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paper toweling


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n paper toweling absorbent paper used as toweling
    • ***


In literature:

Noel had got brown-paper boots too, and a Turkish towel cloak.
"The Wouldbegoods" by E. Nesbit
When this canine shaking of the wetness was not enough, they used the paper towels as bath towels.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito" by Steven Sills
He grew merry as a cricket, and his laughter pealed over the paper cap Mimo made for him and the towel his sister had for an apron.
"The Reason Why" by Elinor Glyn
Wrap, when cold, first in a clean towel, then in paper.
"The Story of Crisco" by Marion Harris Neil
Strain the water through a paper towel or several thicknesses of clean cloth, to remove dirt and fallout particles, if any.
"In Time Of Emergency" by Department of Defense
Wash the chimney and the shade in hot water, dry with a towel, and polish, using soft paper.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Science in Rural Schools" by Ministry of Education Ontario
He was carrying it over his arm like a towel, paper was so scarce.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
I sent a recipe to one of our west coast papers and they added a note to drain them on a paper towel.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Thirty-Eighth Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
A towel was thrown over the writing-table, and a piece of blotting-paper lay on the floor.
"About Peggy Saville" by Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey
In the frying pan four sunnyside eggs were sizzling; half a dozen strips of bacon drained on a paper towel on the sideboard.
"The Coffin Cure" by Alan Edward Nourse
Drain on paper towel.
"Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking" by Unknown
A roll of paper towels for drying dishes and for use as napkins, or cloth dish towels and paper napkins are also useful.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
Jan found a cardboard roll that had once held paper towels.
"The Blue Ghost Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Noel had got brown paper boots too, and a Turkish towel cloak.
"The Wouldbegoods" by E. Nesbit
Under folds of silver paper lay some damask towels, fine and thick and smooth, but yellow with age.
"Hildegarde's Home" by Laura E. Richards

In news:

Paper-towel holder ideal for ribbon rolls.
I'm not looking for a quicker picker upper — I just want a paper towel .
NEW CASTLE — Probably from a childhood trauma that occurred, my wife buys only two rolls of paper towel s at a time.
I have a fun way to put the base to good use I'm going to turn it into a paper towel stand by adding a couple of extra elements.
Paper Towel to Pretty.
Aboard Que Tal, one of the previous owners had installed a beautiful teak spice rack and paper towel holder.
I put my spices in a small cupboard near the floor and cursed the paper towel streamer — but never came up with a better way of storing the roll.
Storing Posters with Paper Towel Sleeves.
Clean the parsnips well in tepid water and dry with a paper towel.
Drunken woman found at end of trail of soiled paper towels.
Let the eggplant stand for 30 minutes, then pat dry with paper towels.
Rosie the waitress (Bounty paper towels).
Remove the hens from the refrigerator and use paper towels to pat them dry.
When brining meats, rinse them of any residual brine and pat them well dry with paper towels before putting them in the oven to ensure a crisp exterior.
Drain Vidalia onions and dry thoroughly between layers of paper towels.