and free to communicate information about herself.
"The Girls of Hillcrest Farm" by Amy Bell Marlowe
Without teaching the child the rudiments of speech, he would be unable to communicate his thoughts to others.
"An Atheist Manifesto" by Joseph Lewis
Even we ourselves do not depend altogether upon speech for our communication with one another.
"Red Hunters And the Animal People" by Charles A. Eastman
In order to communicate life to the canvas, to the marble, to speech, it must be born in one's self.
"Lectures on the true, the beautiful and the good" by Victor Cousin
Formed for society, the necessity of communication with his fellows developed the power of speech.
"Inventions in the Century" by William Henry Doolittle
But speech implies communication.
"A Grammar of Freethought" by Chapman Cohen
This supposed speech contains the following: 'All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated to us through this book.
"Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian?" by John B. Remsburg
He was able, somehow, to communicate his sense of form and color to another, without resort to speech, or with only the fewest words.
"Immortal Youth" by Lucien Price
They have the same form of speech, the same arms and canoes, with which they communicate.
"The Voyages of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros" by Pedro Fernandez de Quiros

In news:

(HealthDay News) — Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder, an umbrella term for a number of related conditions characterized by problems with communicating and language, and with repetitive thoughts and speech.
For a man who was elected president partly on his ability to give a great speech, Barack Obama has been at times a surprisingly poor communicator in office and on the campaign trail.
There's always been something magical about speech-recognition software such as Nuance Communications' Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
He will give a speech discussing the latest trends in PR and communications to Google's most senior clients and industry partners from across the EMEA region.
Local WTAMU student wins public speaking contest, speech, hipps, major, competition, communication, prize, professor, freshman, contest, wtamu.
Stage-fright --also called speech anxiety—is one of the most studied subjects in the entire area of Speech Communications.
Kelly Humphrey Forestview fifth-grader Seth Schardin uses a speech application on his iPad to communicate with teachers and classmates at Forestview Middle School in Baxter.
The candidates Doug Berger, Democrat Education: 1982 BS in Political Science and speech communications.
The candidates Doug Berger, Democrat Education: 1982 BS in Political Science and speech communications.
Denise earned the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader designations by completing a program of ten speeches and a series of leadership tasks as outlined in the Toastmasters Communication and Leadership manuals.
Speaker Linda Hanson, speech and communication therapist at Island Health and Rehab, will demonstrate how an iPad can be set up to help stroke victims with communication.
She graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication.
Often, they field reporters' calls at all hours of the day, manage internal communications such as newsletters, write speeches for department leaders and manage communication between department leaders.
"A great speech resonates with problems that people are feeling and the aspirations they have with respect to those problems," says Gerard Hauser, professor of communication at the University of Colorado.
Want your own little UC sandbox where you can learn how to develop speech and UC applications using Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) without the hassle of setting up your own OCS 2007 R2 & Exchange Server 2010 beta environment.

In science:

They are also enriched with a communication kit including a primitive set of speech acts, a set of special “get message ” actions and a set of conversation protocols.
Logic-Based Specification Languages for Intelligent Software Agents
In (Baldoni et al. 2003b) Dylog agents are enriched with a communication kit including a primitive set of speech acts, a set of special “get message ” actions and a set of conversation protocols.
Logic-Based Specification Languages for Intelligent Software Agents
Speech scrambling has been used for a long time for secure voice communication.
Fast and Efficient Compressive Sensing using Structurally Random Matrices
To design MAS, we developed a generic set of communication acts . The agents perform five speech acts: inform, diffuse, ask, reply and confirm. The basic elements of this language (variables and primitives of the language) are listed in the following table (Table 2).
Agent-Based {\mu}-Tools Integrated into a Co-Design Platform
CA = Where l is a speech act denoted by a performative verb, xe is the source of communication, xr is the receiver, t is the type of message and m is the message itself, which can be an assertion, a question, a response, etc.
Agent-Based {\mu}-Tools Integrated into a Co-Design Platform
Like speech acts, PCAs can be defined in terms of the communicative goals they fulfill as well as their possible verbalizations.
Planning Argumentative Texts
This communication was rejected by the journal Nature without any review. I am highly indebted to the arXiv, to the journal Physics Essays, and to other “free speech” scientific publication media.
Why E = mc^2 Emerges in the Process of Neutron Capture
In Ninth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (Eurospeech), Lisboa, Portugal, September 2005.
Improving Update Summarization by Revisiting the MMR Criterion
We are concerned with designing mechanisms that allow people with motor and speech disabilities to communicate in a more effective manner.
Evaluating Accessible Synchronous CMC Applications
These are common tasks that they would like to perform as easily and as fast as people without speech disabilities, and would definitely like to avoid the effort, stress and frustration they feel when trying to communicate with people that do not understand them.
Evaluating Accessible Synchronous CMC Applications
The other three individuals didn’t express any special desire with respect to speech communication because their disability is so mild that they do not really have problems in communicating verbally with other people.
Evaluating Accessible Synchronous CMC Applications
The Size of Structure Interpreted:Memes,Glossemes, and Conventions Gesture and speech have been noted to be used in parallel in human communication, McNeill (1985), and the question arises as to how large a chunk of human activity this assigning meaning applies to.
Does Meaning Evolve?
Proceedings of the European Speech Communication Association Workshop on Speech Synthesis, Autrans.
Some Bibliographical References on Intonation and Intonational Meaning
In Proceedings of the European Speech Communication Association Workshop on Speech Synthesis, pages 125–128, Autrans, France.
Some Bibliographical References on Intonation and Intonational Meaning
Speech and interaction in sound-only communication channels.
Some Bibliographical References on Intonation and Intonational Meaning