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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj intraspecies arising or occurring within a species; involving the members of one species "intraspecific competition"
    • ***


In science:

However, intraspecific competition or social interactions can introduce nonlinearities in the predator dependence of the predation rate.
Generalized models as a universal approach to the analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems
In this way one can for instance investigate the impact of ecological effects like intraspecific competition or cannibalism on the stability of the system.
Generalized models as a universal approach to the analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems
Introduced by Nicholson in 1954, scramble and contest are types of intraspecific competition models that differ between themselves in the way that limited resources are shared among individuals.
Generalized exponential function and discrete growth models
Let us remark that the branching parameters in the model were defined such that the parameter δ separates the predatory losses of the resource from the intraspecific losses.
Generalized modeling of ecological population dynamics
The possibility of different non-thermal fixed points depending on inter- and intraspecies couplings opens a perspective on new types of experiments far from equilibrium (Kasamatsu and Tsubota, 2006; Nicklas et al., 2011).
Non-thermal fixed points: universality, topology, & turbulence in Bose gases
The constant power ratio P2 /P1 must be chosen carefully as a compromise between increasing the fermion-to-boson trapping frequency ratio and not decreasing too much the absolute frequencies, as this will decrease all the elastic scattering rates crucial for interspecies and intraspecies thermalization.
Ultracold atomic Fermi-Bose mixtures in bichromatic optical dipole traps: a novel route to study fermion superfluidity
We investigate the phase structure of an asymmetric fermion superfluid with inter- and intraspecies pairings.
Asymmetric Fermion Superfluid with Inter- and Intra-Species Pairings
The introduction of the intra-species pairing mechanism in canonical ensemble changes significantly the phase diagram and brings in a new state with coexisting inter- and intraspecies pairings.
Asymmetric Fermion Superfluid with Inter- and Intra-Species Pairings
When interspecies interactions are smaller than the intraspecies ones, the system is unpolarized, whereas in the opposite case the system is unpolarized in even Mott insulator lobes and polarized in odd Mott lobes and also in the superfluid phase.
Recent developments in Quantum Monte-Carlo simulations with applications for cold gases
Wilczek, et al., 2012 Climate envelope modelling reveals intraspecific relationships among flowering phenology, niche breadth and potential range size in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Robust identification of local adaptation from allele frequencies
In its simpler form, the McKendrick model does not describe overcrowding effects, dependence on resources or, in human populations, economic and intraspecific interactions.
On the weak solutions of the McKendrick equation: Existence of demography cycles
First, with the inclusion of parameters m1, m2, m3, intraspeci fic competitions are taken into consideration fo r all species which leads to the logistic growth rate for individual species () which in turn conforms to the One-Life Rule.
The Time Invariance Principle, Ecological (Non)Chaos, and A Fundamental Pitfall of Discrete Modeling