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polar opposite


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • polar opposite that which is conspicuously different in most important respects.
    • ***


In literature:

ANTHE`LIA, luminous rings witnessed in Alpine and Polar regions, seen round the shadow of one's head in a fog or cloud opposite the sun.
"The Nuttall Encyclopaedia" by Edited by Rev. James Wood
Its defects and merits are, both, the polar opposites of those of China.
"Ten Great Religions" by James Freeman Clarke
For these opposites I hold to be correlative and polaric, each required by the other.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 72, October, 1863" by Various
The ring remains polarized and inert until an opposite flow of current be sent through.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 711, August 17, 1889" by Various
The two are connected with opposite polarity, or so that the two e.m.f.s oppose one another.
"The Working of Steel" by Fred H. Colvin
Walking wide, like the polar bear, we crept after, and without further incident reached the opposite side of the lead.
"A Negro Explorer at the North Pole" by Matthew A. Henson
No; it was a faculty in polar opposition to the true faculty of conversation.
"The Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. II (2 vols)" by Thomas De Quincey
Opposite me sat a man who had faced death with Scott on the Polar expedition.
"Some Naval Yarns" by Mordaunt Hall
An insulator between plates of opposite polarity; usually of wood, rubber or combination of both.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
No Security man was stationed opposite the mouth of the axis tube at the south polar lock.
"Where I Wasn't Going" by Walt Richmond
Socialists and Anarchists then are polar opposites.
"Twentieth Century Socialism" by Edmond Kelly
The late Prof. Clerk-Maxwell defined polarization as a state in which the opposite sides of each element are in opposite states.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 648, June 2, 1888." by Various
Instinct may be compared to polarity in magnetism, according to which opposites are attracted.
"A Review of the Systems of Ethics Founded on the Theory of Evolution" by C. M. Williams
At one point is situated a polar body and usually at the pole opposite to it a corresponding prominence.
"The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume 1" by Francis Maitland Balfour

In news:

He convinced the West's political and intellectual class that communism and fascism are polar opposites.
Are the Mt Blue and Marshwood football teams polar opposites or mirror images.
The polar opposite of sports cars, commercial trucks are common, unglamorous vehicles.
Lie the polar opposite feelings—of.
Senator Schilling would be Kennedy's polar opposite .
Egyptian opposition leaders rejected a national dialogue on Friday that had been proposed by the Islamist president as a way out of a crisis that has polarized the nation and provoked deadly clashes in the streets.
What has brought these polar opposites to the same table, so to speak, is the horse meat industry.
Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill's opinion on the sending off was the polar opposite of Jol's and he admitted he was surprised at the number of dismissals still resulting from two-footed challenges.
Ninth-graders Autumn and Adonis are polar opposites.
Some might considered them polar opposites.
These two tatted-up ladies share a lot in common, and we're willing to bet they'd get along great even if they were polar opposites.
Hank, a yellow Lab, was his polar opposite.
These two polar opposites represent a great story for Major League Baseball and a terrible one.
So he started Polar Running Adventures, his company that organizes races on opposite poles .
They are polar opposites these days.

In science:

NA48 Collaboration has collected data with two simultaneous charged beams of opposite polarity with the main ob jective to study direct CP violation in charged kaon decays into three pions.
Kaons: Review and Outlook
This configuration of a polar mass flux distribution may be the exact opposite for ob jects that find themselves at temperatures in close proximity of the socalled “bi-stability jump” (Pauldrach & Puls 1990, Lamers et al. 1995).
Mass loss summary - a personal perspective
In the opposite limit of small β, only the streamlines from the polar regions lead to outflow, and these streamlines are also oriented mostly in the ˆz direction (see Figure 2).
Magnetically Controlled Outflows from Hot Jupiters
Since the weak charge/current operators have scalar/polar-vector (V ) and pseudoscalar/axial-vector (A) components, each multipole consists of the sum of V and A terms, having opposite parity under space inversion 20 .
Muon Capture on Deuteron and 3He: A Personal Review
By pressing T for a short time one can issue a short single pulse of opposite polarity to the quiescent state.
Bipolar Transistor Tester / Digital IC Tester for Physics Lab
From measurements of the polarization and angular distribution of high energy positrons in µ+ decays, it was concluded that ¯νe and νµ have opposite helicities.
Radiative Corrections in Precision Electroweak Physics: a Historical Perspective
The two target halves are polarized in opposite directions by dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP).
Large enhancement of deuteron polarization with frequency modulated microwaves
Here we will analyze the opposite situation, where the spin polarization is instead assumed to vary with the baryon multiplet and the quark magnetic moments are the same for all multiplets.
Evidence for mass dependent effects in the spin structure of baryons
Thus the polarized-gluon and polarized-strangeness explanations of the EMC spin effect seem to predict opposite signs.
The Strange Spin of the Nucleon
In the same way, oppositely transversely polarized quarks with non-zero transverse momentum can produce unpolarized hadrons or spinless particles, with different probabilities.
Asymmetries in polarized hadron production in e^+e^- annihilation up to order 1/Q
Here we will analyze the opposite situation, where the spin polarization is instead assumed to vary with the baryon multiplet and the quark magnetic moments are the same for all multiplets.
Is there a mass dependence in the spin structure of baryons?
The up flavor has a positive polarization which reaches about 40% at large x whereas the down flavor has a polarization opposite to the proton spin, in excess of 20%.
Polarized lepton nucleon scattering - summary of the experimental spin sessions at DIS 99
As seen in (35), the prefactor ei(Ev −Ec )t/¯h e−(Γv+Γc )t/¯h in each of the terms is exactly canceled out by a term with opposite sign in the exponent from the time integrals, so that the oscillation of the polarization is only at the driving frequency and the third-order harmonics.
Elementary Theory of Line Broadening and Four-wave Mixing in Nonequilibrium Many-Particle Systems
It is confirmed that the polarity of the Sun’s dipole was reversed in 1992 - 1993 and since then the Sun’s dipole has been in the opposite direction to the Earth’s dipole (anti-parallel).
A study of the shadowing of galactic cosmic rays by the sun in a quiet phase of solar activity with the Tibet air shower array
The polarization observable Cx is also expected to be small, and opposite in sign to py, while Cz is expected to vanish.
Electromagnetic structure of the deuteron