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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n legerity the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Legerity Lightness; nimbleness.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n legerity Lightness; nimbleness.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Legerity (Shak.) lightness
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. légèreté,. See 3d Leger
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—L. lĕvis, light.


In literature:

LEGER'S History of Animal Magnetism.
"Evenings at Donaldson Manor" by Maria J. McIntosh
At the same time Colonel Barry St. Leger was to make a diversion by way of Oswego, on the Mohawk River.
"The Land We Live In" by Henry Mann
Challacombe's Leger, that was.
"Ambrotox and Limping Dick" by Oliver Fleming
On December 2nd, a Brigade Ceremonial Parade was held at Sus-St. Leger, where we were inspected by Major-General Thwaites.
"The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War 1914 - 1919" by W.C.C. Weetman
Let us now recount the fortunes of Burgoyne and St. Leger.
"The War of Independence" by John Fiske
Her form was still as girlish as when Hugh Saint Leger proudly led her to the altar twenty-eight years before we make her acquaintance.
"The Cruise of the Nonsuch Buccaneer" by Harry Collingwood
St. Legers, Scheldt crossing at, 50.
"1914" by John French, Viscount of Ypres
It confronted him with another of his runaway captains, Pennington, and also with Wareham St. Leger.
"Sir Walter Ralegh" by William Stebbing
News came of the failure of St. Leger's expedition.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
After lookin over his leger he found that No.
"The Bad Boy At Home And His Experiences In Trying To Become An Editor - 1885" by Walter T. Gray
We marched back, therefore, with the battalion through Couin and St. Leger to Authie.
"Q.6.a and Other places" by Francis Buckley
St. Leger, Dickens's prophecy at the, iii.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
Nous l'acceptons le coeur leger.
"Studies in Literature and History" by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall
I vow and pledge her, Are we unknown at the St. Leger.
"Fables of John Gay" by John Gay
My name is Flora St. Leger, and mother and I are going to stay at Glendower for a couple of days.
"The Children of Wilton Chase" by Mrs. L. T. Meade
The St Leger was established in 1776 by Colonel St Leger, who resided at Parkhill, near Doncaster.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 6" by Various
They were Captain Murray and Captain Maurice St. Leger Farmer.
"Superwomen" by Albert Payson Terhune
Vulture had won the Derby the previous year, as easily as Sandstone, and followed it up by a St. Leger victory.
"The Runaways" by Nat Gould
I know to a certainty what's going to win the Leger.
"Miser Farebrother (vol 2 of 3)" by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon
As an instance, I lost over the St. Leger a clear eight hundred.
"The Temptress" by William Le Queux

In poetry:

He knew not, at the age of three,
What Lord St. Leger next will be
Or what he was before;
A Primrose in the social swim
A Mr. Primrose is to him,
And he is nothing more.
"Songs Of Education: IV. Citizenship" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Wat wordt u 't vriendlijk huis? Een handvol koude steenen
Gij wischt, ontroerd, uw tranen af:
Als de oude vrienden zijn verdwenen,
Schijnt hun verlaten huis u leêger dan hun graf!
"Een Bekend Huis" by Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate

In news:

In her 15 years of working in college sports, N.C. State associate athletics director Carrie Leger has found one thing to be true about student-athletes when they enter school.
2010 Rouvre Saint Leger 'Laudun'.
Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross and model Jessica White attend the Herve Leger By Max Azria 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Show at The Theatre Lincoln Center on September 8, 2012 in New York City.
Jakkalberry Rallies, Takes American St Leger .
Jakkalberry pours it on late to win the American St Leger Stakes at Arlington Park Aug 18.
Inaugural American St Leger Attracts Dozen.
Spotted at Herve Leger .
Dresses locked behind harnesses at Herve Leger .
Charlie Ashton of 6WIND and Jim St Leger of Intel on Packet Processing.
Kim Kardashian vs Britney Spears In Herve Leger .
Kim Kardashian vs Britney Spears In Herve Leger Who Wore It Best.
Jenna Marie Laird and Marcus Lawrence Leger were united in marriage at two o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, November 6, 2010, at St Paul Catholic Church in Vicksburg, Miss.
Laura Legere / Staff Photo Danielle O'Malley-Vanvalen, 3, tells Santa she wants a puzzle for Christmas during a holiday breakfast sponsored by Commonwealth Hospice of NEPA at Regional Hospital of Scranton on Saturday.
Donna Leinwand Leger and Natalie DiBlasio, USA TODAY Share.

In science:

JP AH the power emitted by PAHs computed with the PAH absorption cross-section of Verstraete & L´eger (1992).
Density structure of the Horsehead nebula photo-dissociation region
Instead, in the literature there are several approaches to use bootstrap methods based on the studentized statistic Tρ, ˆC ( ˆµ) introduced in Equation (2.1). A simple approach along those lines is taken in Choquet, L’Ecuyer, and L´eger (1999).
A Geometric Approach to Confidence Sets for Ratios: Fieller's Theorem, Generalizations, and Bootstrap
Kuchner (2003) and L´eger et al. (2004) first proposed that waterrich planets might be prevalent on orbits accessible to transit and radial velocity detections, although no such planets have been conclusively discovered so far.
Three Possible Origins for the Gas Layer on GJ 1214b
The presence of significant quantities of CO2 could have dramatic effects on the evolution and thermal structure of a water planet, maintaining the steam atmosphere in a hot state (L´eger et al. 2004).
Three Possible Origins for the Gas Layer on GJ 1214b
L´eger et al. 2011 for an estimate of the location of the shore of the magma ocean for the hot super-Earth CoRoT-7b).
Possible Disintegrating Short-Period Super-Mercury Orbiting KIC 12557548
Even at the high resolution of the ISOSWS, the bands do not break up into a family of lines (as suggested e.g. by L´eger et al., 1989).
A Mid-Infrared and Far-Infrared View of Galaxies
Some of these bands are widely believed to be characteristic of the bending and stretching modes of C=C and C–H bonds in aromatic molecules (e.g. fluorescent emission of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs; Leger & Puget 1984, Allamandolla et al. 1985).
Spatial distribution of emission in Unidentified Infrared Bands from Midcourse Space Experiment Survey
Ze begrepen wel dat de stormloop van leger, bevolking en pers hen het werk anders onmogelijk zou maken.
Radio Pulsars
Among the main nonthermal desorption mechanisms, important in cold clouds, are: (i) cosmic–ray bombardment (especially by the heavier nuclei; L´eger et al. 1985; Hasegawa & Herbst 1993), and (ii) the energy generated by chemical surface reactions, still debatable (Willacy & Millar 1998; Takahashi & Williams 2000).
Chemical processes in star forming regions
In fact, it is known (Leger & Puget 1984, Draine & Anderson 1985) that the MRN underestimates the number density of very small grains.
Microwave Emission by Dust: Mechanisms, Properties and Prospects for ISM Studies
PAH EMISSION Observations with ISO and Spitzer have shown that the presence of PAHs (Leger & Puget 1984; Allamandola et al. 1985) can be used as an indicator of star-formation (e.g. Förster Schreiber et al. 2004; Peeters et al. 2004).
Decomposing Dusty Galaxies. I. Multi-Component Spectral Energy Distribution Fitting
Proposed space pro jects such as Darwin (Leger et al. 1996; Fridlund 2000) and/or the Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF, Beichman (1998)) plan to search for and characterize terrestrial exoplanets.
Target star catalog for Darwin: Nearby Stellar sample for a search for terrestrial planets
Nature 410, 653-654. 22. Leger J.M., Haines J., Schmidt M., Petitet J.P., Pereira A.S., daJornada J.A.H. (1996). Discovery of hardest known oxide.
Towards the theory of hardness of materials
As mentioned above, the proof we find it in, with of course a leger modification at the end.
Coincidence and Common Fixed Point Results for Contraction Type Maps in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces
Gombert, M. M. & Leger, D. (1994), ‘Wigner-Kirkwood quantum corrections to the pair distribution function in a one-component plasma’, Phys.
Coulomb systems at low density