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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj inescapable impossible to avoid or evade:"inescapable conclusion" "an ineluctable destiny","an unavoidable accident"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Inescapable Not escapable.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • inescapable Not to be eluded or escaped, or escaped from; inevitable.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Inescapable in-es-kā′pa-bl not to be escaped: inevitable.
    • ***


  • Gary Mark Gilmore
    Gary Mark Gilmore
    “Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born.”
  • Allan Massie
    Allan Massie
    “Blunders are an inescapable feature of war, because choice in military affairs lies generally between the bad and the worse.”


In literature:

Grateful for the postponement, however short, of the inescapable ordeal, Darl took stock of his situation.
"The Great Dome on Mercury" by Arthur Leo Zagat
Your thought is more terrible even than mine, because it leads to this inescapable conclusion!
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930" by Various
If they knew they flew inescapably to death they still would have grinned.
"Lords of the Stratosphere" by Arthur J. Burks
Sensing an inescapable climax, the khaki-clad American raised his pistol, covering Hero Paul, the speaker.
"Astounding Stories, March, 1931" by Various
But there they are, inescapable facts that have to be reckoned with.
"Religion & Sex" by Chapman Cohen
The result was inescapable.
"The Dueling Machine" by Benjamin William Bova
The journey to shore was inescapable.
"The Land of Look Behind" by Paul Cameron Brown
He was abreast, inescapable.
"Coquette" by Frank Swinnerton
To be saddened by the inescapable is a great mistake.
"The So-called Human Race" by Bert Leston Taylor
He began to perceive the inescapable disappointing difference between an idea, a conception of the mind, and its execution.
"The Bright Shawl" by Joseph Hergesheimer
What were theoretical problems of the most absolute and inescapable kind cease to exist.
"The Next Step in Religion" by Roy Wood Sellars
But as he rested, letting his circuits cool and his organization return, he arrived at a deduction that was almost inescapable.
"The Small World of M-75" by Ed M. Clinton, Jr.
Alien and repulsive and inescapable, the odors of Earth struck him like a blow.
"Keep Your Shape" by Robert Sheckley
Where could he go to elude the inescapable patrols?
"Brood of the Dark Moon" by Charles Willard Diffin
It's almost inescapable that this should be so.
"The Brain" by Alexander Blade
At last, as he was wheeling over the centre of the lake, his inescapable eye saw something which interested him.
"The Haunters of the Silences" by Charles G. D. Roberts
Where could he go to elude the inescapable patrols?
"Astounding Stories, August, 1931" by Various
His words, now, uttered with unquestioned sincerity, were hot and forceful, his logic clear, his conclusions inescapable.
"Thirty" by Howard Vincent O'Brien
There were more immediate problems, threatening, inescapable, that must presently be solved.
"The Book of Susan" by Lee Wilson Dodd
The beauty of the bay was inescapable.
"Missing at Marshlands" by Cleo Garis

In poetry:

Do you not feel it, comrade, too,
The inescapable delight,
The mounting rapture, that bids you
Take vernal flight?
"Wild Geese" by Clinton Scollard
I am glad to set down
The first and ultimate you,
Your inescapable soul. Although
It fade like a fading smile
Or light falling from faces
Which some grimmer preoccupation replaces.
"A Childhood" by Stephen Spender

In news:

Illustrations are legion, and perhaps as tiresome as they are inescapable in the daily lives of Catholics.
The Republican nominating contest has been inescapable news for months, with an outrageous amount of nationally televised debates, millions of dollars worth of political super PAC ads and countless hours of town hall meetings.
Agriculture is an absolutely certain and inescapable part of what it ...
Her emotion and raw power is inescapable, and her timeless melodies continue to make fans of people from all generations and walks of life.
Owl City has a pretty inescapable collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, 'Good Time,' out right now — but it's not the most anticipated duet Adam Young's done lately.
His recorded catalog, revered by a cultish number of fans, has sold sparsely yet his influence is inescapably broad.
But what some here called a spark, an inescapable pull of their ancestors, led them in a different direction, to Judaism.
Looking stunning on the red carpet is one of Diane Kruger 's best moves, and at the premiere of Inescapable at the Toronto Film Festival, she upped the ante.
Law has an inescapable moral component.
The category includes a hefty six nominees, each of which was inescapable over the last year.
Claire Lui Plus one cover that was absolutely inescapable.
Whether you are in process of negotiating a short sale with the bank, considering purchasing one or know someone who has, the topic is inescapable.
Get-white messages, like this one on the lighten-up page on, are inescapable in this part of the world.
After many years of observing the activities of Georgia's politicians, I've come to the inescapable conclusion that the state's voters surely do like scoundrels.
Televisions are seemingly inescapable in metro restaurants.

In science:

If so, implying the need for a bigger encompassing theory of cosmology, we may indeed get to the inescapable conclusion that the notion of a point is rendered obsolete, for sure in those very first decisive instances.
Report to Anaximander: A Dialogue on the Origin of the Cosmos in the Cradle of Western Civilization
Almost inescapable evidence has been provided by the Cosmic Microwave Background balloonborne experiments.
Report to Anaximander: A Dialogue on the Origin of the Cosmos in the Cradle of Western Civilization
There is an inescapable implication of the cluster gas having been heated by strong shock fronts, whatever their provenance.
X-ray astronomy in the new Millenium. A Summary
Taylor et al. ’s interpretation then appears virtually inescapable.
Radio Pulsars
The SNO solar neutrino experiment [14, 15], in which it is possible to separately determine the flux of νe neutrinos reaching the detector (through the charged current reactions) and the flux of all active neutrinos (through the neutral current reactions), made the conclusion that solar neutrinos oscillate, inescapable.
Neutrinoless double beta decay and direct searches for neutrino mass
Early Universe & extra dimensions: In the hot Big Bang scenario, the present universe is inescapably linked to the ultra high energy physics of the early universe.
Summary of ICGC04 Cosmology Workshop
What I would like to emphasize here is that the above conclusion is inescapable as per the empirical information manisfested in separtation energy plotted in the manner indicated above.
New evidence for triton and helion clustering in nuclei
The author would like to emphasize that quite obviusly these qualitative conclusions are inescapable and unique.
New evidence for triton and helion clustering in nuclei
The inescapable conclusion is that the spiral arms revealed in our near-IR adaptive optics images are leading spiral arms, something which only became apparent from the IRIS2 spectra.
Anglo-Australian Observatory February 2009 newsletter
Being a rather general principle, the chaotic hypothesis yields predictions that are sharp and inescapable, without free parameters.
Chaotic principle: an experimental test
If neutrino-oscillation experiments were to provide evidence for a neutrino of mass 5 eV (or two of mass 2.5 eV ) νCDM would seem almost inescapable.
Inflation: From Theory to Observation and Back
Since all normal matter satisfies the SEC, fixing the age-of-the-oldest-stars problem will inescapably require the introduction of “abnormal” matter—indeed we will need large quantities of abnormal matter, sufficient to overwhelm the gravitational effects of the normal matter.
General Relativistic Energy Conditions: The Hubble expansion in the epoch of galaxy formation
The existence of the very cold component is inescapable.
Perspectives for detecting cold H2 in outer galactic disks
One should underline once more that a light Higgs scenario appears as an inescapable prediction of SUSY at low energy scale even within non MSSM schemes where there could be substantial reduction of the production crosssection and/or detection problems (e.g. invisible decays).
After Sitges
The second of these problems is inescapable, but the first could be avoided if it were possible to make direct comparisons between finite N Matrix Theory and DLCQ SUGRA.
TASI Lectures on Matrix Theory