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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n incertitude the state of being unsure of something
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Incertitude Uncertainty; doubtfulness; doubt. "The incertitude and instability of this life.""He fails . . . from mere incertitude or irresolution."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n incertitude The state or condition of being uncertain; doubtfulness; uncertainty arising from doubt or hesitation.
    • n incertitude Obscurity; indefiniteness.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Incertitude want of certainty
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. incertitude, LL. incertitudo, fr. L. incertus,. See Incertain


In literature:

His parents were already there living in sorrow, incertitude, and apprehension.
"Tales Of Hearsay" by Joseph Conrad
Also, convincement may grow into certainty as the evidence to support it becomes altogether incertitude.
"The Price" by Francis Lynde
The incertitude which existed as to whether the strange vessel was an enemy or not created great excitement.
"Percival Keene" by Frederick Marryat
Merely from habit, I again repaired to the White Horse, and concluded my nineteenth natal day in incertitude, solitude, and misery.
"Rattlin the Reefer" by Edward Howard
While in this incertitude, he remembered his juggling, or rather his dream.
"The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, Mythologic and Allegoric, of the North American Indians" by Henry R. Schoolcraft
Slowly, softly, the grey incertitude begins to flower with their lights, each window a little silent prayer.
"Nights in London" by Thomas Burke
Clarke was truly in a pitiable state of incertitude and despair.
"The Tyranny of the Dark" by Hamlin Garland
But incertitude strengthened resolve, and she never intended to be Lady Reggie Hastings.
"The Green Carnation" by Robert Smythe Hichens
Then would anxiety, incertitude, and disconsolation possess the bosom of Melissa, until dissipated by his safe return.
"Alonzo and Melissa" by Daniel Jackson, Jr.
Your words relieve me from a state of incertitude.
"Fathers and Children" by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev
In some women incertitude expresses itself in silence.
"H. R." by Edwin Lefevre
Then doubts crowded upon me in such numbers that my incertitude became complete.
"History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume II (of 2)" by John William Draper
La incertitud me malaba.
"The Headless Horseman" by Mayne Reid
Under the spell of this incertitude the tumult, at its height some minutes before, fell of itself.
"The Sword of Honor, volumes 1 & 2" by Eugène Sue
Neither is it possible to say what will be the outcome of this state of social incertitude.
"Witch Winnie's Mystery, or The Old Oak Cabinet" by Elizabeth W. Champney
An excess of incertitude also prevails as to his rank and historic area.
"The Army Mule and Other War Sketches" by Henry A. Castle
An incertitude intimidated me.
"The Eye of Istar" by William Le Queux
A paralyzing incertitude was bred in the city's mind, even toward progress.
"Historic Towns of the Western States" by Various
But this state of incertitude and confused agitation cannot last for ever.
"The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life" by Emile Durkheim
His mind was at peace and the incertitude regarding his individuality set at rest.
"The Mystery of the Lost Dauphin" by Emilia Pardo Bazán

In poetry:

The years' incertitude and
The dirty white fates trickling
Blackly down the necessary years
Define no attitude to the present winter,
No mood to the cold matter.
"A Pauper" by Allen Tate

In science:

In other words, even a very small incertitude on the initial condition leads to a total loss of knowledge after a characteristic time τ .
Complex Systems: a Physicist's Viewpoint
In CB analysis usually a much higher incertitude of the order of few percent ([1 − 5]%) is introduced by stochastic process and template space quantization.
cuInspiral: prototype gravitational waves detection pipeline fully coded on GPU using CUDA
This allows us to estimate the critical excluded fraction θc = 0.441(2) (where the digit in parenthesis indicates incertitude).
Anomalous subdiffusion due to obstacles : A critical survey
This value can be considered as an average incertitude of our calculated frequencies.
First-principles study of lithium-doped carbon clathrates under pressure
Care must be taken not to introduce additional time jitter during the processes of coding, transmission and decoding, as a large incertitude on the arrival time will lead to a loss of temporal coherence and hence to a superposition of the satellite and the central coincidence peaks.
Long-distance Bell-type tests using energy-time entangled photons
This method leads to a smaller statistical error, that is balanced from a larger systematic incertitude (since we only select data at a given distance from Tc, and approaching Tc leads to a systematic drift of the estimate).
Numerical Simulations of the 4D Edwards-Anderson Spin Glass with Binary Couplings