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radioactive dating


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n radioactive dating measurement of the amount of radioactive material (usually carbon 14) that an object contains; can be used to estimate the age of the object
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In news:

The new research into the age of the Grand Canyon used a dating technique based on the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium atoms.
Image by Gordon Schlolaut The sediment of a Japanese lake has preserved a time capsule of radioactive carbon, dating back to 52,800 years ago.
Social Studies Using Radioactive Decay and Primary Sources to Date the Shroud of Turin.

In science:

Radioactive dating of meteorites shows that the sun is 4.6 billion years old.
How the sun shines
This is in good agreement with the ages of the oldest globular clusters and radioactive dating .
The Cosmological Parameters
Cerny et al. confirmed the interpretation of the results as proton radioactivity in a paper submitted on the same date and published in the same issue immediately following the paper by Jackson et al..
Discovery of the Cobalt Isotopes
This is in good agreement with the ages of the oldest globular clusters and radioactive dating .
The Cosmological Parameters 2010
But the solar neutrino problem reminds us that we are not really sure that we understand how even our nearest star operates; and the sun plays an important role in calibrating stellar evolution, since it is the only star whose age we know independently (from radioactive dating of early solar system material).
Dark Matter and Structure Formation in the Universe
Datings of radioactive materials provide the firmest ages known.
Upper Limits on the X-ray Emission of "Uranium" Stars
The only radioactive isotopes practical for age dating the material in old stars are 232Th and 238U, both of which can only be detected as first ions.
New Abundance Determinations of Cadmium, Lutetium, and Osmium in the r-process Enriched Star BD+173248