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religious offering


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n religious offering the act of offering the bread and wine of the Eucharist
    • ***


In literature:

Howard University has a wide range of electives covering a large scope of religious subjects which are offered in the School of Religion.
"The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920" by Various
But even kings cannot appropriate the property of a religious order without offering some apology or justification to the world.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07" by Various
It is difficult to find a clear case of the offering of religious worship to a totem as totem.
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
The religious aspect of ethics was almost confined to the respect for the property and offerings of the gods.
"The Religion of Ancient Egypt" by W. M. Flinders Petrie
Even the religious idea cannot persist without evidence of some kind being offered in its behalf.
"Religion & Sex" by Chapman Cohen
As I understood that the meeting would partake of a religious character I could not bring myself to accept the offer.
"The International Spy" by Allen Upward
They also burned religious offerings to divers bloodthirsty deities.
"The Hate Disease" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Lacordaire in the cathedral pulpit offering his thanks to Voltaire for the good gift of religious toleration, was a figure alien to his spirit.
"The History of Freedom" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
And whence came that boon of religious liberty which the new Chinese president is so generously offering to his great nation?
"Dorothy Page" by Eldridge B. Hatcher
She can offer the Religious Life to the celibate and the Sacrament of Marriage to the non-celibate.
"An Outline of Sexual Morality" by Kenneth Ingram
The editor of a weekly paper has offered me one page to edit religiously, and thus I will preach to the people.
"The Story of a Life" by J. Breckenridge Ellis
Rice, fruits, and sweetmeats, are then offered to the goddess, who is religiously invoked to pour her benediction on the head of the child.
"The Hindoos as they Are" by Shib Chunder Bose
In history, Christianity offers itself to us as the term and crown of the religious evolution of humanity.
"Outlines of a Philosophy of Religion based on Psychology and History" by Auguste Sabatier
Always strict in religious observances, he went to the church to offer prayers.
"The Freedmen's Book" by Lydia Maria Child
Was it necessary to offer this rudeness to the religious denomination in which you were born?
"The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 6 (of 12) Dresden Edition--Discussions" by Robert G. Ingersoll
AGAINST the aspersions of the pulpit and the religious press, I offer in evidence this magnificent audience.
"The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 7 (of 12) Dresden Edition--Discussions" by Robert G. Ingersoll
They take for granted that the alternative offered him was religious toleration as we understand it.
"The Gentle Reader" by Samuel McChord Crothers
All religious offices from that time ceased; there was no access to heaven by prayer or offering.
"Curiosities of Christian History" by Croake James
The "peace offerings" there alluded to were religious sacrifices.
"Bible Studies" by Joseph M. Wheeler
Many of these were religious or historical plays, arranged by the clergy, and offer little of interest.
"The Güegüence; A Comedy Ballet in the Nahuatl-Spanish Dialect of Nicaragua" by Daniel G. Brinton

In news:

President Obama offered " accommodations " to religious institutions on the new health insurance rule Friday, with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, left.
Mitt Romney first promised a speech about his faith, then backed off to offer a broader take on America's religious landscape and its heritage of religious freedom.
Should criminal confessions offered in religious settings be excluded from trial.
Cromwell's report on the religious houses in 1535 had offered plenty of evidence of unseemly goings-on.
The festival is an effort to establish Jerusalem as a city with diverse cultural offerings, not just a religious hotbed.
2012 Values Survey offers 'insights' to religiously unaffiliated.
As its annual holiday offering, Phoenix Theatre has fashioned a superb send-up of every cheesy religious musical you've ever seen.
ARKHYZ, Russia — After years of trying to suppress religious and ethnic tensions in its southwestern mountains with guns and troops, Russia is offering new incentives to combat unrest and terrorism: ski slopes and sandy beaches.
2012 Values Survey offers 'insights' to religiously unaffiliated .
Taxpayers for Public Education and others challenged the program that would have offered up to 500 students $4,575 in state funding to cover tuition at pricey, mostly religious, private schools.
The British government announced a ban on the Church of England offering same-sex marriages, but will allow other religious organizations to "opt in" to holding gay ceremonies.
Some religious-affiliated colleges offer little or no compensation to their executives as reported on their 990 forms.
Afghanistan religious figure offers bounty for anti-Islam filmmaker.
Afghanistan religious figure offers bounty for anti-Islam filmmaker .
The Chabad House, a Jewish-based organization that offers religious and social gatherings for University at Buffalo students, has sold its Main Street location.

In science:

Given that many of these students had never presented at a conference before, we thought it best to offer some advice which bears repeating here: 1) Stick to the scheduled time limit religiously. 2) Tailor your talk to your audience. 3) Make sure your talk is readable even from the back of the room.
Conference Summary: AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey