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simple leaf


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n simple leaf a leaf that is not divided into parts
    • ***


In literature:

A wrinkled Indian woman, brown and veined like a tobacco leaf, ministered to his simple wants.
"Selected Stories" by Bret Harte
It was on an album leaf, a very simple sketch.
"The Red Lily, Complete" by Anatole France
Expound to me, now, the meaning of that water-lily leaf and its grand simple curve, as it lies sleeping there in the back eddy.
"Yeast: A Problem" by Charles Kingsley
It's a simple botanical term, signifying a plant which has only one cup-shaped leaf, or seed-lobe.
"Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 100., January 3, 1891." by Various
I, shows how the leaf-ornament is laid on the simple early cornices.
"The Stones of Venice, Volume III (of 3)" by John Ruskin
The Lilac also shows a gradation from bud-scale to simple leaf.
"The Elements of Botany" by Asa Gray
It's a simple botanical term, signifying a plant which has only one cup-shaped leaf, or seed-lobe.
"Voces Populi" by F. Anstey
The ornaments consist of simple, straight lines, besides which scarcely any other adornment is found beyond the lotus leaf.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. I (of VI)" by Max Duncker
The horn is looped, and it is suspended by twisted bullion from a simple 3-leaf-clover knot.
"American Military Insignia 1800-1851" by J. Duncan Campbell
The whole form of the body is as yet exceedingly simple, being merely a thin, leaf-like disc.
"The History of Creation, Vol. I (of 2)" by Ernst Haeckel

In poetry:

Kindred in soul of him who found
In simple flower and leaf and stone
The impulse of the sweetest lays
Our Saxon tongue has known,--
"Wordsworth" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

This great cut-leaf Japanese peony, Paeonia tenuifolia, opened its simple ruby-colored petals to reveal bright yellow stamen.
The sight of a fresh sheet of loose leaf paper is a simple pleasure that's tinged with a bit of nostalgia now.
Martha shared these simple ideas for throwing your own luau, including how to make a ti leaf ice bucket, bamboo tiki bar, and more.

In science:

This is clear for simple types different from Al because then the affine vertex of the Coxeter-Dynkin graph is a leaf in a tree and hence Pϕ (t) = Pα(t) for an appropriate simple root α ∈ Π.
Abelian ideals in a Borel subalgebra of a complex simple Lie algebra
Recall (see ) that (i) a foliation F on a manifold M is said to be simple if its leaves are the (connected) fibres of a smooth submersion defined on M ; (ii) the leaf space of a foliation F is the topological space M/F, equipped with the quotient topology.
Harmonic morphisms between degenerate semi-Riemannian manifolds
Proposition 3.1. A foliation F on M is simple if and only if its leaf space M/F can be given the structure of a Hausdorff (smooth) manifold such that the natural projection M → M/F is a smooth submersion.
Harmonic morphisms between degenerate semi-Riemannian manifolds
Given leaf functions f : X → Y and g : Y → Z between signed sets, write f + g for the disjoint union of f and g, viewed as a simple directed graph on X + Y + Z .17 The following theorem will not be used in the sequel; we present it since it is the analogue of Theorem 2.1 in [KM71].
Simple free star-autonomous categories and full coherence
The computation of the exact equation of the leaf boundary in figure 5 is a nice exercise in simple optimization: Find max and min of v subject to the constraint that R(t ) = exp(−((cid:112)− log t − 1)2 ). u = t .
Wrong Priors
The ob ject of our study was to find what happens when we constrain to connected graphs only. A simple argument indicated that correlations would appear: a neighbor of a node with degree one (leaf ) must have its degree greater than 1; otherwise, they would form a separate connected component.
Correlations in connected random graphs
An important motivation for this paper is the study of the limiting behaviour of the alphagamma tree-growth model, which is based on a simple stochastic growth rule to build a tree Tn+1 from a tree Tn by adding a leaf (degree-1 vertex) labelled n + 1.
Restricted exchangeable partitions and embedding of associated hierarchies in continuum random trees
Since it got stuck at a leaf, it performs a simple random walk until reaching its lowest ancestor with an adjacent edge that has not been covered yet.
Greedy Random Walk
More rigorously, a stratification is a full rooted binary tree whose root is the given derived category, whose nodes are derived categories and whose leaves are simple (they are called the simple factors of the stratification) such that a node is a recollement of its two child nodes unless it is a leaf.
Blocks of group algebras are derived simple
In Figure 1, a leaf removal process for a simple graph is shown.
Determining the Solution Space of Vertex-Cover by Interactions and Backbones
Finally, B is simple, since the only edges in B that can cross are the leaf edges, and these edges do not cross, again by Corollary 3.6.
Blockers for non-crossing spanning trees in complete geometric graphs
Although the above lemma might seem simple, it allows us to deduce the distributional tail behaviour of the greatest height of a big leaf at a particular backbone vertex visited by the biased random walk X .
Biased random walk on critical Galton-Watson trees conditioned to survive
We studied a simple tree generation model where initially we have an infinite number of trivial (single-leaf ) trees.
Extreme Value Statistics and Traveling Fronts: Various Applications
Scientists tend to use the word “complexity” differently, to mean structures that are highly ordered and are anything but random, but are not simple either. A leaf in this view is considered a complex structure, but it is certainly not random.
An Algorithmic Information Theory Critique of Statistical Arguments for Intelligent Design
This is a very simple example but we can imagine a more complex example where leafs are elements of a complex type.
Typed lambda-terms in categorical attributed graph transformation