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mako shark


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n mako shark powerful mackerel shark of the Atlantic and Pacific
    • ***


In news:

An exhilarating fight with a mako shark.
Recently we stumbled across a video of an exhilarating fight with a mako shark.
Giant Mako Shark Caught Near Oceanside.
Mako was great white shark ancestor.
Keith Langford captured this shot of a mako shark 10 miles off the coast of La Jolla.
Here's a cool video from Mission Bay, California that shows the speed and power of a big mako shark.
Massive Mako Shark On the Fly.
900lb Mako Shark Breaks the Scale at Marina del Rey.
This 600-pound Mako shark caught by Patrick Cruz, Philip Overby, and Teddy Van Slyck caused some problems.
Over the last few weeks, a significant number of makos and other shark species have been caught in the waters off the coast of Ocean City, signaling the fish are arriving just in time for the annual Mako Mania tournament.
LAHAINA — The Ikaika Kai brought in a rare catch of a 282.8-pound mako shark wrestled by Billy Tetreault.
These shortfin mako shark scales come from a sample on the side of the shark.
Chevrolet's Mako Shark II show car made quite an impression in the spring of 1965.
Here's a cool video from Mission Bay, California that shows the speed and power of a big mako shark .
The Stoneleigh Sharks rolled to a 303-164 victory over the York Manor Makos in Free State Swim League action Wednesday night in Stoneleigh.