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physical ability


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n physical ability the ability to perform some physical act; contrasting with mental ability
    • ***


  • Thomas A. Edison
    “The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary.”
  • Bruce Jenner
    Bruce Jenner
    “I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.”
  • Arthur Winter
    Arthur Winter
    “Music is a readily available, highly effective tool that you use to improve both your cognitive and physical abilities.”


In literature:

We cannot blame them for their physical inferiority, nor for their lack of ability and grit.
"London's Underworld" by Thomas Holmes
It also takes account of mental as well as physical ability.
"The Red Man's Continent" by Ellsworth Huntington
Never since that time have men doubted the ability of Americans to accomplish the physical domination of their continent.
"The Paths of Inland Commerce" by Archer B. Hulbert
He would look at the crowd as the auctioner would give a general description of the ability and physical standing of the man.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
A fine admixture of the physically frail and bony and muscular type, hence his intellectual interest and ability in agriculture.
"Analyzing Character" by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
No questions were asked in regard to his age or his physical ability to endure the hardships of a campaign.
"The Soldier Boy; or, Tom Somers in the Army" by Oliver Optic
Isaac was a stout-made young man, about twenty-six years of age, possessing a good degree of physical and mental ability.
"The Underground Railroad" by William Still
Borup, the youngest member of the party, impressed me with his enthusiasm and physical abilities.
"The North Pole" by Robert E. Peary
Undoubtedly the physical inactivity common among civilized races has much to do with their ability to keep late hours.
"Vitality Supreme" by Bernarr Macfadden
His physical excellence and ability had always been manifest.
"Overland Red" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
He must prove his physical prowess on the playground and his intellectual ability in the schoolroom.
"Society" by Henry Kalloch Rowe
Physical ability without moral power behind it, is of little consequence.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol. 6, No 3, September 1864" by Various
The popularity of this clover is due to its ability to withstand some soil acidity and bad physical conditions.
"Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement" by Alva Agee
And the taunt as to his physical ability had struck home.
"Vulcan's Workshop" by Harl Vincent
PHYSICAL ABILITY, woman lacks, 99, 100, 108.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV" by Various
He is noted for his ability to get "his second wind" and has remarkable capacity for rising to sudden physical emergencies.
"How to Analyze People on Sight" by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict
Physical energy has increased and the mind has greater power, especially in its ability to reason.
"Training the Teacher" by A. F. Schauffler
This is not due to want of ability in the actors, but to their physical limitations and to deficiency in training.
"Shakespeare in the Theatre" by William Poel
But Dr. Mason, his physician, attested the physical ability of his patient to undergo the strain.
"The Raid of John Brown at Harper's Ferry as I Saw It" by Rev. Samuel Vanderlip Leech
As to our ability to survive the shock of physical death, if God made us live in the first place, He can make us live on through all changes.
"What and Where is God?" by Richard La Rue Swain

In news:

Can an interdisciplinary wellness program improve self- efficacy, quality of life, and physical activity ability for patients with multiple sclerosis.
Meghan and Cooper have the physical and mental abilities to excel in any sport they choose.
Must have the physical ability to bend, stoop, squat, crawl, and lift up to 80 lbs.
Assess and treat people with physical conditions that limit their movements or ability to perform daily activities.
Green is one of the two or three best cornerbacks in the league, with exceptional speed and an ability to be physical despite his small size.
Casey Matthews' physical ability has caught up to his mental game.
Race proceeds benefit Abilities Without Boundaries, who helps countless individuals with mental and physical disabilities lead a more productive and fulfilling life.
A group of Ravens, including Torrey Smith, and students from Dogwood Elementary tested their physical endurance and ability to work as a team at M&T Bank Stadium as part of the NFL Play 60 program.
People of all ages may experience physical impairments that interfere with the ability to communicate.
Wilkins was an older player adjusting to diminished physical abilities, as Kobe Bryant is now.
Sparring is an accumulation of skills that combines physical ability with mental alertness.
"We want everyone to be able to share and enjoy Louisville's tremendous parks and strong quality of life regardless of where they live or their physical abilities," Fischer said.
) But mirrors can also test the ability of animals to learn Physics of Light Reflection 101—a different but still impressive achievement that was mastered, most recently, by pigs .
It is fairly obvious that law enforcement officers need to be physically fit in order to carry out their duties to the best of their ability.
An accomplished golfer can't rely solely on physical abilities.

In science:

Interpreting an exoplanet radio data in an optimal way requires a detailed knowledge of magnetospheric physics and the ability to quantitatively simulate magnetospheric and auroral processes in conditions that are not exactly similar to any of the examples we have studied in the solar system.
Motivation and possibilities of affordable low-frequency radio interferometry in space
And furthermore, the possibility should be envisaged that, conversely, both realities themselves have the ability to influence observably the realities of other physical systems.
Renninger's Thought Experiment: Implications for Quantum Ontology and for Quantum Mechanic's Interpretation
In any physical implementation, the C Zi gate might deviate according to our ability to apply phase eiφ correctly to term |11i h11|.
Fault Models for Quantum Mechanical Switching Networks
An ability to measure the first order light deflection term at the accuracy comparable with the effects of the second order is of the utmost importance for gravitational theory and a ma jor challenge for the 21st century fundamental physics.
Science, Technology and Mission Design for the Laser Astrometric Test Of Relativity
At this level, extracting physical quantities depends on one’s ability to choose the right set {φ} and to solve coupled equations of motion.
The fifth dimension as an analogue computer for strong interactions at the LHC
Equally important, however, is the ability to carry out the same jet quenching or elliptic flow measurements on physical systems evolving from vastly different initial states.
Phases of QCD: Summary of the Rutgers Long Range Plan Town Meeting
Nevertheless, several experiments in which each phase of the Gauss sum is separately computed have recently succeeded to demonstrate the ability of Gauss sums to factorize numbers with physical systems.
Factorization of Numbers with the temporal Talbot effect: Optical implementation by a sequence of shaped ultrashort pulses
Knowledge of the running coupling corrections to the BK and JIMWLK equations significantly improved our ability to make precise predictions for the total cross sections in deep inelastic scattering (DIS) based on the saturation/Color Glass Condensate (CGC) physics [3–15, 20–30].
Collinear Singularities and Running Coupling Corrections to Gluon Production in CGC
We have emphasized its relevance for physical applications and its ability to seamlessly produce results for processes that cannot be calculated currently by direct means.
The NLO multileg working group: summary report
Technological advances making such missions attractive for physics experiments include the ability to create drag-free platforms using systems such as micronewton thrusters, and precision capacitive, magnetic, and optical sensing of proof-mass behavior.
Atomic and optical tests of Lorentz symmetry
It is important to appreciate though that the true value of GRT lies not in its ability to yield accurate transmission coefficients, which it certainly can do near the transmission peaks, but rather in its qualitative and physically compelling description of the processes in play.
An Exact Test of Generalized Ray Theory in Local Helioseismology
In particular the momentum regime opened up will usher in a new age of jet physics, which has the unique ability to probe the high- pT physics, low- pT physics, and their mutual interaction in a bulk QGP medium.
Testing AdS/CFT at LHC
Indeed, we argue (see ref. 1b, Chapter 7) that one characteristic of expertise in physics problem solving is the ability to effectively blend these four framings dynamically. Two issues are relevant here.
Analyzing Problem Solving Using Math in Physics: Epistemological Framing via Warrants
Hence, the array of an infinite number of variables associated with an agent is confined by a limited physical space within which the variables must be contained and interconnected, and the satisfaction of each variable is dependent on its ability to be connected to the other variables within the constraint.
Organization and Complexity in a Nested Hierarchical Spin-Glass like Social Space
Due to this power suppression, IR safe observables are not so sensitive to our lack of ability to solve the strongly coupled IR physics, unless of course we go to processes for which the relevant hard scale, QUV, is small (such as minimum-bias, soft jets, or small-scale jet substructure).
QCD for Collider Physics