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magnetic flux


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n magnetic flux the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle
    • n magnetic flux a measure of the strength of a magnetic field over a given area
    • ***


In literature:

These lines are still called "lines of magnetic force," or by some "magnetic streamings" "magnetic flux," or simply "magnetism.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume XIV" by John Lord
Therefore, in that case, you will have a greater magnetic flux all the way round.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 787, January 31, 1891" by Various
The total magnetization resulting from a magnetizing force is called the magnetic flux, and is analogous to current.
"Cyclopedia of Telephony & Telegraphy Vol. 1" by Kempster Miller
At once a terrific magnetic flux was set up through the light-metal.
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
Outside the aerial we have variations and distributions of electric strain and magnetic flux.
"Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy" by John Ambrose Fleming
The iron by its permeability also concentrates and increases the magnetic flux.
"Physics" by Willis Eugene Tower

In news:

Zapping your brain with magnetic flux makes you (temporarily) smarter.
Magnetic induction occurs whenever a conductor passes through magnetic lines of flux.
Rare earth elements (REEs) like neodymium and dysprosium can produce high-flux permanent magnets that can tolerate extreme temperatures without the threat of demagnetization.

In science:

Twisted Flux Tube Emergence Evidenced in Longitudinal Magnetograms: Magnetic Tongues.
Solar filament eruptions and their physical role in triggering Coronal Mass Ejections
Simulating the ”Sliding Doors” Effect Through Magnetic Flux Emergence.
Solar filament eruptions and their physical role in triggering Coronal Mass Ejections
The plasma moves in the magnetized jets in such a way that the total energy and the total angular momentum along a magnetic flux surface are conserved.
Gamma-ray bursts, BL Lacs, Supernovae, and Interacting Galaxies
Mass to Magnetic Flux Ratio – The magnetic field is expected to be frozen to the plasma component of interstellar gas, except on the smallest scales.
Turbulence in the Star-forming Interstellar Medium: Steps toward Constraining Theories with Observations
Figure 6. Computation of the magnetic energy in a curved segment of the flux tube.
Thermonuclear Dynamo inside an Alfven Black Hole
Sustained Magnetorotational Turbulence in Local Simulations of Stratified Disks with Zero Net Magnetic Flux.
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
Flux trapping in annular Josephson junctions between s-wave superconductors was known to produce interference patterns qualitatively similar to those observed in the magnetic interferometry pairing symmetry experiments .
Probing the order parameter symmetry in the cuprate high temperature superconductors by SQUID microscopy
Here, responsive adjustments to changing external influences (via size and magnetic moment of incoming MNPs, reactions or interactions at level-II, fluxes, etc) can affect the network’s capacity to ‘function’ (say transport, Sect.4.6), thus providing a basis for selection of a configuration.
Field-control, phase-transitions, and life's emergence
This device can be used as a magnetic flux detector by applying a current ramp and measuring the critical value I0 for which the transition to the voltage state (modulo Φ0 by inverting eq.2).
Realization and test of an Artificial Neural Network based on Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
Fig.3. (a) Scheme of the double SQUID with the applied magnetic fluxes Φx and Φc. (b) The flux Φx modifies the potential symmetry.
Realization and test of an Artificial Neural Network based on Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
G. ’t Hooft, A property of Electric and Magnetic Flux in Non-Abelian Gauge Theories, Nucl.
Symmetries and interactions in matrix string theory
Cherenkov light. The data has been searched for events with very high multiplicity. Their absence yields a preliminary limit of 0.6·10-16 cm-2s-1sr-1 for the flux of magnetic monopoles with β =1.
Physics Results from the AMANDA-B10 Neutrino Telescope
Fluxes of the magnetic field, matter, energy and angular momentum between any two close field lines with the cross section dS = 2πrdl are conserved.
Accretion and plasma outflow from dissipationless discs
The flux tube length stretches and the magnetic field lines pinch off to form magnetic bubbles.
T.I.P.O. (Tesla Interferometric Planetary Observer)
The energy transfer related to the magnet ization: the surface flux cancels the bulk flux from the magnet izat ion-related Pointing vector. Both surface and bulk energy currents do not transfer the heat.
Comment on "Giant Nernst Effect due to Fluctuating Cooper Pairs in Superconductors" by M.N. Serbyn, M.A. Skvortsov, A.A. Varlamov, and V. Galitski