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instrumental role


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n instrumental role the semantic role of the entity (usually inanimate) that the agent uses to perform an action or start a process
    • ***


In literature:

In the logical version of pragmatism termed instrumentalism, action or practice does indeed play a fundamental role.
"Essays in Experimental Logic" by John Dewey

In news:

The bassist Scott Lafaro's voice -- fresh, vibrant, and melodic -- transformed the instrument and its role in jazz.
The Snell Kahuna multiformat HD/SD production switcher is playing an instrumental role at Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C.
In his new expanded role, Dillon will be responsible for product development and marketing of all mobile devices and software for the Broadband Instruments group.
Vinton Cerf played an instrumental role in creating the digital age—though he insists he wasn't alone.
Nov 23, is a perfect day to remember the instrumental role North Carolina played in securing a Bill of Rights.
Mullins is instrumental Knights senior trades trumpet for key role as Middletown girls defeat Cougars Originally published December 08, 2012.
Israeli President Shimon Peres touted the role of technology as an instrument for peace during a talk Wednesday at the annual Launch Conference in San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — As a top executive at Google for the past 13 years, Marissa Mayer played an instrumental role in developing many of the services that have tormented Yahoo as its appeal waned among Web surfers, advertisers and investors.
As a top executive at Google for the past 13 years, Marissa Mayer played an instrumental role in developing many of the services that have tormented Yahoo as its appeal waned among Web surfers, advertisers and investors.
On this duet recording, Parker steps out of his role as anchorman entirely, exposing not only his arco work but also a heavy dose of multi-instrumentalism.
You get a classic helping of his killer, emotional vocals, but the acoustic instruments are definitely in a co-starring role.
Wadena area residents are playing instrumental roles in a national foundation's project to set up a Sauk Centre veterans community.
In our age of mass-production and consumption, what is the role of the musician — both an instrument's craftsman and its player.
Unlike other "miscellaneous instruments," such as the French horn or the bass clarinet, the vibraphone has played a central role in the history of jazz.

In science:

Besides being a fascinating study sub ject for their own sake, they serve as essential instruments in proving an enormous number of combinatorial statements, making their role quite hard to overestimate.
Pseudo-random graphs
Wave functions have played an instrumental role in the theoretical development of the quantum Hall effect.
Domain walls, fusion rules and conformal field theory in the quantum Hall regime
These systems will play a crucial role as most of them could be used as first light instruments.
Tomographic reconstruction for Wide Field Adaptive Optics systems: Fourier domain analysis and fundamental limitations
The employment of optical fibres plays an important role here in order to achieve the required instrument stability and spectral resolving power (see Heacox (1988) and Allington-Smith (2006)).
Modal noise prediction in fibre-spectroscopy I: Visibility and the coherent model
During our learning period in which Leon has played an instrumental role, the more we read on seismology and earthquake modeling, the more we found that Leon has contributed significantly in essentially all the important problems, as reflected in the eclectic contributions to this special volume.
The critical earthquake concept applied to mine rockbursts with time-to-failure analysis
With their enhanced spatial resolution and the parallel increase in collecting aperture, these will be ideal instruments to probe the existence and role of inner density waves.
Inner density waves: The need for two-dimensional spectroscopy
It is here that careful statistical analysis of uniform galaxy samples have played an instrumental role.
Report to Anaximander: A Dialogue on the Origin of the Cosmos in the Cradle of Western Civilization
Another important role of DIS is to provide information (see the talk by Tung) on parton density functions (PDF) which are instrumental for computing crosssections of hard processes at hadron colliders via the factorisation formula.
Concluding Talk: QCD 2005
The low resolution of early instruments played the major role in confusing the physical picture, as, for instance, ionized absorption could be hardly distinguished from neutral absorption.
The Ultraviolet-X-ray connection in AGN outflows
However, they concluded that, statistically, they could not claim a polarization detection from this burst and that also some instrumental systematic effects could play a role.
Statistical Analysis of the Observable Data of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Einstein field equation are large enough to provide a complete description of the gravitational physics of isolated bodies (within GR framework). The asymptotic simplicity played an instrumental role in providing a suitable framework for the discussion of black hole radiation.
Complex aspects of gravity
Clock jitter cancels and is not a significant source of low-frequency noise. • In addition to its readout and tuning roles, the DFMUX is also used as a real-time bench instrument.
Biasing and Demodulation Firmware for Kilopixel TES Bolometer Arrays