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  • Sewing by Lamplight
    Sewing by Lamplight
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n sewing joining or attaching by stitches
    • n sewing needlework on which you are working with needle and thread "she put her sewing back in the basket"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Sewing Table in Plain Oak Sewing Table in Plain Oak
Detail of the Sewing Table Detail of the Sewing Table
Sewing the quarter Sewing the quarter
Sewing Sewing
Howe's sewing machine Howe's sewing machine
Wilson's sewing machine Wilson's sewing machine
Shoe sewing machine Shoe sewing machine
sewing basket sewing basket

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Pepper was sold as individual grains during the Elizabethan times. The guards at the London docks had to sew up their pockets so they would not steal any of the pepper
    • Sewing That which is sewed with the needle.
    • Sewing The act or occupation of one who sews.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Early sewing machines were destroyed by mobs or workers who felt their jobs were threatened by automation
    • n sewing The act or occupation of one who sews or uses the needle.
    • n sewing A piece of work with needle and thread.
    • n sewing In bookbinding, the operation of fastening together with thread the sections of a book. The thread is passed through the central double leaf of the folded section at intervals of about 1½ inches, and reversed around the cross-bands from the top to the bottom of the book. It is distinct from stitching.
    • n sewing plural Compound threads of silk wound, cleaned, doubled, and thrown, to be used for sewing.
    • n sewing In lace-making, the operation of securing one piece of lace to another by any process, as when fresh threads and bobbins are introduced into the work, or when finished pieces are combined by working the background to both of them.
    • n sewing The serving of food; the duty of a sewer or server.
    • n sewing See suing.
    • ***


  • Marcel Pagnol
    Marcel Pagnol
    “My advice is to look out for engineers. They begin with sewing machines and end up with nuclear bombs.”


In literature:

I heard my mama say she washed and sewed during slavery.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
The sewing-room was on the ground floor, its one window about five feet from the ground.
"Kate Danton, or, Captain Danton's Daughters" by May Agnes Fleming
Many busy fingers plied the needle (for sewing machines were not known at that time).
"Sixty Years of California Song" by Margaret Blake-Alverson
The women are required to do sewing, housework, and the like.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
These little roses may be sewed on a stem or sewed to a shaped piece of buckram which has been covered with silk.
"Make Your Own Hats" by Gene Allen Martin
Hannah Maria bent her sober freckled face over the sheet, and sewed and sewed.
"Young Lucretia and Other Stories" by Mary E. Wilkins
Mantle made of a square white sheet with stripes of red sewed on it.
"The White Christmas and other Merry Christmas Plays" by Walter Ben Hare
Those we keep sewed up, so that we can't read them.
"Queer Stories for Boys and Girls" by Edward Eggleston
Learn to cook and to sew.
"Evening Round Up" by William Crosbie Hunter
Therefore he sewed the pigtail to the inside of a skull-cap, and placed the cap on Fred's head.
"Chatterbox, 1905." by Various
SEWING OF WOUNDS: I cannot say that I am in favor of sewing wounds unless they are gaping or wide open.
"The Veterinarian" by Chas. J. Korinek
Justine taught us to sew.
"Marie Claire" by Marguerite Audoux
And they sew at the Recollet house.
"A Little Girl in Old Detroit" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
I will keep it in order and look after her clothes, and sew for her.
"A Little Girl in Old Salem" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
I help mother, and practice my music, and she is teaching me to sew and cook.
"The Girl Scouts at Home" by Katherine Keene Galt
She learned to sew when she was away to school and she learnt all her women to sew.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various
Sometimes the women sewed, and we children wound yarn or worsted for grandmother's knitting.
"The Promised Land" by Mary Antin
The most elementary knowledge of cooking, sewing or the use of money was lacking.
"The Leaven in a Great City" by Lillian William Betts
Yet I could not mention one of having gone to your house and not finding Matilde sewing on some.
"The Joy of Captain Ribot" by Armando Palacio Valdés
So now she brought her work out to the garden, and sewed busily while Jo Vanny sang and thrummed.
"The Front Yard" by Constance Fenimore Woolson

In poetry:

I know that it cannot be reckoned,--
But one thing the future will show:
When this man has vanished, a second
Will sit in his place there and sew.
"The Pale Operator" by Morris Rosenfeld
Thank God that there are solid folk
Who water flowers and roll the lawn,
And sit and sew and talk and smoke,
And snore all through the summer dawn.
"In Praise Of Solid People" by C S Lewis
He sewed the lily, and he sewed the rose,
And the little fowls of the air;
Then fell the damsels a-marvelling,
For nought had they missed him there.
"Hafbur And Signy" by William Morris
If but with my pen I could draw him,
With terror you'd look in his face;
For he, since the first day I saw him,
Has sat there and sewed in his place.
"The Pale Operator" by Morris Rosenfeld
Her father is dead, and her brother,
And now she alone with her mother
Will spin on her wheel,
And sew, knit, and reel,
And cheerfully work for their living.
"The Cottage Maid" by Patrick Branwell Bronte
Women who love my flesh, and you,
girl, looking at me like a brother,
toss your smiles to me, the poet -
and I'll sew them like flowers onto my fop's blouse!
"The Fop's Blouse" by Vladimir Mayakovsky

In news:

What's the big deal about young women sewing stuff these days.
I have been sewing since I was a kid.
This simple sewing project will make the perfect gift.
In the arcane world of avant-garde haute couture, clothes are intricately handcrafted, and in theory, without the hum of a sewing machine.
(I also sewed a polka-dot smock, but that's another story.).
Katherine Whiteman's home- sewed upholstery.
What a cool idea IKEA wanted customers to be able to view their digital catalog on-the-go, so they introduced a new sewing kit that includes conductive thread.
A sewing and vacuum store in Bryan hosted sewing royalty.
If you're considering buying a sewing machine, take care.
There are many options, some of them expensive, and you may be tempted to buy a machine with features you will never use for your sewing projects if the package looks attractive.
Do you often find yourself suffering from the Sewing Machine Blues.
Weaver Martin, Hopeland, sewing machine mechanic.
Fake Federal Sewing Table PBS.
Crafter uses Mom's sewing machine to create accessories for every occasion.
He uses his mom s old sewing machine to sew the ties that he is marketing to the young hipster crowd.

In science:

The different S-duality frames of the gauge theory correspond to the different ways of sewing the Riemann surface from pairs of pants.
Gauge Theory Wilson Loops and Conformal Toda Field Theory
MK is the appropriate kaon mass, SEW is the universal shortdistance electroweak correction 3 and ℓ = e, µ.
Recent results from KLOE
The sewing vector field associated to Z is the vector field Z w defined in q ∈ Σ1 as an arbitrary convex combination of X (q) and Y (q), i.e., Z w (q) = λX (q) + (1 − λ)Y (q) where λ ∈ [0, 1].
Bifurcations of Non Smooth Vector Fields on $\R^2$ by Geometric Singular Perturbations
In this case, for λ = 0, we only have sewing region on the non−smooth manifold Σ.
Bifurcations of Non Smooth Vector Fields on $\R^2$ by Geometric Singular Perturbations
The operad structure map γ is defined by sewing Riemann spheres with punctures and local coordinates with the orientations specified above, the sewing being of the 0-th puncture of one to one of the positively orinted punctures of the other.
Closed string field theory, strong homotopy Lie algebras and the operad actions of moduli space
The sewing of two such spheres with punctures and local coordinates is defined by cutting disks at the specified punctures using the local coordinates and then identifying the boundaries of the disks using the map z → 1/z .
Closed string field theory, strong homotopy Lie algebras and the operad actions of moduli space
The sewing is defined only when the local coordinate neighborhoods can be extended such that the disks we want to cut are inside the extended neighborhoods, and there are no other punctures inside these disks.
Closed string field theory, strong homotopy Lie algebras and the operad actions of moduli space
Moreover, the notion of an operad needs to be extended to allow sewing of two local coordinates on the same Riemann surface (of genus g, producing a surface of genus g + 1); I am unaware of any known mathematical generalization of operad which handles this structure.
Closed string field theory, strong homotopy Lie algebras and the operad actions of moduli space
SEW = 1.0194 is the electroweak correction from the summation of the leading-log contributions .
QCD tests from $e^+e^- \rar I=1~$ hadrons data and implication on the value of $\alpha_s$ from $\tau$-decays
These splittings are compatible with sewing of Riemann surfaces, as we will spell out in Part IV.
Invariant measures for unitary forms of Kac-Moody groups, Parts I-III
Color-ordering requires us to maintain the clockwise ordering of the legs in sewing the tree amplitudes.
Progress in One-Loop QCD Computations
The loop amplitudes are thus computed by sewing tree amplitudes, rather than tree diagrams, so that one can take advantage of the full set of cancellations which have already occurred at the level of the computation of the tree diagrams themselves.
Progress in perturbative QCD
An explicit dispersion relation is not used, instead the sewing procedure is used only to determine the integral functions that can appear in a given amplitude, along with their coefficients.
The VIIth Blois Workshop: Theory Summary and Factorization Issues
Vud and Vus are Cabibbo-KobayashiMaskawa (CKM) matrix elements, and SEW is a small and calculable electroweak correction.
TAU 98 Conference Summary
As usual, the matrix S implements modular transformation of the W -characters; therefore, the matrix (cid:0) B I α(cid:1) is invertible, and the ansatz (6) will provide a complete set, in the sense of [ 5 ], of boundary states for fixed gluing condition Ωπ – provided all sewing constraints are satisfied.
Permutation Branes