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measuring stick


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n measuring stick measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regular intervals; used as a reference in making measurements
    • ***


In literature:

Measure four sticks as for the crown in the preceding lesson, plus the width of the brim, plus six inches for finishing.
"Make Your Own Hats" by Gene Allen Martin
He was now directly opposite Clay, and measuring the distance with a quick eye, he flung the stick straight out.
"Canoe Boys and Campfires" by William Murray Graydon
Four notches had been cut in his stick, for the Indian measures time in this way.
"Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children" by Mabel Powers
Sometimes the depth of snow is measured by thrusting a measuring stick down to the ground.
"The Boy with the U. S. Weather Men" by Francis William Rolt-Wheeler
Stick to the paper, exactly, and here you have an egg-cup, a table-spoon, and a tea-spoon to measure with.
"The Fugitives" by R.M. Ballantyne
The best way to test for squareness is to measure the diagonals with a stick.
"Mission Furniture" by H. H. Windsor
I was now in possession of a guide to the true graduation of my measuring-stick.
"The Boy Tar" by Mayne Reid
This he did by sticking up a pole and measuring the shadow it cast, knowing that this would be at its shortest at twelve o'clock.
"Condemned as a Nihilist" by George Alfred Henty
And so it happened; for when the measure returned, three new silver florins were sticking to it.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Attaching a cord to this stake two feet along the cord was measured and a small stick tied there.
"Construction Work for Rural and Elementary Schools" by Virginia McGaw
It was so many times the length of William's walking-stick, but, unfortunately, having lost the stick, we have lost the measure.
"Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland A.D. 1803" by Dorothy Wordsworth
This is the only part of the work on the stick itself wherein the eye is assisted by actual measurement or pattern.
"The Bow, Its History, Manufacture and Use" by Henry Saint-George
The printer snatched at his long measuring stick.
"The Fifth Queen" by Ford Madox Ford
If he got no other use out of the data, it would provide a measuring-stick for the Society.
"Occasion for Disaster" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Uncle Tom measured me with his stick before I had been in the house five minutes; six feet four!
"Hildegarde's Harvest" by Laura E. Richards
This stick was marked in feet and inches, to be used as a measuring stick.
"My Attainment of the Pole" by Frederick A. Cook
A yard-stick doesn't measure values.
"Ingersollia" by Robert G. Ingersoll
Though a measure of value, money is a much more complicated instrument than a yard-stick, pound weight, or bushel.
"Money" by John P. Jones
A man's sincerity cannot be used as a yard-stick for measuring his intellectual height.
"Defenseless America" by Hudson Maxim
The shortest lines on the measuring stick denote successive hundredths of an inch.
"Practical Exercises in Elementary Meteorology" by Robert DeCourcy Ward

In news:

Penn State is its own measuring stick.
A rematch with Michigan St in the Sweet 16 is a perfect measuring stick for KU.
The truth is, this must be a measuring-stick game for Pitt -- not for this season but for its future.
It is the perfect measuring-stick game for both AFC East rivals.
Reagan's first term offers measuring stick for Obama.
Community Colleges Create a Measuring Stick .
League leader's ability to score late sign of mental toughness, will provide measuring stick for Seattle.
Also, seaplane pilots measure their gas with a highly sophisticated tool: a wooden dip stick with some lines drawn on it.
Performance (or the lack thereof ), not racism, is the measuring stick tripping up Obama.
If the game was a measuring stick in the AFC, New England and its star quarterback aced the test with a seventh consecutive victory.
All along, identifying a Mississippi football team as a measuring stick for Arkansas made sense.
A Week 2 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers will be a more accurate measuring stick.
OPINION Yankees remain measuring stick.
49ers' measuring -stick game vs Pats.
This was a measuring stick week for Henderson County's boys and girls basketball teams.

In science:

Then we put HV, ψ (φ) = HV (φ) + Xx∈V Evidently, the corresponding finite volume Gibbs measure favours surfaces which have the tendency to stick close to the wall.
Localization-delocalization phenomena for random interfaces
Hence, it is tempting to introduce a screening length l [11, 12], measuring how deep the random walkers penetrate the cluster before sticking to it.
Distance traveled by random walkers before absorption in a random medium
We measured the time for which they could keep the sticks balanced, and compared it with the normal non-movement situations.
Delayed Random Walks and Control
Thus, the value of d may be considered as the measure of how long the orbits sticks to a regular torus before getting chaotic (Cincotta and Sim´o, 2000).
Global dynamics of high area-to-mass ratios GEO space debris by means of the MEGNO indicator
For many large graphs, this and related betweenness measures tend to be strongly correlated with node degree and tend to be large for edges that form articulation points between clusters and communities, i.e., for edges that “stick out” a lot.
Randomized algorithms for matrices and data
This interpretation is sticking with timlessness in the sense that physical measurements can only be performed at one particular value of York time.
Observable Equivalence between General Relativity and Shape Dynamics
In the current paper, we will review and expand upon some of these connections, beginning our treatment (non-traditionally) with the notion of an exchangeable partition probability function (EPPF) and, from there, discussing related urn models, stick-breaking representations, subordinators, and random measures.
Clusters and features from combinatorial stochastic processes
We again develop connections between this combinatorial function and suite of related stochastic processes, including urn models, stick-breaking representations, subordinators, and random measures.
Clusters and features from combinatorial stochastic processes
R+ -valued labels with each partition block or feature, and finally to (4) completely random measures, which associate a general class of labels with the stick lengths and whose labels we generally use as parameters in likelihood models built from the partition or feature allocation representation.
Clusters and features from combinatorial stochastic processes
There are many extensions of these ideas that lie beyond the scope of this paper. A number of extensions of the CRP and Dirichlet process exist—in either the EPPF form [Pitman, 1996, Blei and Frazier, 2010], the stick length form [Dunson and Park, 2008], or the random measure form [Pitman and Yor, 1997].
Clusters and features from combinatorial stochastic processes
Our definition, informally, is that a square matrix is ‘structured’ if upon a suitable permutation of rows and columns, it resembles a measurable function on the unit square. (For now, we will stick to square matrices only.
Matrix estimation by Universal Singular Value Thresholding
Therefore, to evaluate the sticking probability, which we consider a good measure of the surface reactivity, it is important to consider all degrees of freedom and the dynamics of the nuclei.
Theory of Adsorption on Metal Substrates
Experimental sticking coefficients for small neutral molecules or molecular ions can be estimated by dividing the measured electron capture rate coefficient by the estimated rate at which the electrons would reach the surface of the ion.
Astrophysics of Dust in Cold Clouds
They measured the sticking velocity for different materials, shapes and sizes of particles.
Numerical determination of the material properties of porous dust cakes
Moreover we see in fig. 1, tha t the dependence of the sticking velocity on the grain size is not affected and the only difference is that the energy regime has been shifted to the level measured in experiments.
Numerical determination of the material properties of porous dust cakes