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population shift


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n population shift a change in the relative numbers of the different groups of individuals making up a population
    • ***


In literature:

Actually, this population shift only unearthed attitudes which had been there all the time.
"The Black Experience in America" by Norman Coombs
We'd expand much more rapidly if it weren't for the constant shifts of population.
"The Conflict" by David Graham Phillips
With the year 1890 interest shifts from social to political organization, from Alliances to Populism.
"The Agrarian Crusade" by Solon J. Buck
Our rural populations are no more closely connected, for the most part, than the shifting sands on the seashore.
"National Being" by (A.E.)George William Russell
Naturally such a great shifting of population did not take place without some inconvenience and hardship.
"A Social History of The American Negro" by Benjamin Brawley
I boast not, but merely utter a verity, when I state that every time I shook myself I shifted the center of population.
"One Third Off" by Irvin S. Cobb
The population of Edo as yet was too fluid and shifting to take very exact account of its movements.
"Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House)" by James S. De Benneville
There was considerable shifting of population.
"An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England" by Edward Potts Cheyney
A big strike will shift the centre of gravity of the whole white population in a few months.
"Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled" by Hudson Stuck
There was at this time not only a break in the center of population in the city, but also a shifting of the center of gravity in religion.
"Frank H. Nelson of Cincinnati" by Warren C. Herrick
With the industrial changes there came a shifting of Southern population.
"The New Nation" by Frederic L. Paxson
It was out of the question to take the census of any town or province, because of the shifting population.
"An Ohio Woman in the Philippines" by Emily Bronson Conger
Upper Peru had been a mining region, and its white population was largely of a shifting character.
"The South American Republics Part I of II" by Thomas C. Dawson
Surely it was a cosmopolitan population that the shifting monsoons carried to and from her gates.
"A History of the Philippines" by David P. Barrows
Population has increased rapidly; population has been shifting.
"The Church on the Changing Frontier" by Helen O. Belknap
How can a man who is out of touch with the mass of the shifting population feel that he is one with the universe?
"The Positive Outcome of Philosophy" by Joseph Dietzgen
The shift in population as between town and country is an expression of very many causes.
"The Country-Life Movement in the United States" by L.H. Bailey
It is one of the oldest of the southern cities, though with a new, that is, a perpetually-shifting population.
"Retrospect of Western Travel, Volume II (of 2)" by Harriet Martineau

In news:

Kwame Holman reports on the battle between Republicans and Democrats to win control of statehouses across the country as population shifts promise to shake up some congressional districts.
After the 2010 census, the Connecticut legislature was legally compelled to re-draw congressional district lines in accorance with population shifts that have occurred over the past decade.
Population shift between Mexico, US hits balance.
Whites still dominate Dallas County school boards despite population shift .
America's Bipolar Population Shift .
If the population has shifted to Southern regions, can the congressmen be far behind.
While many Americans are now checking food labels or choosing organic, there is one population within this country that is isolated from the shift towards a more nutritional diet, that is America's poor.
Fifty years after "white flight," a new population shift is emptying the pews of African American congregations.
The United States' population has experienced a major shift, resulting in an aging population with specific needs.
Why is NJ's Population Shifting Away From Suburbia.
She said Boston has undergone some major population shifts, and the precincts need to be updated to reflect that.
Riley County commissioners are required by law to redraw the boundaries of their districts every 10 years so that those districts reflect population shifts.
Rural Kansas counties are expected to continue their population decline, but a new study indicates Douglas County could stand to gain in the population shift.
However, to harness this 50% of the population, the job description must shift .
Those rates are not increasing fast enough to make up for the demographic shifts in the country's public-high-school population.

In science:

In other words: while hadrons, whose parents suffered some medium-induced energy loss must end up in some pT -bin, they can — for steeply falling distributions — always be shifted to an abundantly populated lower pT -bin, in which their yield is statistically negligible.
Predictions for the LHC heavy ion programme
Chemical equilibrium shifts are 2-directional: population of reactants may give up to the products and vise versa, and in some cases it makes sense to admit δj<0, a shift towards the logistically exhausted reacting mixture.
Discrete Thermodynamics of Chemical Equilibria
Worsley, K.J. (1979) On the likelihood ratio test for a shift in locations of normal population. J.
Testing for change in mean of heteroskedastic time series
On the likelihood ratio test for a shift in locations of normal populations, J.
Nonparametric test for detecting change in distribution with panel data
As mentioned earlier the fraction of star formation in LIRGs and ULIRGs increases sharply with redshift, but imaging and spectroscopy of these ob jects reveals a marked shift in the physical characteristics of the population.
Star Formation in the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies
One is that since HSB and LSB galaxies represent populations which arose from different characteristic δ, there should be a shift between the correlation function of the two.
How Galaxies Don't Form
Therefore, w e shifted the metallicity distribution towards a more metal-rich population.
Stellar populations in the Galactic bulge
The “period shift” phenomenon, star-by-star, rather than ensemble-average shifts due to population-density difference along the HB, could eventually only be explained by an absolute magnitude difference between the two Oosterhoff groups (Sandage 1958, Figure 3).
Amplitude Fine-Structure in the Cepheid P-L Relation I: Amplitude Distribution Across the RR Lyrae Instability Strip Mapped Using the Accessibility Restriction Imposed by the Horizontal Branch
The interactions between both populations shift the fraction of cooperative individuals in each population to values different from p0 .
Cooperation, Norms, and Revolutions: A Unified Game-Theoretical Approach
In the SMC, we detect a shift in centroid of the population younger than 500 Myr and up to 40 Myr in the direction of the LMC.
Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
In order to study this shift in the distribution of young population as a function of age, we used the MCPS data.
Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
We notice a shift in the population to the north in the last 200 Myr.
Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
Thus, we detect a significant shift in the center of the population you nger than 500 Myr in the north-east direction.
Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
The center of the stellar population is found to shift to north in the last 200 - 40 Myr, and towards north-east in the last 40 Myr.
Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
We detect a shift in the center of the stellar population younger than 500 Myr.
Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds