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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n incisiveness keenness and forcefulness of thought or expression or intellect
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n incisiveness The character or quality of being incisive.
    • ***


  • Emily Dickinson
    “Surgeons must be very careful. When they take the knife!, underneath their fine incisions, stirs the Culprit -- Life!”


In literature:

Make deep cuts or incisions all over the top of the veal, and fill them with some of the stuffing.
"Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches" by Eliza Leslie
Through the incision in his nostrils, I had passed a small stick, to the ends of which I attached a strap.
"The Swiss Family Robinson; or Adventures in a Desert Island" by Johann David Wyss
At the proper season the persons whose business it is to collect manna begin to make incisions, one after the other, up the stem.
"Among the Trees at Elmridge" by Ella Rodman Church
I cite certain of the incisive statements that came into Lincoln's seven debates.
"Abraham Lincoln" by George Haven Putnam
Make incisions on the under sides of the layers, just below the third joint.
"Gardening for the Million" by Alfred Pink
Make an incision through the skin a little below the leg-joint, bend the leg at this point and break off the bone.
"Science in the Kitchen." by Mrs. E. E. Kellogg
Out of these incisions oozed the gummy juice of the tree, and from this was made the frankincense.
"The King's Cup-Bearer" by Amy Catherine Walton
Nempnett); (5) arched doorway into tower from chancel, made up of a sepulchral slab with incised foliated cross.
"Somerset" by G.W. Wade and J.H. Wade
INTAGLIO, name given to a gem with a design incised in the surface.
"The Nuttall Encyclopaedia" by Edited by Rev. James Wood
He too is a skeptic and an idol-breaker; but his is a kindlier irony, a less incisive philosophy.
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 1"
The word was sharp and incisive, a regular lawyer's question.
"Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 146., January 14, 1914" by Various
Of burnings by sulphur and incisions by the iron he remembered nothing.
"The Man Who Laughs" by Victor Hugo
Quickly he opened the blade, and made a neat incision in the canvas, finally cutting out a little square.
"The Boy Allies On the Firing Line" by Clair W. Hayes
At the fervent pitch a blast of trumpets rises in challenging phrase, in incisive clash of chord, with the early sense of Parnassian ascent.
"Symphonies and Their Meaning; Third Series, Modern Symphonies" by Philip H. Goepp
The abdomen was emptied through an incision, and the brains drawn through the nostrils by means of a special instrument.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various
He lay down, and four men held him while a fifth made the incisions in his breast and back.
"The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians" by Clark Wissler
Slipped, decorated, and glazed externally above an incised line encircling the waist; glazed internally.
"North Devon Pottery and Its Export to America in the 17th Century" by C. Malcolm Watkins
He went on speaking swiftly, with incisive earnestness, as one not to be denied.
"The Shooting of Dan McGrew, A Novel" by Marvin Dana
Lower leaves mostly lyrate, incised, or pinnatifid.
"The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States" by Asa Gray
The outer rim is incised with trees and deer.
"Discoveries among the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon" by Austen H. Layard

In poetry:

Why the groove?
Why the lovely, bivalve roundnesses?
Why the ripple down the sphere?
Why the suggestion of incision?
"Peach" by D H Lawrence
One is incisive, corrosive:
Two retorts, nettled, curt, crepitant;
Three makes rejoinder, expansive, explosive;
Four overbears them all, strident and strepitant,
Five… O Danaides, O Sieve!
"Master Hugues Of Saxe-Gotha" by Robert Browning
My world is pyramid. The padded mummer
Weeps on the desert ochre and the salt
Incising summer.
My Egypt's armour buckling in its sheet,
I scrape through resin to a starry bone
And a blood parhelion.
"My World Is Pyramid" by Dylan Thomas
Fond man, that canst believe her blood
Will from those purple channels flow;
Or that the pure untainted flood
Can any foul distemper know;
Or that thy weak steel can incise
The crystal case wherein it lies:
"Celia Bleeding, To the Surgeon" by Thomas Carew

In news:

It involves making an incision in the eye's cornea with a surgical blade.
The patient's gallbladder was removed through one tiny incision in the belly button or navel, making the procedure virtually scarless.
Salon Blogger Made Irrelevant by Single, Brilliantly Incisive Tweet.
A second incision is made in the uterus, through which the baby is delivered.
Chesterton is often regarded as a staunch and unwavering apologist for Christianity, a culture-warrior of the right, a rollicking jester who trounced his opponents with incisive paradoxes and witty self-mockery.
ANCHORAGE – Week 2 of the Keystone Center's process on Pebble Mine wrapped up this afternoon in Anchorage, capped by an incisive appraisal from a researcher at the well-respected UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research.
Slate's jocular, incisive podcast builds and engages an audience.
Neighborhood's Past Incised in Its Facades.
Etymotic's high-end canalphones have clear, incisive highs.
It involves making a series of incisions in the top portion of the heart, the atria.
Honestly, Todd Snider's one of America's most incisive songwriters.
If you are about to undergo surgery, most people would choose an incision that measures one inch over ten inches.
Several times during last Thursday's federal court hearing on Arizona's controversial new immigration law, US District Judge Susan Bolton's incisive line of questioning betrayed a wry sense of humor.
SURGEONS once made incisions large enough to get to a gallbladder or other organs by using conventional tools they held in their own hands.
Unlike traditional robotic surgeries requiring three to five small incisions, this new technology allows for a single incision in the belly button where instruments are placed and the diseased gallbladder is removed.

In science:

Leonid Polterovich for arousing my interest in quasi-states, and for his suggestions, incisive comments and advice.
Quasi-states and the Poisson bracket on surfaces
The random potentials V = {vjk }ν i (yi ) are assured by appropriate incisions in the probability space Rν .
Quasi-periodic solutions of nonlinear random Schr\"odinger equations
In this way, new surveys can lead to more incisive quantitative conclusions about the true underlying galaxy population.
Star formation trends in high-redshift galaxy surveys: the elephant or the tail?
The advent of an upgraded detector and improved collider at the Cornell Electron Storage Rings, the debut of B-factories at SLAC and KEK, and the ability of hadron machines to contribute incisively to B physics, all make the future study of B → V P decays a potentially rich area for research.
New Information on B Decays to Charmless VP Final States
The incision was closed and the occluding suture was left in place until sacrificing the animals.
Effects of pyruvate administration on infarct volume and neurological deficits following permanent focal cerebral ischemia in rats
Nevertheless, Wolfgang Pauli’s famous statement about the neutrino comes to mind: I have done a terrible thing: I have postulated a particle that cannot be detected! Sometimes it seems that inflation is an idea that cannot be tested, or tested incisively.
The Cosmic Microwave Background for Pedestrians: A Review for Particle and Nuclear Physicists
Such spectra extend the lever arm in k space, allowing a more incisive determination of any possible spectral tilt, ns .
The Cosmic Microwave Background for Pedestrians: A Review for Particle and Nuclear Physicists
At present time we are in an interesting position of having three sets of measurements (from LEP/SLC, B factories and the Tevatron) that originate from different environments, obtained using substantially different techniques and are precise enough for incisive comparison.
Averages of b-hadron and c-hadron Properties at the End of 2007
Reipurth deserves special thanks for identifying the beautiful images of T Tau (Figure 1) and IC 2087 (Figure 14), his many incisive comments on the manuscript, and his unflagging dedication to and suppo rt for star formation research.
Low Mass Star Formation in the Taurus-Auriga Clouds
Nevertheless, the range and precision of the heavy flavor measurements contines to improve and enable incisive tests of the various production mechanisms.
DIS2011 Heavy Flavours Session Summary (WG5)
The study of these particles in e+e− annihilation led to many incisive experimental probes of the weak interactions, including precision mass measurements and measurements of branching ratios and polarization asymmetries.
Theoretical Summary Lecture for Higgs Hunting 2012
There is, however, a possible discrepancy in xT scaling for jets, which should be an incisive test for the theory.
QCD Tests in Proton-Antiproton Collisions
The JLC group has pioneered a program where they have shown that it is possible to measure chargino, LSP and slepton masses to a precision of ∼ 2%, and further, to make other precision measurements which will allow incisive tests of the assumptions that underlie the mSUGRA framework.
Summary of the Supersymmetry Working Group
We can expect more incisive results in the future, for example, from an analysis of the data from ZEUS where the diffracted proton is explicitly measured (and corresponding future data from the other experiments).
QCD and Hadronic Interactions: Summary talk for Moriond 97
The successor experiment, NuTeV, has an improved data sample that will permit more incisive analyses.
Perspectives on Heavy Quark 98