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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n megaton a measure of explosive power (of an atomic weapon) equal to that of one million tons of TNT
    • n megaton one million tons
    • ***


In literature:

Standard megaton-kilometer field shelters, earth and log construction.
"Oomphel in the Sky" by Henry Beam Piper
You can say a twenty-megaton thermonuclear is like a hand grenade, too.
"The Cosmic Computer" by Henry Beam Piper
They dropped a five-megaton bomb on each one, and blew both of them to Em-See-Square.
"Space Viking" by Henry Beam Piper
I wish you could be here for only a few minutes to see what happens after a multi-megaton thermonuclear test shot is set off on Earth.
"Warning from the Stars" by Ron Cocking
For a young physicist, a 100 megaton blast is the culmination of the creative spirit.
"Sympathetic Magic" by Paul Cameron Brown

In news:

On May 18, 1980, Mount St Helens erupted with the force of 350 megatons of dynamite.
Music Critics' Choices and other notable shows, including: Amon Amarth, Megaton Leviathan, Front 242, Mike Watt + the Missingmen, Ralph Stanley, Parts & Labor, and more.
Transporter 3 Directed by Olivier Megaton Lionsgate Opens November 26.
Texans CB's hamstring injury big concern with Megaton, Lions next.
The director is named "Megaton".
Olivier Megaton is a French film director, writer and editor who was formerly a graffiti artist.
It exploded with a yield of 1.44 megatons 248 miles above the Pacific Ocean.
Olivier Megaton directed this action thriller about a CIA operative (Liam Neeson) who must save himself and his family after they're kidnapped while on vacation in Istanbul.
Taken 2 Directed by Olivier Megaton 20th Century Fox Opens October 8.
Taken to the cleaners is what you'll be if you waste time on this Olivier Megaton bomb co-scripted by Luc Besson, deep in his Xerography mode.
It will self-destruct in an explosion called a supernova with the force of 20 billion billion billion megatons of TNT.

In science:

The corresponding number for a megaton of water would be scaled upwards by a factor of 1000/22.5 and we expect about 40 − 176 (140 − 356) events per year in megaton water (Gadolinium loaded water) detectors depending on the choice of the neutrino mass hierarchy and θ13 and the SN model.
Effect of Collective Flavor Oscillations on the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
The ideal detector for testing the present scenario would be one of megaton mass with the ability to identify and measure tau neutrinos event by event.
Unstable Gravitino Dark Matter and Neutrino Flux
However, to go such large distances, even with a wide band beam, requires a “megaton class” detector.
Summary of Working Group 2
However in the few hundred MeV energy range, the cross-section varies quadratically with energy, suppressing the rate, so again a megaton-class detector must be used.
Summary of Working Group 2
The beamline is being designed not only to handle both a first stage experiment with a 1MW proton source, but also an upgraded stage with a 4MW proton source, and a megaton-class water Qerenkov detector .
Summary of Working Group 2
Figure 10 The beta-beam + superbeam + megaton facility.
Future neutrino oscillation facilities: physics priorities and open issues
The MEMPHYS detector The MEMPHYS (MEgaton Mass Physics) detector is a Megaton-class water ˇCerenkov in the straight extrapolation of the well known and robust technique used for the Super-Kamiokande detector.
Future neutrino oscillation facilities
Otherwise, we would need either Gd loading of SK III which is the sub ject of the next subsection, or a megaton class detector.
Neutrino Physics around MeV Energies
The collaboration proposes that the same level be used to accommodate several more cavities to take the total detector mass to megaton over a long period, but the baseline detector is 3 modules.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
Such neutrino sources, currently not detectable with SuperKamiokande, could be seen by a megaton-class neutrino detector that runs for several decades.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
For example an upgraded J-PARC with a 4MW proton driver and a 1 megaton Hyper-Kamiokande detector, or some sort of Neutrino Factory based on muon storage rings would seem to be required for this purpose .
Neutrino Mass
The pre-supernova neutrino signal at a future megaton-sized neutrino detector could be shorter with higher luminosity.
The Impact of Neutrino Magnetic Moments on the Evolution of Massive Stars
For stars that end their lives as CCSNe, a possible presupernova neutrino signal at a future megaton water Cherenkov neutrino detector would be modified in the presence of the additional cooling.
The Impact of Neutrino Magnetic Moments on the Evolution of Massive Stars
GeV masses as can be seen in the right panel of Figure 8, and also by the megaton water detectors which are expected to strengthen the Super-K bounds by an order of magnitude down to masses of a few GeV.
Neutrino Signals from Dark Matter Decay
The remaining models may be tested at a next generation megaton water ˇcerenkov detector.
Searching for the Standard Model in the String Landscape : SUSY GUTs