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hit home


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v hit home refer to or be relevant or familiar to "I hope this message hits home!"
    • ***


  • Alan Bleasdale
    Alan Bleasdale
    “I think when the full horror of being fifty hits you, you should stay home and have a good cry.”
  • Casey Stengel
    Casey Stengel
    “Managing is getting paid for home runs someone else hits.”
  • Roger Maris
    Roger Maris
    “You hit home runs not by chance but by preparation.”


Hit home - If something hits home, it is understood completely and has a strong effect as people accept it even though it is negative.


In literature:

I'm liable to wrap mommie in a blanket and crawl out the window, some night, and hit the trail for home.
"The Ranch at the Wolverine" by B. M. Bower
An', besides, hit's home.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
Then the other boys knew, by the roar of rage and pain he set up, that he had been hit, and ran home and left him to his fate.
"A Boy's Town" by W. D. Howells
When we get home I shall go back to the School and see if I cannot hit on some clue or other.
"Captain Bayley's Heir:" by G. A. Henty
After Dorothy returned home, Cornwall's friends said he was hard hit, because he turned his back on social diversions.
"Chit-Chat; Nirvana; The Searchlight" by Mathew Joseph Holt
Well, I must be hitting the trail home.
"The Greater Power" by Harold Bindloss
Maybe because it don't hit me so close to home.
"The Plunderer" by Roy Norton
Got home without being hit.
"An Aviator's Field Book" by Oswald Bölcke
I want to go nutting before I hit the trail for home.
"The Camerons of Highboro" by Beth B. Gilchrist
I'll put all the vim into the blow that stands for a home-run hit on the diamond.
"Jack Winters' Campmates" by Mark Overton
I mean, he hit the ball and made a home run.
"The Rushton Boys at Rally Hall" by Spencer Davenport
Each bullet hit home.
"Miss Cayley's Adventures" by Grant Allen
Nobody is hit, however, and our party crosses the lines; and so home.
"Cavalry of the Clouds" by Alan Bott
And hit's bin march, march, all the time, right away from we'uns's homes.
"Si Klegg, Book 4 (of 6) Experiences Of Si And Shorty On The Great Tullahoma Campaign" by John McElroy
The score remained tied until the fifth, neither team being able to hit the opposing pitcher's delivery hard enough to send home a run.
"Jimmy Kirkland and the Plot for a Pennant" by Hugh S. Fullerton
The full horror of it gradually hit home.
"Know Thy Neighbor" by Elisabeth R. Lewis
I want to get home and hit that sack.
"Brink of Madness" by Walter J. Sheldon
The news of the new home hit her like a fresh blow, removing as it did another landmark in the familiar life.
"An Unknown Lover" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
The first thing that hits me when I come home is, 'Have you seen The Orphan?
"The Orphan" by Clarence E. Mulford
Grace's random shot hit home.
"Shadows of Flames" by Amelie Rives

In poetry:

Our talk was edged with homely wit,
The banter flew apace,
And ever at a happy hit
The laughter clad our face.
"A Walk To Pamphy Linns" by Alexander Anderson
"I'll do the old dump in a day,"
He told me in his brittle way.
"Two more, I guess, I'll give to Rome
Before I hit the trail for home;
But while I'm there I kindo' hope
To have an audience with the Pope."
"Florentine Pilgrim" by Robert W Service
You might try to drown the sorrow, but the drink has no effect;
You cannot stand the barmaid with her coarse and vulgar wit;
And so you seek the street again, and start for home direct,
When you’re hit, old man—hard hit.
"Rejected" by Henry Lawson

In news:

Perils of drinking and driving hit home at Oakley high school.
The truism hits home in the saga of Campany Segundo, the legendary Cuban son musician who was living a fairly quiet life in Havana until Ry Cooder showed up a couple of years back to get veterans on tape.
A month ago, Justin Smoak was on fire, hitting home runs left and right and reminding everyone that there was a reason he was once a first round pick.
Washington's Jayson Werth, top left, leaps toward home plate as he is greeted by teammates after hitting a game-winning solo home run in the ninth inning of Game 4 of the NLDS against St Louis on Thursday.
'Parenthood' cancer storyline hits home.
I had made some notes over the last week about ways in which the president could have successfully hit home his message.
Win Win Week hits home in Tecumseh .
Josh Thole walked from home plate to the dugout after hitting his first major league home run last July, even though a major leaguer is apparently supposed to jog.
Adoption Hits Home for Vestal Family.
A solid education in a Christian atmosphere, small class sizes and an eye-opening 94 percent placement rate -- are apparently hitting home with prospective students.
Your story today (on drunk driving and bath salts) hits home with me.
Drunken driving suspect hits home, gas line.
Financial burden of Alzheimer's disease is hitting home.
For "E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial" star Henry Thomas, the classic blockbuster film is finally hitting home for him in a different sort of way.
Which is probably why the above video particularly hits home for me.

In science:

The result of the reconstruction phase (track parameters, vertices, calorimeter clusters, PID probabilities, detector hit patterns, etc.) is stored into output ROOT [104] trees, called mini Data Summary Tapes (mDST), that are distributed to home computing centres and serve as input for all the physics data analyses.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN