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pit of the stomach


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n pit of the stomach a slight depression in the midline just below the sternum (where a blow can affect the solar plexus)
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Pit of the stomach (Anat) the depression on the middle line of the epigastric region of the abdomen at the lower end of the sternum; the infrasternal depression.
    • ***


In literature:

He grew sick at the pit of his stomach, and glared at the dogs.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
I've got an awful pain in the pit of my stomach.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
He felt weak and flabby and there was a strange chill at the pit of his stomach.
"Prairie Flowers" by James B. Hendryx
He made the most of the cactus, but there was an emptiness about the pit of his stomach.
"Oh, You Tex!" by William Macleod Raine
Besides the symptoms mentioned, indigestion may also be accompanied by gastric pain or by uneasiness at the pit of the stomach.
"Intestinal Ills" by Alcinous Burton Jamison
She still heard at the pit of her stomach, but the manner of hearing was modified.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 62, No. 382, October 1847" by Various
Alan felt excitement beginning to pound hard in the pit of his stomach.
"Starman's Quest" by Robert Silverberg
Another bullet had found its billet in the pit of the man's stomach.
"The Watchers of the Plains" by Ridgewell Cullum
It gave me a queer feeling in the pit of my stomach to hear him.
"Masterpieces of Mystery, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by Various
The tickling is performed by gentle taps and slight pushes in the pit of the stomach.
"The American Quarterly Review, No. 17, March 1831" by Various
Connie was conscious of a strange chill at the pit of his stomach.
"Connie Morgan in the Fur Country" by James B. Hendryx
Keith affects me that way, on'y in my mind, well as in the pit of my stomach.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
Gritting his teeth against the fear which welled up like nausea from the pit of his stomach, Garr Symm went with them.
"Equation of Doom" by Gerald Vance
The onrushing Venerian caught Parkinson's out-thrust fist in the pit of his stomach, and doubled up in pain.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930" by Various
A suspense which gave him a sickly feeling in the pit of the stomach.
"The One-Way Trail" by Ridgwell Cullum
Suddenly we were sucked down until I had an uneasy feeling at the pit of my stomach.
"Astounding Stories, March, 1931" by Various
Eric felt an uncomfortable sensation at the pit of his stomach.
"The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
He felt queer at the pit of his stomach.
"The Invaders" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
It almost squeezed the breath out of me, for it set its hoof right upon the pit of my stomach.
"The Boy Slaves" by Mayne Reid
The appearance of its exterior had given Hollis a queer sensation in the pit of the stomach.
"The Coming of the Law" by Charles Alden Seltzer

In news:

There's that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach.
Still have a knot in the pit of your stomach that won't go away and hurts something terrible.
YOU REMEMBER THE FEELING from when you were a kid: Just past the top of the highest point of the track, the roller-coaster car falls away, taking the pit of your stomach with it.
That feeling of anguish and complete despair, accompanied by the pit in your stomach that lets you know that something just isn't right in the universe.
Unseen and unsuspected by the naked eye, Trojan soldiers, battalions deployed by the elliptical blue pills now dissolving in the pit of Suzanne's stomach, stampeded through the bloodstream.
It was that sick, twisty feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, the feeling that says, I totally screwed up.
Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper recalls getting "a feeling in the pit of my stomach" when he learned that the Rocky Mountain News was shutting down.
Mike Adams remembers feeling the pit in his stomach when, instead of going to the supermarket, his mom, his aunt and a few of his six siblings walked around the corner to the church to pick up Thanksgiving dinner.
That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize you bought a lemon you can't return.
In the pit of my stomach I knew I didn't like the direction of Bagg's reasoning, and yet I found each of his points apparently incontestable.
It's about injustice and a burning anger in the pit of my stomach.
Set below the green tops of trees casting shadows across the grass, the annual Savor Idaho event pits Boise taste denizens in a battle against filling their stomachs too quickly.
You know to remove the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.
In The Pit Of The Stomach .
Viewers of KOKH-TV Channel 25 last week might have noticed a vaguely empty feeling in the pit of their stomachs.