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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj sensory of a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system "sensory neurons"
    • adj sensory involving or derived from the senses "sensory experience","sensory channels"
    • adj sensory relating to or concerned in sensation "the sensory cortex","sensory organs"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Mosquito repellents dont really repel mozzies. They actually block the sensory pores and makes the mozzies think they're flying to a colder, dryer, more CO2 free area.
    • a Sensory (Physiol) Of or pertaining to the sensorium or sensation; as, sensory impulses; -- especially applied to those nerves and nerve fibers which convey to a nerve center impulses resulting in sensation; also sometimes loosely employed in the sense of afferent, to indicate nerve fibers which convey impressions of any kind to a nerve center.
    • n Sensory (Physiol) Same as Sensorium.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • sensory Of or pertaining to the sensorium, in either sense.
    • sensory Conveying sensation, as a nerve; pertaining to sensation; sensorial; giving rise to sensation; sentient; sensitive: as, a sensory surface of the body.
    • n sensory Same as sensorium, 1.
    • n sensory An organ or a faculty of sense.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Sensory the organ which receives the impressions made on the senses: the nervous centre to which impressions must be conveyed before they are received: the whole sensory apparatus of the body, the nervous system, &c
    • ***


  • Norman Cousins
    “All this sensory input, which begins in the brain, has its effect throughout the body.”


In literature:

A sensory nerve-cell (S.C.) on the surface receives a stimulus.
"The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by J. Arthur Thomson
We hear all the while of sensory processes, sensory contents, sensory centres, sensory attention, etc.
"The Story of the Mind" by James Mark Baldwin
Many of the animals have keen sensory discrimination.
"The Measurement of Intelligence" by Lewis Madison Terman
Here is the sensory origin, very humble and very gross, of all the mechanics of the atoms.
"The Mind and the Brain" by Alfred Binet
But hardly so with the sensory nerves.
"The Ape, the Idiot & Other People" by W. C. Morrow
Antenna -ae: two jointed, sensory organs, borne, one on each side of the head, commonly termed horns or feelers.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
The scream reverberated through his brain, rising in an intolerable crescendo, blotting out other sensory perception.
"Millennium" by Everett B. Cole
Does irritation of a sensory nerve cause vein to contract and refuse blood to complete circuit from and to the heart?
"Philosophy of Osteopathy" by Andrew T. Still
It is motor, sensory, and sympathetic, all in one.
"The Grain Ship" by Morgan Robertson
To sum up: In contrast to sensorial imagination, which has its origin without, affective imagination begins within.
"Essay on the Creative Imagination" by Th. Ribot
This grub, so poor in sensory organs, gives us with its prescience no little food for reflection.
"The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles" by Jean Henri Fabre
A hallucination is a false perception arising without external sensory experience.
"The Home Medical Library, Volume II (of VI)" by Various
Sensory Experience and Human Behavior.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
The first aim of art is sensorial beauty, because sensorial experience must precede the impression of beauty upon the mind.
"Art Principles" by Ernest Govett
Sometimes there are special conditions that predispose to these localized sensory disturbances.
"Psychotherapy" by James J. Walsh
Sensory hallucinations may be stimulated.
"Occultism and Common-Sense" by Beckles Willson
There are three coats to the eyeball, an external (protective), a middle (vascular), and an internal (sensory).
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 1" by Various
The same method was used for blindness and other sensory symptoms.
"Health Through Will Power" by James J. Walsh
Hearing is another form of sensory automatism, which, while less common than that of seeing, has also been noticed in all ages.
"Telepathy and the Subliminal Self" by R. Osgood Mason
It is found by experiment that ideas can be communicated from mind to mind through channels other than the known sensory ones.
"Psychical Miscellanea" by J. Arthur Hill

In news:

Updated Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012, at 9:35 a.m. Sensory friendly ' movie screening big success, families, theater officials say.
Sensory, Inc.'s latest speech recognition circuits bring reliable performance to speech-based devices.
The Accenda remote is one of many devices that use Sensory Inc.'s voice-operation technology.
"When I used a calibrated series of fibers to touch or tickle the, I found that they were responsive to forces finer than our own fingertips - a sensory system widely studied for its own sensitivity, " said Leitch, in a statement.
Understand the difference between sensory processing problems and attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) in children.
Is It Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or ADD/ADHD.
Within the sensory science focus area, you'll learn about the latest advancements in the science of sensory and consumer research as they apply to food.
List of sensory evaluation standards developed by ASTM.
Barbara Klipper, Ferguson Library, Stamford, Conn. A program for children with autism or sensory processing disorder (although at this young age many kids don't yet have labels).
The sensory family movie has been hosted at the theater for 11 months and is shown every so often.
The Early Childhood Family Center houses a sensory gymnasium, which is designed specifically for students with special needs.
Sensory Stimulation What are Sensory Stimulation Groups.
Introduction to Sensory Evaluation of Wine May 5-6, 2012 9 a.m.— 4 pm 1632 Da Vinci Ct. Da Vinci Building Davis, Calif, Section: 114VIT200.
Clair County Community Mental Health will host a workshop for parents titled "Hands-on Sensory Integration for Kids" on Thursday, June 21st from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at 3111 Electric Avenue in Port Huron.
Visit A " Sensory Friendly Santa" for kids with Autism.

In science:

Namely, we suggest that a thinking system should work as a machine, that adjusts its architecture in response both to sensory input, and to the processes inside itself in an analogue (i.e. nonalgorithmic) way.
"Memory foam" approach to unsupervised learning
We present an overview of techniques for solving this problem with agents that are equipped with simple sensorial capabilities.
Simple Agents Learn to Find Their Way: An Introduction on Mapping Polygons
The system uses a cloud service to extract patient data informat ion. These sensory parameters are fed into a neural network engine running as a cloud service that fuses informat ion from mult iple disparate sensors to determine whether the patient is in a "danger state".
A New Architecture of a Ubiquitous Health Monitoring System: A Prototype Of Cloud Mobile Health Monitoring System
Washington, DC.: Committee on Human Factors, Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences, National Academy Press.
Exponential-family Random Network Models
The brain’s task is to determine what the most likely arrangement of ob jects in the physical world is, given the particular pattern of information that reaches the sensory receptors—the retina for vision, the eardrum for hearing.
Music in Terms of Science
More often than not, the information we receive at our sensory receptors is incomplete or ambiguous.
Music in Terms of Science
An important question in the field of computational neuroscience is how these sensory neurons encode environmental information in a way which may be simply analyzed by subsequent systems.
Dynamic State Estimation Based on Poisson Spike Trains: Towards a Theory of Optimal Encoding
This implies that the firing rate of the sensory neurons must exceed a threshold in order to be able to track the input properly.
Dynamic State Estimation Based on Poisson Spike Trains: Towards a Theory of Optimal Encoding
The dependence of this optimal tuning width as a function of the stimulus properties is discussed in the context of an ecological theory of sensory processing .
Dynamic State Estimation Based on Poisson Spike Trains: Towards a Theory of Optimal Encoding
In our case, given the sensory neurons, specified by their preferred stimuli Θm, the tuning functions are specified by the maximal firing rate φ and the tuning width α. figure 6 shows a colormap of the MMSE for an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process for a range of values of α and φ.
Dynamic State Estimation Based on Poisson Spike Trains: Towards a Theory of Optimal Encoding
In that spirit, we have established that smoother processes allow for a more efficient coding strategy with the same firing rate in the sensory layer.
Dynamic State Estimation Based on Poisson Spike Trains: Towards a Theory of Optimal Encoding
Error-based analysis of optimal tuning functions explains phenomena observed in sensory neurons.
Dynamic State Estimation Based on Poisson Spike Trains: Towards a Theory of Optimal Encoding
This internal brain dynamics is autonomous, ongoing being modulated, but not driven, by the sensory input [18, 19].
Generating functionals for autonomous latching dynamics in attractor relict networks
Weliky, Smal l modulation of ongoing cortical dynamics by sensory input during natural vision.
Generating functionals for autonomous latching dynamics in attractor relict networks
Leveraging these strengths, deep networks have facilitated significant advances in solving sensory problems like visual classification and speech recognition (Dahl, et al., 2012; Hinton, Osindero, & Teh, 2006; Hinton, et al., 2012).
Discriminative Recurrent Sparse Auto-Encoders