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line of thought


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n line of thought a particular way of thinking that is characteristic of some individual or group
    • ***


In literature:

The older man's face shows lines of thought and character.
"Correggio" by Estelle M. Hurll
They jumped us out of the blue when Sandy thought he had every possible line tapped, every safeguard working.
"The Time Traders" by Andre Norton
Bryce, reading between the lines of the dry official record, rather thought that they hadn't.
"The Lost Valley" by J. M. Walsh
The strenuous days and nights of anxious thought had left their mark in deep lines upon his face.
"A Maker of History" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Those lines exemplify the trend of British thought in this direction.
"The Triumphs of Eugène Valmont" by Robert Barr
Some of em thought they said that so they'd follow and get in the lines, help out.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
A man like you ought to be able to follow a perfectly simple line of thought like that.
"The Simpkins Plot" by George A. Birmingham
Our philosopher, too, is an old man; his hair has been whitened by many winters, his face traced over with many lines of thought.
"Rembrandt" by Estelle M. Hurll
In its some 400 lines, he has managed to compress more of his feelings and thoughts than would fill an ordinary autobiography.
"Alexander Pope" by Leslie Stephen
Strangely enough, I had not thought of the firing-line as a boundary, a limit, during all those weeks of trench warfare.
"Kitchener's Mob" by James Norman Hall
This is one of life's biggest puzzles to those who have thought much along this line.
"How to Eat" by Thomas Clark Hinkle
Listening to the ripple of water, watching the stars, Charley's thoughts turned from the dark shore line to the brighter home land.
"Left on the Labrador" by Dillon Wallace
Then he resumed his former line of thought.
"A Houseful of Girls" by Sarah Tytler
The only protection against the return of the undesirable associations is to choose lines of thought as little related to them as possible.
"The Mind and Its Education" by George Herbert Betts
There were lines of gloomy thought in his face.
"Wayside Courtships" by Hamlin Garland
This line of thought caused Houghton to reach in his pocket and produce a letter.
"The Spinner's Book of Fiction" by Various
On another line of thought the sternum is a ventral vertebral column.
"Form and Function" by E. S. (Edward Stuart) Russell
The thought suggested a line of action.
"The Letter of the Contract" by Basil King
Charles Booth thought that thirty per cent of the people of London were on or below the poverty line.
"Society" by Henry Kalloch Rowe
No thought of asking how they were to pass through the Roman lines occurred to them.
"For the Temple" by G. A. Henty

In poetry:

As monkish scribes from morning break
Toiled till the close of light,
Nor thought a day too long to make
One line or letter bright:
"To The Muse" by Robert Louis Stevenson
When you gave it me under the pines,
I dreamed these gems from the mines
Of Siberia, Ceylon, and Maine
Would glimmer as thoughts in the lines;
"Ultima Thule: The Iron Pen" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In the uncertain glow of human mind,
Its waste of unharmonied thronging thoughts,
Carve thy epic mountain-lined
Crowded with deep prophetic grots.
"Musa Spiritus" by Aurobindo Ghose
The other was a visage vile
Marked with the lines of lust and guile,
A loathsome being, whose features fell
Brought to the soul weird thoughts of hell.
"Two Pictures" by Anonymous Americas
Looking down at my line in the stream below.
I look again, and within my heart
The thoughts of a past existence start,
And I live again in the long ago.
"The Fisherman" by Alexander Anderson
Yet, while thy place of weeping still
Its lone memorial keeps, While on thy name, midst wood and hill,
The quiet sunshine sleeps,
And touches, in each graven line,
Of reverential thought a sign;
"The Memorial Pillar" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

In news:

There's a certain unschooled line of thought running through many of the things being said about Jehain Noujaim's documentary Control Room .
Photo courtesy of Robert Carr A crew of city of Naples workers dig a trench for a water line in Old Naples last year before they unearthed an old canal, thought to be dug by Calusa Indians.
If you thought Missouri's makeshift offensive line would be OK against two of the nation's most potent defensive fronts, your expectations were too high.
Just when federal agencies thought they were catching up with the Office of Management and Budget's six existing Line of Business initiatives, they now have three more LOBs to consider.
Usually thought of as stand-alone machines, they fit right into this automotive stamper's automated production line s.
When I read the four letters to the editor in Wednesday's paper, I thought of some lines from W.B.
But while you had potential demand, potential renters like Shawn thought the average rental price was way out of line.
Just when you thought Patagonia couldn't become more eco-friendly, the label known for environmental activism launched a new line of salmon – as in jerky.
You've no doubt sat in the stands of your favorite baseball stadium, admired that meticulously lined outfield grass and thought, "Wow, my lawn would look great like that".
A Dutch wildlife smuggler thought he invented a foolproof way to import his fine-feathered friends and elude authorities -- line the inside of his pants with the little peckers.
Throwing money at people has always been thought of as the great American motivator, but new research suggests that while lining the pockets with cash is nice, pleasing other people is a lot better.
SAN JOSE, CA (BRAIN)—Traditionally thought of as a road brand, Look Cycle USA is looking to make strides with its mountain bike line for 2008.
I thought more along the lines of toy stores, Christmas stores and yada yada.
The captain of the Carnival Cruise Lines ship Ecstasy followed Coast Guard instructions when the ship caught fire on Monday, although he initially thought his crew could handle the blaze, an official said today.
The fire Tuesday was thought to be put out but sparked back up in the side lining of the house.

In science:

In this case, f can be thought of as relating the Keplerian velocity (Vrot ) at the radius of the ring (which is traced by the appropriate time delay) to the observed line dispersion: σline (cid:19)2 f = (cid:18) Vrot For a ring of inclination i (where i=0◦ for face-on), this model gives f = 2 ln 2 / sin2 i.
Supermassive Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei. II. Calibration of the M-sigma Relationship for AGNs
Following this line of thought, the astrophysical mechanism that can be conceived to overcome such a structure is the concept of a ‘hidden source’.
Theory of Neutrinos: A White Paper
Therefore, today physics is forced to proceed more or less along the lines of Einstein, using pure thought and mathematical consistency.
Supersymmetric Gauge Theories from String Theory
Reversing this line of thought it can be argued that increasing the amount of disorder in a highly ordered system will have a relatively larger effect on its superconducting properties compared to a system which is already substantially disordered.
A Review of the Properties of Nb3Sn and Their Variation with A15 Composition, Morphology and Strain State
Incorporating the full MHD physics and understanding the contributions of phase and frequency filters, and differences in the line formation height, are thought to be central to future models of sunspots.
Numerical Models of Travel-Time Inhomogeneities in Sunspots
In astrophysical observations one measures certain classical correlation functions for which the above line of thought shows that they are indistinguishable from the fundamental quantum expectation values.
Why do cosmological perturbations look classical to us?
For example, here is a line of thought suggested by Roumen Borissov. wrong, but if so it would be good to have good evidence that it is wrong.
Time and symmetry in models of economic markets
Along this line of thought, we have used the expertise acquired with non Abelian finite flavour groups to construct a model based on the permutation group S4 which naturally leads to the BM mixing at LO.
Status of Neutrino Masses and Mixing in 2009
Our paper [KoSo1] can be thought of as a “quantization” of [Be1], with the quantization parameter being the motive of affine line. 2.
Motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants: summary of results
Following the same line of thought, one can verify that if the evolution of cosmic ray sources follows that of active galactic nuclei (124), the upper limit on the diffuse flux of tau neutrinos from the Pierre Auger Observatory (117) marginally constrains the proton fraction at the end of the spectrum (125).
In Search for Extraterrestrial High Energy Neutrinos
We will now reverse this line of thought and prove a converse to these results, which allows to determine the convergence of a subseries of a monotone series using a weighted version of the original series.
A Dilution Test for the Convergence of Subseries of a Monotone Series
Along this line of thought, the expertise acquired with non Abelian finite flavour groups can be used to construct a model based on th e permutation group S4 which naturally leads to the BM mixing at LO.
Status of Neutrino Masses and Mixing in 2010
Let us just mention one fact that might justify this line of thought.
Black swans or dragon kings? A simple test for deviations from the power law
Along the same line of thoughts, Casimir predicted that a pressure would be present between electrically neutral conducting surfaces .
Does the speed of light depend upon the vacuum ?
Along this line of thought, we have used the expertise acquired with non Abelian finite flavour groups to construct a model 14) based on the permutation group S4 which naturally leads to the BM mixing at leading order.
Perspectives in Neutrino Physics