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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n kiloton a measure of explosive power (of an atomic weapon) equal to that of 1000 tons of TNT
    • n kiloton one thousand tons
    • ***


In literature:

Find a timer and connect up the ten-kiloton bomb.
"Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Somebody must have landed a medium missile, about twenty kilotons, against its base.
"Space Viking" by Henry Beam Piper

In news:

The Priscilla event, part of Operation Plumbbob conducted at the Nevada Test Site in 1957, was a 37-kiloton device exploded from a balloon.
The curve peaks at just above 50 kilotons at around 2 microseconds, reflecting the full force of the weapon being modeled.
This photo is from the third test, George, on May 9, 1951, the first thermonuclear bomb test, yielding 225 kilotons.

In science:

NEMO Collaboration, hep-ex/0507083. NovA: Proposal to Build a 30 Kiloton Off-Axis Detector to Study Neutrino Oscillations in the Fermilab NuMI Beamline, hep-ex/0503053. S.
Future neutrino oscillation facilities: physics priorities and open issues
The experimental detectors required are very massive (in the several hundred kiloton range) because the interaction rates are small.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
There may also be previously unsuspected, natural neutrino sources that appear when the detector mass reaches the hundreds of kilotons scale.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
The authors of that report provided the following answer for their choices: A single 100 kiloton module will have a cylindrical fiducial volume with a diameter of 50 meters and a height of 50 meters.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
If apply this factor to the previously assumed PMT and associated electronics cost of $62.1 million this creates another $5 million increase per 100 kiloton detector.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
The final cost including all contingencies is then $126 million for a single 100 kiloton detector and $323.8 million for three such detectors.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
Neutrinos of energies below 2 GeV give rise to “contained” events in typical kiloton underground detectors.
Solar and atmospheric neutrinos
The detection of ∼ 8 neutrons/day in a kiloton detector places extraordinary constraints on radiopurity.
For 20-GeV muons, about 100 charged-current events would occur per kiloton per year in the Gran Sasso.
Physics with a Millimole of Muons
The near detector is composed of a one kiloton water Cerenkov detector (1kt) and a fine-grained detector (FGD).
Recent Results from the K2K (KEK-to-Kamioka) Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
The FGD complements the one kiloton detector.
Recent Results from the K2K (KEK-to-Kamioka) Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
The closed (open) circles indicate the position of the vertex in (out of ) the 22.5 kiloton fiducial volume (indicated by the inner circle).
Recent Results from the K2K (KEK-to-Kamioka) Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
This reaction provides a coincidence tag that severely suppresses background against ¯νe signals as small as events per year in a kiloton-scale liquid scintillator detector.
Neutrinos and (Anti)neutrinos from Supernovae and from the Earth in the Borexino detector
The largest detectors ever built underground were designed to detect favored decay modes, such as p → e+π0: SuperKamiokande experimenters have spent a decade watching a dark cylinder containing 50 kilotons of ultrapure water, waiting for the light from the decay of a single nucleon.
Reference Design Project Book: NUSEL-Homestake
The DOE report stresses the kiloton-volume detectors developed by nuclear and particle physicists for neutrino detection as a possible solution.
Reference Design Project Book: NUSEL-Homestake