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  • WordNet 3.6
    • v reevaluate revise or renew one's assessment
    • ***


In literature:

Increasingly, militant leaders reevaluated their position on colonization.
"The Black Experience in America" by Norman Coombs
If you become so calculating and crafty with me I'll reevaluate our relationship.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito" by Steven Sills
A reevaluation of the early history of the frogs.
"Neotropical Hylid Frogs, Genus Smilisca" by William E. Duellman

In news:

(HOST) Now that the holidays are over for another year, commentator Ted Levin is reevaluating his yuletide habits.
Logue said health concerns forced him to reevaluate his plans.
Now it's time for them to reevaluate their portfolios.
The state ruled that Anaya competent to stand trial in May, but his attorney is asking the First Judicial District Court to reevaluate Anaya's competency .
Debby Wong/US PRESSWIRE Knicks coach Mike Woodson said Rasheed Wallace will be reevaluated after the preseason road trip, but could the veteran be running out of time in New York.
Not permanently, though – the new hire, Sarah Mundy, will serve as interim director (at $55 an hour, with no benefits) until the spring so city management can reevaluate the position, city spokeswoman Cindie Perry told me.
(CBS News) Many school districts will likely reevaluate their security in the wake of the deadly shooting in Newtown, Conn. Sandy Hook Elementary adopted a new safety plan this year, and even conducted drills.
DiLeo said the team would reevaluate Bynum in mid-December, planning MRIs on both of knees then.
Republicans Must Reevaluate Narrative .
Francisco will be reevaluated this weekend.
Eager to make more effective business decisions, many retailers are reevaluating their business intelligence strategies.
Florida reevaluates oil preparation .
Latest minimum-wage increases force quick serves to reevaluate hiring, menu prices.
Avoid gaining excess weight by reevaluating your portion sizes with our helpful guide.
) Parks and Recreation Department is reevaluating its campground policies.

In science:

The existence and nature of the Local Bubble are now being reevaluated.
Revising the Local Bubble Model due to Solar Wind Charge Exchange X-ray Emission
The Bohr-Weisskopf correction, presented in the third line of Table III, was calculated by reevaluating the leading-order contribution with the point-dipole hfs interaction modified by the extended-distribution function F (r) given by Eqs. (107) and (108).
QED calculation of the nuclear magnetic shielding for hydrogen-like ions
After this update the vector of primitive quantities w must be reevaluated, as those are needed in the Riemann solver (see Section 3.1.2).
Numerical hydrodynamics in general relativity
Old ideas should be reevaluated and reworked when necessary.
Summary: Working Group on QCD and Strong Interactions
Since we now have more experimental data about the ππ system it would be interesting to reevaluate this effect, especially if the analysis is extended beyond factorization that was used in .
Determining alpha and gamma - theory
For each event, Qi (~xi, ~xs ) needs to be reevaluated at every grid point, while Ri (~xi ) needs only to be evaluated one time.
Search for Point Sources of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Above 40 EeV Using a Maximum Likelihood Ratio Test
As mentioned at the end of Subsection 4.2, in order to analyze the uncertainties linked to the use of different form factors, we reevaluate the results using a form factor for the off shell D mesons which we obtain from the work of .
Charm and hidden charm scalar mesons in the nuclear medium
We reevaluated the CEL and RL abundances of several elements in the Orion nebula using the spectroscopic data set presented by Esteban et al. (2004) and ionization correction factors (icsf) for unseen ions obtained by means of a photonization model suited for our purposes.
The chemical composition of the Orion star forming region: stars, gas and dust
We can reevaluate the appropriateness of some methodologies in view of the prior probability.
Appropriate Methodology of Statistical Tests According to Prior Probability and Required Objectivity
Then there is the reactor anomaly: a reevaluation of the reactor flux 3), presented at this Conference by T.
Perspectives in Neutrino Physics
Their reevaluation of assigning term values to a number of energy levels probably led to the improvement.
Revisiting the Chlorine Abundance in Diffuse Interstellar Clouds from Measurements with the Copernicus Satellite
A reevaluation of the hadronic contributions to the muon magnetic anomaly is presented.
MesonNet Workshop on Meson Transition Form Factors
It should, however, be remembered that both the experiments at the Tevatron have since accumulated at least 15-20 pb−1, so that the detectability of the stop at the Tevatron merits a reevaluation .
Supercollider Signatures of Supergravity Models with Yukawa Unification
If one had to reevaluate the effective interaction for each trial E, the algorithm would be clearly quite inefficient.
Symposium Summary and Outlook: Twenty Years of Meson Factory Physics
In this talk I begin with some general discussion of the history of CP violation, then move on to aspects of a spontaneous CP violation model including the production of new particles at LHC, implications for B decay, generalized Cabibbo mixing and a reevaluation of kaon CP violation.
Alternative Solution of Strong CP