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recursive routine


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n recursive routine a routine that can call itself
    • ***


In science:

Since this routine is built fully recursive, two calls to Linear() with the typical left and right hand side sknot, respectively, as arguments conclude this method.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
Step 5 is a recursive call to the buffer-emptying routine.
The Random Buffer Tree : A Randomized Technique for I/O-efficient Algorithms
The recursive C++ routine implementing calcAmp() can be rewritten as a compact iterative kernel in plain C, which can then be automatically transformed into equivalent dataflow & state-machine hardware by a tool such as Altera’s C2H compiler, thereby eliminating much of the control-flow overhead.
A space-efficient quantum computer simulator suitable for high-speed FPGA implementation
As mentioned in § 4, the standard dynamic programming routine for identifying an optimal strategy can be regarded as a combination of G-recursion and stagewise optimisation.
Identifying the consequences of dynamic treatment strategies: A decision-theoretic overview
Next we implemented a recursive routine that computes the number of surviving configuration according to the above extreme events criterion (5) exactly.
Average persistence in random walks
These Hopf algebras can be made into efficient algorithms [ 9] and to develop routines which possibly start at the level of Wick contactions and completely automate the BPHZ recursions for a given QFT remains as a desirable and achievable challenge for computational physics.
Feynman diagrams and polylogarithms: shuffles and pentagons
FIG. 6: Flowchart of possible routines for studying one dimensional potentials with the present recursive formalism.
This includes programs and routines for canonical simulations using biased Metropolis heatbath updating and overrelaxation, determination of multicanonical weights via a Wang-Landau recursion, and multicanonical simulations with fixed weights supplemented by overrelaxation sweeps.
Program package for multicanonical simulations of U(1) lattice gauge theory
The rest of the coefficients can be easily evaluated recursively and, if desired, stored for all later calls to the Whittaker function routine.
Evaluating Whittaker functions and Maass forms for SL(3,Z)
Once an algorithm to compute the set of recursive separators for k-trees is known, a reachability routine similar to Algorithm 1 can be designed in a straight forward way.
Log-space Algorithms for Paths and Matchings in k-trees
Routines and creation procedures with arguments are handled by recursively drawing from the pool conforming objects to be used as arguments. A test case is the combination of any target object in the pool with a routine applied to it.
Stateful Testing: Finding More Errors in Code and Contracts
The recursive call to Partition-sort routine finally yields a sorted sequence of data as desired. The worst case performance of 2n), whereas the best case count is Ω(nlog2n).
The Parameterized Complexity Analysis of Partition Sort for Negative Binomial Distribution Inputs
We prepare the ground state |0i from the DMRG iteration and get the coefficients a’s and b’s from the recursion equations, Eqs. (5) and (6) until the Lanczos routine converges.
Charge and spin dynamics of the Hubbard chains