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skim over


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v skim over read superficially
    • v skim over move or pass swiftly and lightly over the surface of
    • ***


In literature:

As they halted on the bank, a little canoe came skimming over the water like a bird.
"The Bridge of the Gods" by Frederic Homer Balch
Silently over the surface of the calm, blue water the little craft skimmed.
"The Tale of Timber Town" by Alfred Grace
He opened and saw close-packed type, his eyes skimming over many legal terms in Latin.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
She sat down and listened to the noise of the stream beneath, and she watched the birds skimming over the ravine.
"Harper's Young People, July 6, 1880" by Various
Meanwhile the boat skimmed lightly over the basin, and as the captain ceased speaking she ran alongside of the felucca.
"Captain Brand of the "Centipede"" by H. A. (Henry Augustus) Wise
Make it into cakes, let them stand to rise again, and wash them over with skimmed milk before they are put into the oven.
"The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches," by Mary Eaton
Boil it over a gentle fire, skimming it very clean.
"The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory;" by Charlotte Campbell Bury
Long two-wheeled vehicles skimming over the roads with speed so great the eye could scarcely follow them.
"Wanderer of Infinity" by Harl Vincent
The swallows skimmed over the field.
"Rodney, the Ranger" by John V. Lane
If such things must be read, let them be skimmed over as lightly as possible.
"Writings in the United Amateur, 1915-1922" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Numbers two and three followed, skimming the dew drenched grass like swallows over a lake.
"Aces Up" by Covington Clarke
Gradually it gained momentum until it was skimming over the ground at a rapid gait.
"The Boy Allies with the Cossacks" by Clair W. Hayes
Evan skimmed over it hastily.
"The Deaves Affair" by Hulbert Footner
It seemed, indeed, to be imbued with life, and fairly skimmed over the surface.
"Through Apache Lands" by R. H. Jayne
He skimmed along over a valley and heard laughter and dipped lower.
"Homo Inferior" by Mari Wolf
You think you have exhausted some place or other, but you find that you have only skimmed over the surface.
"A Flight in Spring" by J. Harris Knowles
His pen skimmed rapidly, making short hand squiggles over the white pages of his notebook.
"Earth Alert!" by Kris Neville
The fly went skimming out over the water again and softly as thistle seed settled exactly in the center of the circling rings.
"The Tent Dwellers" by Albert Bigelow Paine
The plane turned northward, skimming over the coast line.
"Jane Stewardess of the Air Lines" by Ruthe S. Wheeler
Their eyes were set on those flying forms skimming over the earth like birds.
"The Man from Jericho" by Edwin Carlile Litsey

In poetry:

To Amsterdam and its Commodore,
I over his pipe and his eau-de-vie,
A flibote skimming the Texel shore
Brought serious news for the Zuyder Zee:
"A Business Transaction" by James Jeffrey Roche
Let not the roses lie
Too thickly tangled round my tomb,
Lest fleecy clouds that skim the summer sky,
Flinging their faint soft shadows, pass it by,
And know not over whom.
"A Last Request" by Alfred Austin
But they skim over bents which the mill-stream washes,
Or hang in the lift 'neath a white cloud's hem;
They need no parasols, no goloshes;
And good Mrs. Trimmer she feedeth them.
"Lovers And A Reflection" by Charles Stuart Calverley

In news:

Over the last decade, wakesurfing has gone from passing fad to legitimate competitive sport, with tournaments featuring entrants like six-time world wakesurfing skim-style champ Drew Danielo.
Emails About Colgan Pilot Skim Over Larger Industry Woes.
A Plane Left Boston and Skimmed Over River and Mountain in a Deadly Detour.
Strain the vegetables out of the braising liquid, reduce the liquid over low heat and skim to remove oil and fat from the surface to create a sauce.
WATCHING AMC's "The Walking Dead" always reminds me I was the girl who skimmed over most of the war parts in War and Peace.
With deer season just around the corner and ice just starting to skim over the lakes, I think I'm going to be putting the duck decoys away for the year.
Water skimming over the vase is captured by a reservoir hidden beneath stones.
Wade, who had grabbed the ball, swung his elbow to clear space, but that meant it skimmed just over Singleton 's head, too.
B&N Sued by Chicago-Area Consumer Over Pin Code Skimming .
Pond skimming across the slushy remnants of a season in its twilight seems like a refreshing way to cope over the course of summer.

In science:

Due to lack of space, we only skim over the salient features of the aLiX architecture to show the new possibilities offered by the component programming paradigm.
Component Programming and Interoperability in Constraint Solver Design
So by changing the q parameter R´enyie’s entropy “skims over” all renormalized unifractal Shannon’s entropies. R´enyi’s entropy thus provides a unified information measure which keeps track of all respective unifractal Shannon entropies.
Information theory and generalized statistics
In this review I will skim briefly over the surface of these nine questions.
The AGN/Normal Galaxy Connection : Summary
However, the array is most sensitive (by a factor of about five ) to Earth skimming charged current interactions of ντ in which a tau emerges from the nearby mountain and initiates an air shower over the array when it decays.
High Energy Neutrinos from Space