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Japan current


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Japan current a warm ocean current that flows northeastwardly off the coast of Japan into the northern Pacific ocean
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Jimmu, the legendary first ruler of Japan, began his reign in the year 660. Akihito, the current emperor, is said to be the 125th direct descendant of Jimmu to rule Japan.
    • Japan current A branch of the equatorial current of the Pacific, washing the eastern coast of Formosa and thence flowing northeastward past Japan and merging into the easterly drift of the North Pacific; -- called also Kuro-Siwo, or Black Stream, in allusion to the deep blue of its water. It is similar in may ways to the Gulf Stream.
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In literature:

Current opinions concerning Japan, however, are as curious as they are contradictory.
"Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic" by Sidney L. Gulick
Chief among the relevant circumstances in the current situation are the imperial designs of Germany and Japan.
"An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation" by Thorstein Veblen
As we near Japan the vessel crosses the great current called the "Kuro Shiwo," or the "Black Salt.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
At last we entered the Japan current and the weather was warmer and more enjoyable.
"A Woman who went to Alaska" by May Kellogg Sullivan
The rising land formed a barrier against the warming influence of the Japan current.
"Short Sketches from Oldest America" by John Driggs
Mr. Hazlett knew well enough the strength of the outgoing Japan Current here.
"The Young Alaskans" by Emerson Hough
There's enough money in Japan for all current expenses.
"From Sea to Sea" by Rudyard Kipling
Superlatives in vegetation abound where the breath of the Japan current tempers the air.
"Trees Worth Knowing" by Julia Ellen Rogers
Kuro-shiwo, or Japan current, 48, 165, 169.
"Alone with the Hairy Ainu" by A. H. Savage Landor
Much influence in tempering the cold of winter is ascribed also to the Japan Current, mentioned under a former head.
"A Report on Washington Territory" by William Henry Ruffner
It is, of course, the Japan current which transforms this part of Alaska.
"The Land of Tomorrow" by William B Stephenson, Jr.
In the railway stations of Japan are kept on file publications of current dates.
"Seven Legs Across the Seas" by Samuel Murray

In news:

Japan Current Account Drops.
Japan Current Account Expands.
Japan's Current Account Surplus Narrows In August.
SYDNEY – Japan's current-account surplus reached 454.7 billion yen ($5.8 billion) in August, data out Tuesday showed.
An evacuee sleeps at a gymnasium inside Ajinomoto stadium, which is currently serving as an evacuation center after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
The extraordinary earthquake that devastated parts of coastal Japan this morning has triggered tsunami activity currently propagating across the Pacific ocean.
Kamui Kobayashi, Japan's only current Formula One driver.
The iconic voice of Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice of the Aflac duck after Gilbert rattled off what he thought were hilarious tweets poking fun at the events of Japan's current disaster.
NEW YORK—Television networks in Japan and Canada have won International Emmys in the news and current affairs categories for coverage related to devastating earthquakes.
The plant will manufacture the main parts of automotive compressors that are currently being imported from Japan and assembled at a facility next to where the new plant will be built.
Economists are increasingly pessimistic about Japan, and many expect GDP to contract again in the current quarter.
Inspired by the beauty and culture of Japan, the talented crew at WInk Event Planning created a gorgeous origami inspired tablescape that is currently featured in the Spring 2012 issue of N.O.W.
Other semiconductor -related problems that could arise under the current conditions in Japan are the inadvertent release of dangerous chemicals used in semiconductor production, IHS said.
Under current conditions, shifting our basing scheme there can only be seen as a preemptive shift away from Japan.
Sasaki is Japan's top-ranked player and currently ranked No.

In science:

The current version is publicly available through links at any of the ALMA websites; it is currently being expanded to include pro jects which exploit the enhancements made possible through Japan joining ALMA.
ALMA Capabilities for Observations of Spectral Line Emission
The KamLAND detector in Japan [104] and Borexino in Italy [110] are the currently running liquid scintillator detectors.
Effect of Collective Flavor Oscillations on the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
The electronics layer, with SPIROC ASIC from France, is currently being designed by a DESY engineer and will be incorporated into layers in Japan.
CALICE Report to the DESY Physics Research Committee, April 2011
Japan is currently focusing on last mile and demand-side management and home solar power. Researchers have started to address challenges caused by large-scale solar power generation connected to the power grid as well as information security issues.
The Japanese Smart Grid Initiatives, Investments, and Collaborations
He is currently the leader of CREST research project of Japan Science and Technology Agency on “Computational Illusion”.
The Japanese Smart Grid Initiatives, Investments, and Collaborations
ZEUS Collaboration, Measurement of high Q2 neutral-current e±p deep inelastic scattering cross sections and a first measurement of the stru cture function xF3 at HERA, contributed paper to ICHEP 2000, Osaka, Japan.
ep Physics at High Q-squared
After the termination of current experimental efforts in flavor ph ysics in the U. S. at the end of this decade, experimental progress will depend on experiments at the LHC, in particular LHCb, and at Belle or a possible Super-Belle in Japan.
Experimental Status of $B$ Physics
Further improvements in these modes will require additional statistics, either due to substantial improvements in the tag reconstruction method at the current generation of B -factories, or due to new data recorded at future Super B -factory facilities in Italy and Japan.
Summary of the CKM 2010 Working Group on Rare Decays
Currently long-baseline laser interferometers such as LIGO (USA), VIRGO (Italy)1, GEO600 (Germany)2, and TAMA300 (Japan) are currently operational and preparing for the first observation (see, e.g., for a recent review), by wh ich the prediction by Einstein’s theory of General Relativity (GR) can be con firmed.
Multiple physical elements to determine the gravitational-wave signatures of core-collapse supernovae
The only current example of a large water Cherenkov detector is Super-K [105] in Japan.
Supernova Neutrino Detection
Although ACFA does not specifically mention a neutrino factory, the resources devoted to this end in Japan as well as the world leadership in neutrino physics currently enjoyed by our Japanese colleagues is eloquent enough testimony to the importance that such a development has in Asia.
Neutrino Factory R&D - a global perspective