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law of equal areas


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n law of equal areas a law concerning the speed at which planets travel; a line connecting a planet to the sun will sweep out equal areas in equal times "Kepler's second law means that a planet's orbital speed changes with its distance from the sun"
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In science:

It is amusing to note that in (5.5), the area law term of the entanglement entropy in quantum field theories essentially becomes equal to the black hole entropy.
Holographic Entanglement Entropy: An Overview
The contribution of the flux–tube fluctuations are quantitatively relevant in the physics of confinement: notice that a simple perimeter-area law would predict all ratios R(L, n) to be equal to one.
String Effects in the Wilson Loop: a high precision numerical test
Note that in an integrable enclosure, the areas ai are identical for almost all orbit families so that for case (a), a straightforward application of the proliferation law for periodic orbit families leads to the conclusion that φ(T ) is constant and equals ρav (E )/2π .
Effect of Boundary Conditions on Fluctuations Measures
One may also notice that another power-law regime, of expoment approximately equal to −1.4, appears after the breakdown of Eq. (12), in the area regions where no particular geometric shape should dominate the distribution.
Schematic models for fragmentation of brittle solids in one and two dimensions
Contrary to our expectations, we found that there were significant discrepancies among data points (Figure 3), which means that they do not obey the law of equal areas. In order to proceed with the calculations using this method, we have to rerrange the (ρ, θ) data into a data set which obey the law of equal areas.
Recalculating the Orbit of {\alpha}-Centauri AB