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James I


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n James I the first Stuart to be king of England and Ireland from 1603 to 1625 and king of Scotland from 1567 to 1625; he was the son of Mary Queen of Scots and he succeeded Elizabeth I; he alienated the British Parliament by claiming the divine right of kings (1566-1625)
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  • Sean Connery
    Sean Connery
    “I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to kill him.”


In literature:

James I., his belief in the virtue of "weapon salve," i.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
On Sunday I went to church in St. James Square, and called upon Owen as I came out.
"Down South" by Oliver Optic
After a warm greeting, I produced the roll, and, to his delight, I handed over to James ten five hundreds.
"Bidwell's Travels, from Wall Street to London Prison" by Austin Biron Bidwell
Anyway, it meant something real nice; I was sure of that by the way James Ebenezer spoke and the wistful look in his eyes.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
On the accession of James I. the former were restored to him, but the King retained the property.
"English Book Collectors" by William Younger Fletcher
If you don't say 'yes,' Uncle James, I shall take the train and go straight home.
"The Candidate" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
William I., William II., Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth, James I., James II., William III.
"Assimilative Memory" by Marcus Dwight Larrowe (AKA Prof. A. Loisette)
I'll make it all right with Sir James.
"New Treasure Seekers" by E. (Edith) Nesbit
James and my older sisters attended it, and I went with them, by my own urgent invitation.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
James, fetch the meal-cake and a bit of salt pork, and give him to eat, while I call the cows from the bush.
"The Privateer's-Man" by Frederick Marryat
Grant (James), recollections of Dickens by, i.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
The English development under James I, we defer for a later considering.
"The Tapestry Book" by Helen Churchill Candee
I declare I never realized how small the tower of Saint James' Church is!
"Virginia" by Ellen Glasgow
Meantime, King James I. had put new life into the central governing body.
"Chronicles of Strathearn" by Various
On June 27 I received a letter, in the handwriting of Mr. James Smith, signed Nauticus.
"A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II)" by Augustus de Morgan
You mind,' says I, 'an' you won't have no trouble; an' the same thing,' says I to James, 'applies to you.
"At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern" by Myrtle Reed
In the strong sallow face of Major James Wolfe I read the same word.
"A Daughter of Raasay" by William MacLeod Raine
Now I've no wish that James should appear more generous than I!
"Studies in love and in terror" by Marie Belloc Lowndes
The Feltmakers, incorporated by James I., regulated the manufacture of felt hats.
"Memorials of Old London" by Various
Leave her to me, James dear, and I'll manage her.
"The School Queens" by L. T. Meade

In poetry:

"O heavy news!" King James did say,
"Scotland may witness be
I have not any captain more
Of such account as he!"
"Chevy Chase" by Henry Morley
As I cam on, an farther on,
An doun an by Balquhain,
Oh there I met Sir James the Rose,
Wi him Sir John the Gryme.
"Traditionary Version" by Andrew Lang
As I cam on, an farther on,
An doun and by Balquhain,
Oh there I met Sir James the Rose,
Wi him Sir John the Gryme.
"The Battle Of Harlaw" by Anonymous British
"I come not from the shrine of St James the divine,
Nor bring reliques from over the sea;
I bring but a curse from our father, the Pope,
Which for ever will cling to me."—
"The Gray Brother" by Sir Walter Scott
She said, Kind sir, pity me, for I am in great woe
About my young sailor lad, whose name is James Munro;
It's he has been long at sea, seven years from this day,
And I come here sometimes to weep for him that's far, far away.
"Young Munro the Sailor" by William Topaz McGonagall
Then honest John said, thinking it no harm,
"Sir, I would like to be the owner of Braehead farm;
But by letting me know who you are it would give my mind relief."
Then King James he answered that he was the Gudeman of Ballingeich.
"An Adventure in the Life of King James V of Scotland" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

I'm sorry that we did lose him, but fortunately for us we have our next guest with us here, it's Dr James Watson, sitting right here with us.
I see the Buffalo Board of Education has decided not to use the "no fault" termination clause in the contract of Superintendent Dr James Williams.
In the seven years I've known Walter James "Jimmy" Humphrey, this was the longest conversation we've had.
Janine Lindemulder has told "I'm sad that Jesse James and Kat Von D have split-up.".
With LeBron James on his way to Miami to form the equivalent of an NBA supergroup, I have just one request.
"I've got those fresh legs, " James said.
James Logan 's Warren Long (42) scores a touchdown against California in the first quarter of their NCS Division I semifinal game in San Ramon, Calif on Saturday, Nov 24, 2012.
Usually I'd be in the can't-get-dad-another-tie boat, too, but this year I lucked out and scored a few Curtis Mayfield and James Brown vinyl records for the mister.
James Andrews found that M.R.I.
Kristinia DeBarge, daughter of 80s pop star James DeBarge, has just released her a new video for a song called "Sabotage," and my reaction can be taken straight from its lyrics: I can't take it anymore.
Hoosick Falls Brad Burns carries the ball with James I O'Neill's Malik Chambers in pursuit.
Wearing a sign around his neck that read, "Honk if I need an education," 15-year-old James Mond III stood for nearly four hours on a Tampa, Fla.
I'm sure you've heard of Joe when he played with the James Gang.
I came to La Jolla in August of 1992 to become the Director of Music at St James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church and the Organist for The Bishop's School.
I am writing regarding the letter by James Jackson of Carlisle, Ind.

In science:

I would like to thank Dmitry Krotov and Sergei Alexandrov for valuable discussions. I would like to acknowledge support from Ajay Gopinathan via his start-up funds and his James S.
Exact Spectral Dimension of the Random Surface
Acknowledgements: I would like to thank James Arthur for a number of helpful correspondences and for patiently answering my questions.
Arthur Packets and the Ramanujan Conjecture
Thanks are also due to James Cogdell and Dihua Jiang as well as Dick Gross, Dipendra Prasad and Dinakar Ramakrishnan for useful communications on Conjecture 2.10. I would also like to thank Sandeep Varma for his careful reading of the paper and many comments, particularly on Conjecture 6.4.
Arthur Packets and the Ramanujan Conjecture
The ν was given its name by Fermi, and was discovered experimentally in 1932 by James Chadwick, i.e. after Wolfgang Pauli had predicted its existence.
Introduction to Astronomy with Radioactivity
I would like to thank James Clemens and Perry Rice for discussions.
Losing information outside the horizon
In this single parameter model (Ishwaran & James, 2003), the γi play the role of pseudo-particles, i.e., a (possibly fractional) number of data assigned a priori to cluster i.
Gibbs Sampling for (Coupled) Infinite Mixture Models in the Stick Breaking Representation
For example, the classical James Tree space [J] is the space defined by J − S norm for the C.I. family of the dyadic tree. (More precisely, the family used in the original James’ definition is that S that consists of all segments of the dyadic tree. (ii) The proof of the theorem is divided into two parts.
Weakly Lindelof determined Banach spaces not containing $\ell^1(N)$
What is required is to be able to study the properties of galaxies with a wide range of radio powers, and this is what James Dunlop & I have attempted in some recent work (Dunlop & Peacock 1993).
The radio background: radio-loud galaxies at high and low redshifts
I would like to thank Phil James for carefully reading the manuscript.
Omega_m - Different Ways to Determine the Matter Density of the Universe
James: I wonder if there are any further comments, because we need to finish in five minutes.
Panel discussion I: Star formation in galaxies: how do we continue?
I would like to thank Stefan Schmitt, Matthew Wing and James Ferrando for a careful reading of this report and the organizers for a very enjoyable time in Perugia.
Electroweak constraints from HERA
Chow, Bennett; Chu, Sun-Chin; Glickenstein, David; Guenther, Christine; Isenberg, James; Ivey, Tom; Knopf, Dan; Lu, Peng; Luo, Feng; Ni, Lei The Ricci Flow: Techniques and Applications, Part I: Geometric Aspects.
Non-negative Ricci curvature on closed manifolds under Ricci flow
I thank Paolo Cascini, J¨urgen Hausen, Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros, Vlad Lazi´c, James McKernan and the referee for valuable comments and suggestions.
Finite generation of adjoint rings after Lazic: an introduction
I am grateful to James Currie, Narad Rampersad and, in particular, to Thomas Stoll for inspiring discussion about the problem and for useful comments. I also thank Jeffrey Shallit for his remarks.
Abelian powers in paper-folding words
I had passed my orals with adviser Jay Earley and also James H.
Adding Methodological Testing to Naur's Anti-formalism