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put on airs


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v put on airs act like the master of "He is lording it over the students"
    • ***


Put on airs - If someone puts on airs, they pretend to be grander and more important than they really are.


In literature:

You are not a bit solemn, really, only you put on the airs of a sister of mercy.
"Uncle Max" by Rosa Nouchette Carey
He put on an air of sympathy when he saw the crutches.
"Marietta" by F. Marion Crawford
Caroline puts on the air of a martyr; her submission is positively killing.
"The Petty Troubles of Married Life, Complete" by Honore de Balzac
Jackson smiled and put on the air of a man who knows more than he cares to tell.
"Jack Sheppard" by William Harrison Ainsworth
Some of them might think I was putting on airs, you know, if it should get out that I kept my yacht here at Siboney.
""Forward, March"" by Kirk Munroe
Low-grade epilecs are disgusting, and high-grade epilecs put on airs.
"The Turtles of Tasman" by Jack London
Half his time was spent in putting on airs.
"The Diving Bell" by Francis C. Woodworth
My maiden name was Pruitt, so when I am putting on airs I sign Elinore Pruitt Stewart.
"Letters of a Woman Homesteader" by Elinore Pruitt Stewart
However, I see no reason for him to put on such airs.
"Biltmore Oswald" by J. Thorne Smith, Jr.
And see the airs he puts on!
"Carette of Sark" by John Oxenham
Put on airs = afekti.
"English-Esperanto Dictionary" by John Charles O'Connor and Charles Frederic Hayes
The lady, whose airs and graces were all for men, put on her most bewitching manner.
"The Half-Hearted" by John Buchan
But when she caught sight of her grandfather over the churchyard wall, she put on her grave airs and mentioned the fact to Mr. Carnegie.
"The Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax" by Harriet Parr
Naturally she puts on all the airs in the world, and diamonds in the morning.
"The Motor Maid" by Alice Muriel Williamson and Charles Norris Williamson
For a moment she looked serious, then she laughed, and again put on a demure air.
"The Cornet of Horse" by G. A. Henty
And then she puts on so many airs.
"Maida's Little Shop" by Inez Haynes Irwin
On coming into the room she had put back the curtains for more air and had blown out the candles.
"The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 2" by Various
Won't some of those girls put on airs, though.
"Grace Harlowe's Junior Year at High School" by Jessie Graham Flower
Andy put out the light with a thoughtful air, and did not try to carry on the conversation.
"Andy at Yale" by Roy Eliot Stokes
But let me go into the house an' put on some more duds if you air goin' to take me down into society.
"The Starbucks" by Opie Percival Read

In poetry:

The hawthorn put on her bridal veil,
And milk splashed foaming in pan and pail;
The swain and his sweeting met and kissed,
And the air and the sky were amethyst.
"The Passing Of Spring" by Alfred Austin
The melon yellows in the kindly sun,
The peach puts on its blush like virtuous maid,
The gourd its snow-white band like brow of nun,
While flower and gum the air with fragrance lade.
"September" by Joseph Horatio Chant
An' oh! he was never sick before
Till he smoke tabac Bruneau--
Can't walk or fly, but he want fresh air,
So Louis put heem on rockin' chair
An' t'row heem off on de road out dere--
An' tole heem go below.
"The Devil" by William Henry Drummond
Not the rich and the poor, for to rate a man's wealth,
You must first know the state of his conscience and health.
Not the humble and proud, for in life's little span,
Who puts on vain airs, is not counted a man.
"Which Are You?" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

'Put A Ring On It': Former WNEM TV5 reporter busts move to Beyonce on air.
'Put A Ring On It ': Former WNEM TV5 reporter busts move to Beyonce on air.
Air costs put minister on the spot .
When creators of television programs want the 'powers that be' to put their shows on the air, they usually have a meeting of some sort, ' pitch ' their show.
Not knowing what to expect, Chris Reed put the CD into the CD Player and pressed "play" while Live On-Air.
Who do you think NBC should put on the air after the late news.
Overcast and rainy weather put a damper on many of the jubilee events, grounding the hot air balloon flight.
And on the seventh day after the storm, President Obama called Gov Christie from Air Force One and put Bruce Springsteen on the phone.
Taylor Marie Trombley of Springfield was sworn into the Air Force Reserve during the ceremony Monday morning, which was put on by the USO of the Pioneer Valley.
CONYERS — Olde Town Conyers in the fall is not just a time of the year but a subject that artists will put on canvas this Saturday for the first ever Olde Town Paint Out and Plein Air Exhibit.
Silent surveillance tape airing yesterday on "Entertainment Tonight" shows Lindsay Lohan trying on three necklaces inside a jewelry store before putting on the one the store is accusing her of stealing.
Giants' Brown put on short-term IR, Phillips up in air.
In a video from the GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania, air vehicles developed by KMel Robotics put on an amazing show.
I am putting together a pet show to air on Tualatin Valley Cable TV.
"Fox & Friends" Just got pranked by a phony Mitt Romney supporter … who fooled producers into putting him on the air.

In science:

The low flux of particles (∼ 1 m−2 ·year−1 above the knee) puts strong demands on the collection power of the experiments, such as can at present only be achieved by extended air shower (EAS) arrays at ground level.
Cosmic Rays in the Energy Range of the Knee - Recent Results from KASCADE --
Regardless of any model, the Fly’s Eye array puts upper limits[Ba85] on the product of the flux times total cross section for weakly interacting particles (which we will assume are neutrinos) in the range 108 GeV ≤ Eν ≤ 1011 GeV if such particles initiate extensive air showers deep in the atmosphere.
Multiple Muons From Neutrino-Initiated Multi-W(Z) Production