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level off


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v level off become level or even "The ground levelled off"
    • ***


In literature:

The car-basket, floating now, was off side and level with us.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930" by Various
The bottom of the gorge was leveled off with infinite labor.
"Slaves of Mercury" by Nat Schachner
Then they turned off from the road and began a long winding climb up into the higher levels of the Racquette country.
"The Shepherd of the North" by Richard Aumerle Maher
Abruptly I realized there was a level, flat white plain running far off there in the distance.
"Astounding Stories, March, 1931" by Various
Off in the distance were some level fields.
"The Skull" by Philip K. Dick
To his surprise, he was held off by the leveled forearm of his opponent, rigid as a bar against his throat.
"The Magnificent Adventure" by Emerson Hough
But I did think Belle was too level-headed and businesslike to go off on a panicky proposition like this.
"The Preacher of Cedar Mountain" by Ernest Thompson Seton
At this second burst the German plane seemed to yaw off, then righted itself, leveled off and flew straight at McGee.
"Aces Up" by Covington Clarke
Two superb rooms open off the hall on each side, and the dining room and offices are in an ell on a lower level.
"Seaport in Virginia" by Gay Montague Moore
After ascending three or four hundred yards, it leveled off and swept gently forward, down-river.
"Before Egypt" by E. K. Jarvis
Flowers should be planted on rather level land, that the rains may not wash off the seeds and fine mould.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden
First, you must level off a rectangular plot some six feet by seven as a foundation for your structure.
"Our campaign around Gettysburg" by John Lockwood
Remembering poor Trewavas' fate, in a jiffy I was off the slope and on the level platform of the rock.
"The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
His darling aim is to get his own "head level" and to send his opponent off "on his ear.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 20, September, 1877." by Various
There must be some means of blocking off the shuttering at any desired point, for the forming of door or window openings at any level.
"Cottage Building in Cob, Pisé, Chalk and Clay" by Clough Williams-Ellis
There weren't many men as big as I was when I strapped a level and a transit to my mule's back and started off.
"The Vision of Elijah Berl" by Frank Lewis Nason
The violent sensory perceptions leveled off and returned to normal.
"The Ego Machine" by Henry Kuttner
Mr. Wardle leveled his gun and fired; down fell one and off flew the others.
"Dickens' Stories About Children Every Child Can Read" by Charles Dickens
Rick and Scotty buckled safety belts and sat back as the plane leveled off.
"The Caves of Fear" by John Blaine
He leveled off at five thousand feet above the city.
"The Golden Skull" by John Blaine

In poetry:

Since there's no need of eyes to see them with
I cannot help a little shame
That I missed most, even at eye's level, till
The leaves blew off and made the seeing no game.
"Birds' Nests" by Edward Thomas
As I got out of the sledge, I gave him a few coppers over his fare. He
bowed low to me, grasping his cap in both hands, and drove off at a walking
pace over the level snow of the deserted street, full of the grey fog of a
January frost.
"Masha" by Ivan Turgenev
Intricate manhood of ending, the invalid rivals,
Voyaging clockwise off the symboled harbour,
Finding the water final,
On the consumptives' terrace taking their two farewells,
Sail on the level, the departing adventure,
To the sea-blown arrival.
"I, In My Intricate Image" by Dylan Thomas

In news:

Mets to Field Rookie-Level Team in Florida After One Year Off.
Syria chemical weapons intelligence has "leveled off".
After our mild Monday things will cool off this week to more seasonable December levels.
But in just more than one week, the rhetoric will level off and fade.
Yesterday's comments by Rob Parker on Robert Griffin III's level of blackness set off a firestorm of criticism for both Parker and ESPN, forcing network spokesman Mike Soltys to tweet this statement last night.
In an off-beat post-practice news conference, DeBoer was asked about his team's level of "focus".
Boeing employment levels off, but hiring continues.
The latest government data show that obesity is leveling off after big rises in earlier decades.
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The number of human cases of West Nile Virus has leveled off in Oklahoma while the number in horses has risen sharply in the past two months.
Many health clubs see a surge in business of 25 percent immediately after the new year, only to see those numbers level off by spring.
And with that comment the Jets-Patriots rivalry was taken to another level on and off the field.
Mortgage rates level off near record low, Freddie Mac says.
Water levels crested this year lower and earlier than expected, almost exactly four days after water began to release from Suicide Basin off to Mendenhall Glacier 's side, according to Amundson's data.
The stress level is off the charts, and some students reach for the pack.
A level three predatory sex offender who cut off his ankle monitor Monday turned himself in to authorities early Thursday morning.

In science:

This state does not depend on the primary structure of the chains and therefore the interaction energy levels off to a constant value, which due to the normalization is equal to zero.
Coil-Globule Transition for Regular, Random and Specially Designed Copolymers: Monte Carlo Simulation and Self-Consistent Field Theory
For larger values of x the data show that eχ(x, z ) levels off and then decreases.
Off equilibrium response function in the one dimensional random field Ising model
RWA solution for the dynamics of a two level system driven by the perturbation whose frequency is far off resonance.
Rabi spectra - a simple tool for analyzing the limitations of RWA in modelling of the selective population transfer in many-level quantum systems
Although at a qualitative level the origin of the off-perturbative contributions is more or less clear, their technical implementation, namely, the derivation of e.g. the non-analytic part of the free energy, turns out to be rather tricky problem.
Off-perturbative states in disordered systems
Consider the highest such handle, say at level t j, capping off a sphere component S of Fj ∩ B in S3 t j .
Generalized Property R and the Schoenflies Conjecture
The Gaussian distribution can be regarded as a sort of “soft” cut-off of ϕω by the level |ϕω | ∼ √N .
Random walks in N = 4 Super Yang-Mills
We propose a polymer model that can explain this levelling-off by means of random looping.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
None of these models presented so far is able to explain the levelling-off observed in the recent study.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
Therefore loops on all scales are needed to obtain the levelling-off observed in experiment.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
At short contour lengths the mean square displacement grows similar to a random walk, but soon a levelling-off can be observed due to the attractive longrange interactions which is fairly ∼ O(1).
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
Note that the probabilities P are chosen very small, meaning that a few loops suffice to obtain this levelling-off.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
In comparison with the case of average attraction (P = 1, κ = 1, ˆκ = P ) the levelling-off is much less pronounced.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
In agreement with the experimental findings we propose the existence of loops to be responsible for this levelling-off.
A Random Loop Model for Long Polymers
This is as expected as turning on the off-diagonal elements of Cij neither creates nor destroys levels but just changes their positions.
Superbosonization formula and its application to random matrix theory
To find a trade-off between accuracy and execution speed, the cycle accuracy of the translated code can have several detail levels.
Cycle Accurate Binary Translation for Simulation Acceleration in Rapid Prototyping of SoCs