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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj southeast situated in or oriented toward the southeast
    • adj southeast coming from the southeast "southeasterly breezes"
    • adv southeast to, toward, or in the southeast
    • n southeast a location in the southeastern part of a country, region, or city
    • n Southeast the southeastern region of the United States
    • n southeast the compass point midway between south and east; at 135 degrees
    • n southeast the direction corresponding to the southeastward compass point
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The origin of bananas is traced back to the Malaysian jungles of Southeast Asia, where so many varieties and names for the banana are in that area.
    • a Southeast Of or pertaining to the southeast; proceeding toward, or coming from, the southeast; as, a southeast course; a southeast wind.
    • n Southeast The point of the compass equally distant from the south and the east; the southeast part or region.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n southeast That point on the horizon between south and east which is equally distant from them; S. 45° E., or E. 45° S., or, loss strictly, a point or region intermediate between south and east.
    • southeast Pertaining to the southeast; proceeding from or directed toward that point; southeastern.
    • southeast Toward or from the southeast.
    • ***


In literature:

The Vedic hymns exhibit the Indian branch of the Aryans on their march to the southeast, and in their new homes.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 1" by Various
The coast between Vicor and Babuyanes is rugged, and extends northwest and southeast.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1803, Volume V., 1582-1583" by Various
Descending the hill, we stopped at the crossing of the roads to take in the outline of the farm from this southeast corner.
"The Fat of the Land" by John Williams Streeter
A southeast wind came backing up against the westerly.
"Poor Man's Rock" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Between Welcome Pass and Cape Coburn the southeaster loosed its full fury on him.
"Burned Bridges" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
A thick fog detained us until past seven o'clock, after which we proceeded with a gentle breeze from the southeast.
"History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, Vol. I." by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
Southeast they voyaged over the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
"The Book of Missionary Heroes" by Basil Mathews
It is grown on gentle slopes facing the southeast.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 643, April 28, 1888" by Various
Ward, is at the southeast corner.
"Fifth Avenue" by Arthur Bartlett Maurice
To the southeast-ward the horizon assumed a grayish-white tinge.
"Dan Merrithew" by Lawrence Perry
Expd., VI, 199, 218, 569, 1846 (southeast of Lutuami in Oregon), Gallatin in Trans.
"Indian Linguistic Families Of America, North Of Mexico" by John Wesley Powell
Three miles southeast of Aldie and the end of Bull Run Mountain a ridge of Newark sandstone rises to 500 feet.
"History and Comprehensive Description of Loudoun County, Virginia" by James W. Head
At 8:20, Lockley called Sattell who was southeast of him.
"Operation Terror" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
A rising cloud in the southeast also occasioned him some concern.
"Ralph Granger's Fortunes" by William Perry Brown
Work was begun in rear of the little kitchen-room previously abandoned at the southeast corner of the cellar.
"Famous Adventures And Prison Escapes of the Civil War" by Various
The compass indicated that we were moving in a southeasterly direction.
"A Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne
Large beds of a younger and poorer coal are found southeast of Puget Sound.
"The Western United States" by Harold Wellman Fairbanks
As my young readers know, Cuba lies only a short distance from the southeast coast of Florida.
"American Boy's Life of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edward Stratemeyer
It veered round more and more to the southeast so that we determined to get under sail.
"Journal of Jasper Danckaerts, 1679-1680" by Jasper Danckaerts
If it takes us into the southeast trades, well and good.
""Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Stories of the Sea" by Morgan Robertson

In poetry:

Northeast trade winds bore us south,
Southeast drew us on;
We met the ships from every port
For Good Hope or the Horn.
"Trade Winds" by Lincoln Colcord
They have counted the miles to the Sun
and Canopus; they have weighed a small
blue star that comes in the southeast
corner of the sky on a foretold errand.
"Leather Leggings" by Carl Sandburg
From the Crystal Hills to the far southeast
The river Sagamores came to the feast;
And chiefs whose homes the sea-winds shook
Sat down on the mats of Pennacook.
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Hasten with the woven music, make the Summer lyrical,
Sweet as with the odors of a southeast rain!
Set the corn a-chatter o'er the glad, impending miracle!
A little Stranger whimpers at the Gate of Pain!
"The News" by John Gneisenau Neihardt
Johnnie Parrot, Johnnie Parrot, I can see 'em now —
Southeast trade wind seas a-breakin' high about the bow.
I can see the yellow oilskins of a shoutin' crew,
And the "Roll the cotton, bullies, roll her!" led by you.
"Johnnie Chanteyman" by Bill Adams

In news:

Southeast Missouri State student Jordan Hale places bets on the roulette table Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 during opening day of Isle of Capri in Cape Girardeau .
CAPE GIRARDEAU — A new study shows that students at Southeast Missouri State University provide a huge boost to the region's economy.
The Southeast Missourian reports the election in April will be the first referendum in the city's history.
A southeast Missouri man is hospitalized in St Louis after being diagnosed with West Nile virus KFVS-TV reports that Rick Ebaugh of Cape Girardeau was diagnosed with the mosquito-borne ailment on Thursday.
A new casino in southeast Missouri appears to be a good bet early in its operation.
Replica ship about 90 miles southeast of Hatteras.
S Interstate 10 in Southeast Texas.
Capitol Hill, Southeast, Capitol Hill.
A story in last week's Chronicle told of the purchase of the "cement mill" property about a mile southeast of Shepherdstown on River Road by the Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission (JCHLC).
Beryl to drench Southeast coast over next days.
"Ong choy is definitely considered one of the highest-valued vegetables," said Jet Tila, who teaches Southeast Asian cuisine in Southern California.
Winds Southeast at 4.6 MPH Pressure 30.40 inches Dewpoint 21.9° F Visibility 10.00 miles Area forecast.
830 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97214 Southeast 503-231-9663
It's a long-standing joke that the sun is a foreign object in Southeast Alaska and that its appearance makes residents cower.
Center at Snoqualmie Parkway and Southeast Douglas Street is.

In science:

The 2 cm image of Kellermann et al. (1998) shows a jet toward the southeast.
Analysis of 6cm VLBI polarization observations of a complete sample of northern BL Lacertae Objects
Its association with the galaxy ∼ 1′′ to the southeast in unclear.
GRB 020410: A Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Discovered by its Supernova Light
There is an additional chain of less-dense concentrations from the southeast to southwest not sampled by our spectroscopy.
The Cluster of Galaxies Surrounding Cygnus A II: New Velocities and a Dynamical Model
To the southeast of the pulsar, the nebula is dominated by a narrow jet-like feature approximately 6 pc in length.
Young Neutron Stars and Their Wind Nebulae
This source produced artifacts in the southeast part of the map that proved difficult to clean, and we therefore removed a point source at its location from the visibilities before inverting and cleaning to analyze the other sources in the field.
The Masses of the Orion Proplyds from Submillimeter Dust Emission
Hussain: γ -Convergence in Topological Space, Southeast Asian Bul l.
On $\gamma$-Regular-Open Sets and $\gamma$-Closed Spaces
Hussain: γ - Convergence in Topological Spaces, Southeast Asian Bul l.
On $\gamma$-Semi-Continuous Functions
Hussain: γ ∗ -Semi-Open Sets in Topological Spaces, Southeast Asian Bul l.
On $\gamma$-Semi-Continuous Functions
Thus, the shock normal at Earth is expected to be in a southeasterly direction.
A Coronal Hole's Effects on CME Shock Morphology in the Inner Heliosphere
This region is located in the south–east boundary of the X-ray and radio emission and specifically, at a location of strong soft X–ray emission (Fig. 3a of Koo et al.
The supernova remnants G67.7+1.8, G31.5-0.6 and G49.2-0.7
Optical emission is detected from the area of G 49.2–0.7 in the Hα + [N ii] filter while the measured fluxes in the [S ii] filter are quite weak. A patch of ∼ 3′ × 1′ in the south–east emits more [S ii] flux than its surroundings.
The supernova remnants G67.7+1.8, G31.5-0.6 and G49.2-0.7
However, the nature of the emitted radiation in the south–east would be uniquely identified only through deep, long slit spectra.
The supernova remnants G67.7+1.8, G31.5-0.6 and G49.2-0.7
Dudek, Idempotents in n-ary semigroups, Southeast Asian Bull.
Remarks to Glazek's results on n-ary groups
The research is supported by the Foundation of Southeast University (No.4007011034).
A Note on $\aleph_{0}$-injective Rings
Autord, Comparing Gr¨obner bases and word reversing, math.0712.0525, Southeast Asian Bull.
The subword reversing method