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military government


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n military government government by the military and an army
    • ***


  • George Washington
    “Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.”
  • Vaclav Havel
    “I really do inhabit a system in which words are capable of shaking the entire structure of government, where words can prove mightier than ten military divisions.”


In literature:

All government decrees, railroad schedules, and military orders are dated by the new era.
"The Note-Book of an Attache" by Eric Fisher Wood
Military delays and tardy movements were nevertheless charged to the imbecility of the Government.
"The Galaxy" by Various
In Upper Canada the British government built the Rideau Canal, chiefly for military purposes.
"The Railway Builders" by Oscar D. Skelton
But from every State complaints are made against the military agents of the Confederate Government, for their high-handed oppressions.
"A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital" by John Beauchamp Jones
In all the penalties and burdens of government (except the military) women are reckoned as citizens, equally with men.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 2 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
Beat them if you can: I shall have no tears for them and their strong military government.
"Pot-Boilers" by Clive Bell
To them it had too much the form and appearance of a military government, or a despotic one.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
To them it had too much the form and appearance of a military government, or a despotic one.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Volume III. 1791-1804" by Thomas Paine
The military government existed in New Mexico as a matter of necessity, and must remain until superseded by some other form.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, No. 4, September, 1850" by Various
It's a military necessity, and the government will bear him out in it.
"Cudjo's Cave" by J. T. Trowbridge
The United States Government has bought this island for military purposes.
"A Campfire Girl's Happiness" by Jane L. Stewart
The Mexican government maintains a custom-house and military post here.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 4" by Various
But the true military principle ought to govern even in such a minor stronghold.
"The Story of Old Fort Loudon" by Charles Egbert Craddock
Both had the same views of the origin of military governments.
"Junius Unmasked" by Joel Moody
In 1850 he was appointed commandant of the Punjab military police, and in 1852 military secretary to the Punjab government.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 7" by Various
According to law military service is obligatory, but the government has been unable to enforce it.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 4" by Various
After the war he was made Secretary of Public Works under the military government of General Leonard Wood.
"The History of Cuba, vol. 4" by Willis Fletcher Johnson
The Mexicans were well pleased with the new Government, since it removed the power from the hands of the military.
"The International Monthly, Volume 3, No. 4, July, 1851" by Various
At first, they were governed by the President of the United States under his military authority.
"Contemporary American History, 1877-1913" by Charles A. Beard
The military government of Georgia was established here in 1865.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 8" by Various

In poetry:

He's in the national government,
He's been a military man;
And in these United States,
He's been surveyor of lands.
"Ajax at the Centennial. 1897" by Frank Barbour Coffin

In news:

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has ordered his country's military to maintain security and protect government buildings in advance of a Dec 15 vote on a new constitution.
President Eisenhower 's speech of 1961 regarding the military-industrial complex is often referred to concerning government spending.
"I want to capture the BYOD—let me say, a significant part of the BYOD segment—in government and military," said Heins.
Two-way radios for government and military use should be secure.
Colombia's government head of negotiators Humberto de la Calle (C) speaks next to delegation members prior to boarding a plane to Oslo, at a military airport in Bogota October 16, 2012.
Valley military families brace for federal government shutdown.
The recent infidelity scandal involving top US government and military personnel continues to grab headlines.
Mauritania's government says President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz is being transferred to Paris for treatment and examinations after being wounded when the military fired on his vehicle outside the capital.
On October 22,1962, a secret evacuation order was hand delivered to the families of military members serving at US Naval Base, Guantánamo Bay, as the government prepared to respond to the threat of Soviet missiles in Cuba.
On October 22,1962, a secret evacuation order was hand delivered to the families of military members serving at US Naval Base, Guantánamo Bay, as the government prepared to respond to the threat of Soviet missiles in Cuba.
New Information Communications Technology Event Aimed at Government and Military Technology Professionals, Procurement Officers and Contractors.
Mali's secular rebels meet French government amid push for international military intervention .
Canada's military ombudsman is reviewing whether he has the right to look at cabinet secrets in light of stonewalling from the Harper government during a recent investigation into the care of reservists.
Venezuelan drug lord Walid Makled claims he has evidence of military and government links to the drug trade.
The federal government lost $1.9 million last year in pilfered property, including vehicles, laptops, smart phones, cameras, furniture and even several dozen military weapons.

In science:

LBACs are very popular in military and other government organisations as this model is compatible with the ‘need-to-know’ security principle whereby every participant and piece of information is classified based on set criteria.
Common Representation of Information Flows for Dynamic Coalitions