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sensory nerve


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n sensory nerve a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system
    • ***


In literature:

Not all living flesh is painful; nor is all nerve, not even all sensory nerve.
"The Island of Doctor Moreau" by H. G. Wells
These are sensory nerves, and are devoted to sight.
"A Practical Physiology" by Albert F. Blaisdell
Mr. Victor Horsley has recently demonstrated the existence of true sensory nerves supplying the nerve trunks of nervi-nervorum.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 520, December 19, 1885" by Various
Here the sensory cells of feeling and their nerve fibrils multiply.
"The Whence and the Whither of Man" by John Mason Tyler
Pain is very commonly present, and is due to the pressure which the growing tumor exerts upon the sensory nerves.
"Disease and Its Causes" by William Thomas Councilman
An acrid-soft odor as of primordial slime subtly intruded upon the sensory nerves of the visitor.
"The Clarion" by Samuel Hopkins Adams
The following description refers to a mixed sensori-motor trunk, such as the median or radial (musculo-spiral) nerve.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
The sensory nerves furnish the animal or man all knowledge of the external world.
"The Story of the Innumerable Company, and Other Sketches" by David Starr Jordan
The sensory nerve-fibre branches in the nerve-cord.
"The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by J. Arthur Thomson
But what seems to me to require proof is the function M. Bergson is led to attribute to the sensory nerves.
"The Mind and the Brain" by Alfred Binet
But hardly so with the sensory nerves.
"The Ape, the Idiot & Other People" by W. C. Morrow
The second is the optic nerve, the visual sensory nerve.
"Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata" by H. G. Wells
The spinal nerves, forty-two or forty-three in number, arise each by two roots, a superior or sensory, and an inferior or motor.
"Special Report on Diseases of the Horse" by United States Department of Agriculture
Does irritation of a sensory nerve cause vein to contract and refuse blood to complete circuit from and to the heart?
"Philosophy of Osteopathy" by Andrew T. Still
All the sensory nerves belong to this division.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
General sensibility, whether of the internal or external organs of the body, chiefly depends upon the sensory fibres of the spinal nerve.
"A Treatise on Physiology and Hygiene" by Joseph Chrisman Hutchison
And here again I will take an example, that of the distinction between the motor nerves and the sensory nerves.
"The Pros and Cons of Vivisection" by Charles Richet
Each incoming sensory nerve tract runs to or through some portion of the brain.
"Vocational Psychology: Its Problems and Methods" by Harry L. Hollingworth
The sensory nerves are first affected, and sensation as a rule absent partially or completely.
"Health, Happiness, and Longevity" by Louis Philippe McCarty
Sensory and motor nerves.
"A Civic Biology" by George William Hunter

In news:

Nerve cells in our sweat glands and blood vessels may constitute an important, previously unrecognized source of sensory info.

In science:

The impulses produced by sensory nerve endings.
Streaming an image through the eye: The retina seen as a dithered scalable image coder