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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n humoring the act of indulging or gratifying a desire
    • ***


  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs-jolted by every pebble in the road.”
  • Edward De Bono
    Edward De Bono
    “Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.”
  • Victor Borge
    Victor Borge
    “Humor is something that thrives between man's aspirations and his limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth.”
  • Dick Clark
    Dick Clark
    “Humor is always based on a modicum of truth. Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law.”
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    “People of humor are always in some degree people of genius.”
  • Mahatma Gandhi
    “If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”


In literature:

Mrs. Mansfield sent her a glance of half-humorous rebuke.
"The Way of Ambition" by Robert Hichens
But the humor of the thing appealed to her most strongly of all.
"North of Fifty-Three" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Ridicule and sarcasm are often coated with would-be humor, and try to pass for puns.
"Evening Round Up" by William Crosbie Hunter
He has, too, a keen sense of the humorous.
"Short Stories of Various Types" by Various
Everything he described was touched with a certain ironic humor.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various
Some of the maist humorous things I've ever said cam oot, as a body may say, by themsels.
"A Window in Thrums" by J. M. Barrie
His work abounds in an ingenious and admirable mingling of wit and humor.
"Jokes For All Occasions" by Anonymous
They said that he was humorous.
"The Bibliotaph" by Leon H. Vincent
The humor of the thing delights me.
"Flint" by Maud Wilder Goodwin
Long since her chums had discovered that her sense of humor was as keen as her sense of criticism.
"Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore" by Pauline Lester
I affirm: in fine, I have {so} trained myself as to humor them in every thing.
"The Comedies of Terence" by Publius Terentius Afer, (AKA) Terence
I was made the victim of her humors.
"The Autobiography of Madame Guyon" by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte Guyon
The situation was not without its humorous aspects.
"Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches" by Joel Chandler Harris
Vicky may be in an angelic humor and she may not.
"Ancestors" by Gertrude Atherton
How the young man met the situation is humorously and most entertainingly told.
"Whispering Wires" by Henry Leverage
He was very fond of paraphrasing the Bible as a humorous task and also to show what he conceived to be the meaning of certain passages.
"The True Benjamin Franklin" by Sydney George Fisher
The anger left his face and the old, shrewd, humorous light crept back into his eyes.
"Lightnin'" by Frank Bacon
It has splendid realism and fine humor.
"Literature in the Making" by Various
By humoring the animals they might be able to get through with a pair to each schooner.
"The Westerners" by Stewart Edward White
Humor iz hybrid, and iz a nice cross between sense and nonsense.
"Josh Billings on Ice" by Henry Wheeler Shaw

In poetry:

They'll give you a curled tuba, tall as Rumor,
They'll sit you on a puff of Autumn cloud,
Gilded-fantastic as your scorn and humor
And let you blow that tuba much too loud.
"To Rosemary, On The Methods" by Stephen Vincent Benet
Now their light far-flinging
We see flashing, swinging,
Sparks as from your father's humor springing;
Now there meets us nigher,
Mirroring the higher,
Mother's eye of softer fire.
"To Erika Lie" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Hence, 'mid thy flowers, books, and trees
Strive not the multitude to please;
Regard its humors as the spray
Which winds blow lightly o'er the bay;
Live thine own life, and win the day!
"Seclusion" by John Lawson Stoddard
You ain’t met him? Son, you’ve missed
The most funniest humorist
I’ve met with in my born days—
Funniest talker, anyways,
When it comes to repartee—
That’s the humor catches me!
"Jabed Meeker, Humorist" by Ellis Parker Butler
A querulous old woman's voice
His humorous talent next employs,
He scolds, and gives the lie,
And now he sings, and now is sick,
Here, Sally, Susan, come, come quick,
Poor Poll is like to die!
"The Parrot" by William Cowper
He throws his turnips everywhere;
With breakfast-tea he scalds my legs;
I've spuds and carrots in my hair;
And oft he's smitten me with eggs.
If e'er he shows, with humor grim
I'll throw these things all back at him.
"Waiting" by C J Dennis

In news:

It is also laced with humor.
News bloopers Category: Animals, Humor.
Web humor Humphrey Bogart and The Terminator Don't Want None Unless You Got Buns, Hun.
Terrorism, humor, Van Gogh and even Jeffrey Dahmer are just some of the subjects tackled in the books that will be buzzing in 2012.
At 33, writer and blogger Goldfarb finds herself unemployed and back living at home with her parents, humorously revisiting her innumerable misadventures along the way.
'Friends With Kids' is born of fresh ideas and humor.
Listen to a revealing and humorous interview with David Carbonara, as he shares the inside story on how he writes music for Mad Men, how creator Matthew Weiner chooses the '60s songs, and how it's all mixed together to make a hit TV series.
Puns, according to people who prefer wit instead, are the worst form of humor.
U's centenarian donor offers aid - and spry humor.
We have a lot in common and he has a great sense of humor.
Keith Urban and television host Ellen Degeneres got funny and sexy while filming a new "commercial" to promote Keith's new fragrance, Phoenix, though Keith fans might find it as hot as they do humorous.
PRINCETON — It helped to have a sense of humor on a day like this.
Clem Snide frontman Eef Barzelay emits poetic, humorous musings on love, scientific principles of nature and conflicting standards of pop culture.
Dictator' commands laughs with Cohen's squirm-worthy humor.
Proof that they're old friends -- and share the same sense of humor.

In science:

His enlightening insight, keen sense of humor, side-pro ject business pursuits, and love of fine cognac provided much enjoyment. I would also like to thank Charles Parks for his continuing support and friendship.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
He is devoted to his students, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is truly a pleasure to work with.
Random Surfaces
The humorous effect is treated as a specific malfunction in the processing of information, conditioned by the necessity of a quick deletion from consciousness of a false version.
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
In the proposed scheme, the humorous effect is interpreted as a specific malfunction in the course of information processing conditioned by the necessity to delete some information transmitted to consciousness.
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
The described specific malfunction can be identified with ”a humorous effect”.
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
The appearance of the word ”leg” in the second remark makes version DE less probable and increases the probability of version DE ′ (”breast”): this gives rise to a humorous effect.
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
Conversely, people with small τmax are aware of a humorous effect even in cases that most people do not see as funny.
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
The dependence of humorous effect on duration of the pause in a certain place is well described in Mark Twain’s essay ”Public Speaking”. 7 We have in mind the susceptibility to humour in principle, leaving aside the cases when individual peculiarities give rise to inadequate reaction to a concrete joke.
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
Mathematics ana Humor (Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1980).
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
Handbook of Humor Research (Springer, New York etc., 1983).
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
For non-humorous career advice in astronomy, see, e.g., “So you want to be a professional astronomer!” (Forbes 2008) or “The Production Rate and Employment of Ph.D.
How long should an astronomical paper be to increase its Impact?
However, they do not deserve any blame in the unlikely case you lack a sense of humor. I thank Chris Kochanek and Molly Peeples for their useful comments on an earlier version of this paper.
How long should an astronomical paper be to increase its Impact?
The data and plots presented in this paper are real, despite the (mostly intended) humorous style of writing.
How long should an astronomical paper be to increase its Impact?
At the personal level, I discovered that Alain is a very warm person, full of life, and has fantastic sense of humor. I am proud of his friendship.
Noncommutative Geometry as the Key to Unlock the Secrets of Space-Time
Unlike Stanek (2008), I do not conclude with any career advice, semi-humorous or otherwise.
Are astronomical papers with more authors cited more?