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natural elevation


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n natural elevation a raised or elevated geological formation
    • ***


  • Walter Savage Landor
    “Everything that looks to the future elevates human nature. Never is life so low or so little as when occupied with the present.”
  • Washington Irving
    “The natural effect of sorrow over the dead is to refine and elevate the mind.”


In literature:

Talk of the romance of Indian life, there is none of it of an elevated nature.
"The Log House by the Lake" by William H. G. Kingston
The soil, the elevation of the land, the zone and the climate naturally have considerable influence on the quality of the coffee.
"Across Unknown South America" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
However coarse and mean we are by nature, He can refine and elevate us.
"Broken Bread from an Evangelist's Wallet" by Thomas Champness
Naturally the horsemen had sought the most favorable route, keeping mainly to the valleys, but occasionally riding over elevated portions.
"Deerfoot in The Mountains" by Edward S. Ellis
The elevation of the hips in this exercise aids in the restoration of the organ to its natural position.
"Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why" by Martha M. Allen
Mr. Smyth was afterwards elevated to the Upper House, and although of a retiring nature, was of a friendly disposition.
"Reminiscences of Queensland" by William Henry Corfield
But there was an elevation about Phillida's nature that made him feel his own to be something less than was desirable.
"The Faith Doctor" by Edward Eggleston
Silius was intoxicated with the emotions that the giddy elevation to which he had arrived so naturally inspired.
"Nero" by Jacob Abbott
I felt as if something of an elevating nature was coming from her to me all the time.
"A California Girl" by Edward Eldridge
And what were our ill-natured hero's thoughts, as he sat upon an elevated branch, and gently rubbed his wounded snout?
"The Adventures of a Bear" by Alfred Elwes
Out of this nature Cicero elevated himself completely.
"The Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope
Cortez in 1520 and Scott in 1847 led their conquering hosts over the elevated pass which nature had formed between these mountains.
"Aztec Land" by Maturin M. Ballou
But in general we may remark that the greater nature-worship is of an elevating tendency.
"History of Religion" by Allan Menzies
Individuality also begins as natural, but it elevates nature by means of art to ideality.
"Pedagogics as a System" by Karl Rosenkranz
To this high rank they naturally elevated so magnificent and commanding a personage.
"Celebrated Women Travellers of the Nineteenth Century" by W. H. Davenport Adams
But now I must tell of my sad journey; and I think of the saying of the Colonel's: Human nature in its elevated moods can endure much.
"Waldfried" by Berthold Auerbach
Talk of illusions as you will, that of being in love is the only one that moulds the nature or elevates the heart!
"Gerald Fitzgerald The Chevalier" by Charles James Lever
To a man of Corsini's naturally refined and elevated temperament, these unconscious revelations came as a disturbing shock.
"The Intriguers" by William Le Queux
I see also that he has something elevated in his nature; he imparts much and gladly, is stimulating and quickening.
"Villa Eden:" by Berthold Auerbach
It ain't natural for an elevator boy to sit.
"The Shadow" by Mary White Ovington

In poetry:

She had an earnest intellect--a perfect thirst of mind,
And a heart by elevated thoughts and poetry refin'd,
And she saw a subtle tint or shade with every careless look,
And the hidden links of nature were familiar as a book.
"A Portrait - I" by Nathaniel Parker Willis

In news:

The journal Nature reports that radioactivity levels remain elevated in some fish and seafood in the area.
High Line, New York City's abandoned elevated rail line that's now a park, lets visitors commune with nature in the city.
To capture natural light, this duplex stretches on an east-west axis and elevates its main living spaces above street level.
Add some natural glam to your table with this sterling-silver-lined shell sauce server, elevated on a sterling-silver base, $150 at The General Store of Greenwich (154 Prospect St, Greenwich, CT.
Located at Wolf Ridge Drive and Johnson Park, 135-acre park has natural areas, wetlands, two lakes, elevated boardwalk, and outdoor classroom.
Rick San­to­rum on Sun­day con­demned what he called Pres­i­dent Barack Obama's world view that "ele­vates the Earth above man," dis­cour­ag­ing increased use of nat­ural resources.
Rick Santorum on Sunday condemned what he called President Barack Obama's world view that "elevates the Earth above man," discouraging increased use of natural resources.

In science:

If they are not pseudo bulges, in which the bar has disappeared, then something other than elevated velocity dispersions may be responsible for their deviant nature.
An expanded M_bh-sigma diagram, and a new calibration of active galactic nuclei masses
We point out that it is very natural for systems with a unimodal distribution in core entropy values following group formation to evolve into a bimodal distribution today as consequence of both the cooling instability and the gravitational reprocessing of (temporally increasing) elevated entropy cores.
The Cosmological Impact of Luminous TeV Blazars III: Implications for Galaxy Clusters and the Formation of Dwarf Galaxies
Natural history of progression after PSA elevation following radical prostatectomy.
C-PASS-PC: A Cloud-driven Prototype of Multi-Center Proactive Surveillance System for Prostate Cancer
To elevate the Higgs mass to the level of 125 GeV one needs a very large radiative correction (not much smaller than the tree-level term). A natural solution is to make the stop mass (i.e. the mass of the t quark superpartner) very heavy, perhaps from a few TeV to 10 TeV or heavier.
Reflections and Impressionistic Portrait at the Conference "Frontiers Beyond the Standard Model," FTPI, Oct. 2012
Since we have isolated the mechanism responsible for the large log ’s, it is natural to try to elevate its status.
Scenario for Ultrarelativistic Nuclear Collisions: Space--Time Picture of Quantum Fluctuations and the Birth of QGP
Figure 2 shows an additional variance in behaviour due to the elevated nature of the maximum Lyapunov exponent.
The Instability Transition for the Restricted 3-Body Problem. III. The Lyapunov Exponent Criterion