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side view


  • Side view of Bessemer converter
    Side view of Bessemer converter
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n side view a view from the side of something
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Front and side view of a ski Front and side view of a ski


  • Thomas Crum
    Thomas Crum
    “Being willing to change allows you to move from a point of view to a viewing point -- a higher, more expansive place, from which you can see both sides.”


In literature:

At long intervals a siding, sometimes with its waiting train, but oftener empty and deserted, slid into view and out again.
"The Taming of Red Butte Western" by Francis Lynde
On the other side of the archway the whole view of the plain called Higgins Farm met the adventurer.
"Living Alone" by Stella Benson
Nevertheless, critics must view his momentary ebullition from another side.
"The Life of Reason" by George Santayana
Brush swished along our legs, and green walls shut our view on each side.
"Lazarre" by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
Over there on the other side it's all different, the life, the aims, and the point of view.
"A Hoosier Chronicle" by Meredith Nicholson
But on the one side nothing can be unworthy of thorough study from a strictly theoretical point of view.
"Psychology and Industrial Efficiency" by Hugo Münsterberg
The scenery, viewed from its romantic side, charmed her.
"Marion Arleigh's Penance" by Charlotte M. Braeme
He turned about with a view of approaching it on another side, but with no better success.
"Folk-Lore and Legends; Scandinavian" by Various
With growing curiosity she felt its back and sides, and then peered around it to get a front view.
"Miss Mink's Soldier and Other Stories" by Alice Hegan Rice
He viewed the other side.
"The Quest of the Silver Fleece" by W. E. B. Du Bois
The house was at no great distance from the water side, though the crowded buildings obscured the view from the lower stories.
"A Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches" by Sarah Orne Jewett
Collingwood was tainted with the same one-sided views, but tempered them with more conventional language.
"Drake, Nelson and Napoleon" by Walter Runciman
True vision must necessarily result, since no side issues cluttered the view.
"The Bells of San Juan" by Jackson Gregory
On obtaining the top of this eminence, an extensive view on either side opened upon them.
"The Lancashire Witches" by William Harrison Ainsworth
That is a matter about which we must not be mean; and the other side take that view of it.
"Across India" by Oliver Optic
They could not see far ahead, because the river was not straight, and the side walls of the narrow gorge shut out the view.
"Stories of American Life and Adventure" by Edward Eggleston
View this new executive officer on the side of his political capacity, as he acts under the orders of the National Assembly.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. III. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
The embankment shut off this tiny wharf from view on either side.
"A Friend of Caesar" by William Stearns Davis
He kept his head concealed behind the two small boulders and he had an uninterrupted view of the entire side of the defile.
"Square Deal Sanderson" by Charles Alden Seltzer
It commanded a view of the lake on the one side, and of the large, shady garden of the villa on the other.
"The Chink in the Armour" by Marie Belloc Lowndes

In poetry:

Thus lightly to my love, I spake,
And she responded lightly, too,
And by my side her place did take,
Her young heart gladden'd by the view.
"A Sunset" by Thomas Frederick Young
Down the vexed centre of that rushing tide,
The thick huge ice-blocks threatening either side,
The foam-white rocks of Amoskeag in view,
With arrowy swiftness sped that light canoe.
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
And, lastly, I would fain propose,
That, ere we quietly repose,
Together north we ride,
To view the stream which separates
The English from the Scottish states,
And wander on its side.
"Enigma XLIX." by Elizabeth Hitchener
Think, when thou see'st the Priest divide the bread,
And view'st the wine into the chalice shed,
Think, how the spear transfix'd thy Saviour's side,
And how his heart, pour'd out its crimson tide!
"A Preparation For The Holy Communion" by Rees Prichard
Which is situated in the midst of trees on a rugged hill,
Which visitors can view at their own free will;
And the trees and shrubberies are lovely to view,
Especially the trees on each side of the avenue
"Beautiful Balmerino" by William Topaz McGonagall
From the eastern side of the valley wide
To its snow-capped western rim
It will hold its way, till the dawning day
Shall have made its disk grow dim;
Then, leaving the blue, will drop from view
Behind the mountain's brim.
"The Passing Moon" by John Lawson Stoddard

In news:

2005 Bmw R1200rt Side View.
1998 Chevy Tahoe Mcgaughys Lowering Kit Side View Before.
1998 Chevy Tahoe Mcgaughys Lowering Kit Side View After.
View full size Terry Richard/The Oregonian Hillman Peak can be one of the more scary scrambles on Crater Lake Rim, so do it from the side away from the lake.
Star V Star 950 Right Side View.
Star V Star 950 Left Side View.
Imagine the view on the cliff's other side.
A View From The Independent Side.
2002 Dodge Ram Side View.
I Initially Viewed The Voice as "a Side Project".
Jones this morning fired a corrections officer accused of ripping a side view mirror from a city police cruiser and fighting the officer while intoxicated.
View Image Gallery for Hot Spot: Were you spotted at 'West Side Story' at Scranton Cultural Center at The Masonic Temple.
A view from the San Diego county side of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.
1959 Chevrolet Corvette Driver Side View.
1965 Ford Mustang Driver Side View.

In science:

In view of the large uncertainty on the momentum of tracks reconstructed in the fringe field of SM1, only tracks with segments on both sides of one of the dipole magnets are considered here as reconstructed.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN
The left side shows a 3-d view of the arrangement and on the right side is a sketch of the detector components to illustrate the principle of operation.
Summary of the COSY-11 Measurements of Hyperon Production
The light is emitted isotropically, which implies that showers can be viewed from the side, thus, telescopes can observe large fiducial volumes of air.
Air Fluorescence Relevant for Cosmic-Ray Detection - Summary of the 5th Fluorescence Workshop, El Escorial 2007
Three photomultipliers are mounted on two sides and the top of the chamber, they view fluorescence light through quartz windows.
Air Fluorescence Relevant for Cosmic-Ray Detection - Summary of the 5th Fluorescence Workshop, El Escorial 2007
The most detailed form of comparison is to view the RCD plots for each structure side by side.
Sensitivity of protein rigidity analysis to small structural variations: a large-scale comparative analysis
Figure 1: The left panel shows a side-on view of the geometry of microlensing where a lens moves across the line of sight towards a background source.
Introduction to Gravitational Microlensing
Figure 2 illustrates a side-on view of the lensing configuration.
Introduction to Gravitational Microlensing
In Run Ic, the ¯p-beam was behind the proton beam, as viewed from the RPS side.
Diffractive and Exclusive (Higgs?) Production from CDF to LHC
On the algebraic side it has led to revival of the coring theory and provided new points of view on areas such as noncommutative descent theory .
Galois-Type Extensions and Equivariant Projectivity
The azimuthal viewing angle along the XYplane varies from 0◦ to 300◦ in steps of 60◦ (from the left- to the right-hand side).
Reprocessed emission from warped accretion discs induced by the Bardeen-Petterson effect
The azimuthal viewing angle along the XY-plane varies from 0◦ to 300◦ in steps of 60◦ (from the left- to the right-hand side).
Reprocessed emission from warped accretion discs induced by the Bardeen-Petterson effect
In order to make the whole moduli space regular we use a slightly modified version of Gro mov’s transversality scheme and consider an inhomogeneous ∂ -equation, where the right-hand side depends not only on points of the source disk, but also of its domain viewed as a point of the extended Deligne-Mumford space.
Effect of Legendrian Surgery
In view of the above, we study the three sublinear combinations in the right hand side of (4.11) separately.
The decomposition of global conformal invariants VI: The proof of the proposition on local Riemannian invariants
From the point of view of the original atom this transition is non-local, with the atom “disappearing” on one side and emerging on the other.
Tunneling of the 3rd Kind: A Test of the Effective Non-locality of Quantum Field Theory
Taking a broader view of the stellar distribution, the left-side panels of Figure 4 show a tidal stream in Models 1 and 3, which extends up to a length of ∼ 30◦ in alignment with the prior orbit of Fornax, and for a further ∼ 20◦ in the opposing direction.
The Fornax dwarf galaxy as a remnant of recent dwarf-dwarf merging in the Local Group