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nerve ending


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n nerve ending the terminal structure of an axon that does not end at a synapse
    • ***


In literature:

A study of the human body shows us that the body-surface and many parts within the body are filled with sensitive nerve-ends.
"The Science of Human Nature" by William Henry Pyle
I was, in fact, getting just a wee bit creepy along the nerve-ends myself.
"The Prairie Wife" by Arthur Stringer
It's ripping of you; you're a sheer wonder to tie into it; you've got no end of nerve.
"Judith of Blue Lake Ranch" by Jackson Gregory
To this end every nerve must be strained.
"The North Pole" by Robert E. Peary
This is due to the fact that in the skin are located a million or more of tiny nerve endings or so-called "end organs" of the nerves.
"Vitality Supreme" by Bernarr Macfadden
The pain is much less severe than in the preceding class, since the nerve endings have been totally destroyed.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
The motor nerve ends in minute filaments in the muscular organ which it governs.
"The Mind and Its Education" by George Herbert Betts
Even the prospect of finding the boy and so ending the suspense which had battered Miss Arsdale's nerves for so long brought little relief.
"The Seventh Noon" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
At the end of an hour he ordered another dose of nerve food and sat down to think.
"Snow on the Headlight" by Cy Warman
So, what was harder than farewell to loved ones, he nerved himself to end the small actions of his daily existence.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
It takes a good while for the nerves to realize where "the end" is.
"Personal Recollections of the War of 1861" by Charles Augustus Fuller
This covers the nerve endings, so that we cannot smell.
"Health Lessons" by Alvin Davison
Now and then a pair of them would join the nerve-ends of tendrils, perhaps to converse.
"Stamped Caution" by Raymond Zinke Gallun
The idea of a toilet which would end in a horrible frock rasped his nerves.
"Fairfax and His Pride" by Marie Van Vorst
He entered it, with every nerve-end in his body silently shrieking of danger.
"Mask of Death" by Paul Ernst
Inside is a complicated nerve ending, and axons pass inward to the central nervous system.
"A Civic Biology" by George William Hunter
To this end he had strained every nerve.
"Sophy of Kravonia" by Anthony Hope
Every nerve I have seems standing on end urging me to be off.
"The Hunchback of Westminster" by William Le Queux
The central end of a posterior nerve-root from the same embryo, with the commissure springing out from it on either side.
"The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume 1" by Francis Maitland Balfour
The skin of the whole body is provided with tactile nerve-endings.
"Elementary Zoology, Second Edition" by Vernon L. Kellogg

In poetry:

The worn-out nerves and weary brain repeat
The question: Whither all these passions tend;--
This curious thirst, so painful and so sweet,
So fierce, so very short-lived, to what end?
"The Window Overlooking The Harbour" by Laurence Hope
That was no very 'appy mornin' song.
I ain't excusin' my end uv the joke;
But, after that, things seem to go all wrong.
She never spoke
One narsty word; but, while the chops she serves,
'Er shrieks uv silence fair got on me nerves.
"Termarter Sorce" by C J Dennis

In news:

Nationals manager Davey Johnson missed the end of Washington's regular-season finale because of numbness in his left leg that was traced to pinched nerves in his back.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Nationals manager Davey Johnson missed the end of Washington's regular-season finale because of numbness in his left leg that was traced to pinched nerves in his back.
The clitoris is how most women experience orgasms because that's the most obvious source of nerve endings for orgasm ...
MIAMI – Bryan LaHair admitted that he is still feeling the effects of a nerve injury he experienced toward the end of spring training that forced him to miss Opening Day.
Like many other shorebirds, their bills have nerve endings in the tips that allow them to find prey by touch.
The stippled texture appears to convey more information to the nerve endings in the sole of the foot than do smooth surfaces, he said, thereby giving athletes a better "feel" for the position of the foot on the ground.
Wiley also says the break was to the tip of Tembo's tusk and did not hurt her, as tusks don't hold nerve endings.
This vascular damage can cause blindness ( diabetic retinopathy), impotence, kidney failure ( diabetic nephropathy and end-stage renal disease), increased risk for heart attack and the deterioration of nerves or blood vessels.
And that's sad for those who think M cars should be a light and pure connection between the road and a driver's nerve endings.
When the dust settled after the General Assembly's historic vote on a sweeping overhaul of the state pension system, one piece of language added quietly to the bill hours before passage set the nerves of many pension-reform supporters on end.
Innocent ear rubs can stimulate nerve endings that trigger his little friend down below.
It's nerve-wracking to leave the house not knowing whether you're going to end up with sweaty pit stains or stinky BO.

In science:

The impulses produced by sensory nerve endings.
Streaming an image through the eye: The retina seen as a dithered scalable image coder