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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n showerhead a perforated nozzle that showers water on a bather
    • ***


In news:

I have even had them fall off a showerhead while I shampooed my hair.
Phoenix Design's Raindance Rainfall showerhead in brass and chrome by Hansgrohe, 800-334-0455.
"Unlike some low-flow showerheads that simply restrict the water flow, Caldwell is designed to save water while providing peak performance," said Andrea Conroy, director of retail marketing, Moen.
) It's the Rihanna of showerheads — aggressive and rewarding.
There are plenty of showerheads out there.
But which showerheads are best for men.
Concealed-design showerhead in chrome over solid brass by Samuel Heath, 212-599-5177.
Danze isn't the first to integrate air injection into its showerheads, but the company claims its take on the technology improves performance and the shower experience.
Danze's air-injection showerheads improve performance and the shower experience.
after the mixing valve) form a single showerhead for purposes of the maximum water use standards.
Metal showerheads appear to be less likely than plastic showerheads to grow biofilm, according to the researchers.
How to install a showerhead/handshower.
Sediment from your showerhead is damaging.
Stand facing the side of the tub directly under the showerhead (with water running).
A spacious tile shower with three showerheads, plus a steam generator.