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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj hawk-eyed having very keen vision "quick-sighted as a cat"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Hawk-eyed alert to possible danger.
    • a Hawk-eyed Having very keen vision; sharp-sighted; discerning.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • hawk-eyed Having acute vision, like that of a hawk; having bold, piercing eyes.
    • ***


In literature:

Hawks was looking at him, a puzzled look in his eyes.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
That fellow has an eye as sharp as a hawk.
"A Pirate of Parts" by Richard Neville
Panther-limbed, hawk-eyed young persons leap about the lawn dressed in white from top to toe.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, August 26th, 1914" by Various
Mr. Hawke suppressed a sigh, and his glance again fell on his boy; and, hurrying to the window, he mechanically drew his hand across his eyes.
"Flora Lyndsay" by Susan Moodie
But here's 'Tana, with eyes like a hawk for sighting things.
"That Girl Montana" by Marah Ellis Ryan
Cynthia Badlam kept her keen eyes on her like a hawk.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 121, November, 1867" by Various
His fierce, light eyes, like those of a sea-hawk, swept slowly around the audience and lit on Jeremy.
"The Black Buccaneer" by Stephen W. Meader
That's how he got the name of Hawk-Eye.
"The Cave Twins" by Lucy Fitch Perkins
He had a keen hawk eye, which was not dimmed at that extreme age.
"Gipsy Life being an account of our Gipsies and their children" by George Smith
The hawk up in the sky with his sharp eye saw Little Yellow Chick and flew straight toward him.
"Prince and Rover of Cloverfield Farm" by Helen Fuller Orton
She dropped her eyes again, and lay there on the furs like some frightened bird shrinking from the glance of a hawk.
"The Bridge of the Gods" by Frederic Homer Balch
Mrs. Fleming gazed at her with hawk-like eyes.
"The Time of Roses" by L. T. Meade
She had a candle in her hand, and he could see how furtively her wild, hawk-like eyes glanced at him.
"Lover or Friend" by Rosa Nouchette Carey
His eyes were hard and bright with a fierce purpose and gladness, like a hawk's.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
He had an eye like a hawk for possible custom.
"The One-Way Trail" by Ridgwell Cullum
The small birds are keen-eyed and watchful because the hawks are so, too.
"Under the Maples" by John Burroughs
And Jemima continued to watch her mail with a hawk's eye.
"Kildares of Storm" by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
From the summit of the ridge, Hawk Carse lifted Leithgow's glasses to his eyes.
"The Passing of Ku Sui" by Anthony Gilmore
The deceptively mild gray eyes of the Hawk were veiled by their lids.
"Hawk Carse" by Anthony Gilmore
Mrs. Ogilvie had hoped that Sibyl would not notice her tears, but Sibyl, gentle as she looked, had the eyes of a hawk.
"Daddy's Girl" by L. T. Meade

In poetry:

Ay, moralize,--is it not thus
We've mourn'd our hope and love?
Alas! there's tears for every eye,
A hawk for every dove!
"A Child Screening A Dove From A Hawk." by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
In her eyes the mist, and the moonlight
In hair of a crumpled gold;
By day they wooed a-hawking,
A-hawking laughed, a-mocking
The good, white king and old.
"The Romanza" by Madison Julius Cawein
--Happy, alone with Nature thus!--Yet here
Dim, primal man is near;--
The hawk-eyed eager traders, who of yore
Through long Biscayan waves
Star-steer'd adventurous from the Iberic shore
"The First And The Last" by Francis Turner Palgrave
Yet the hawk with the wildness untamed in his eye,
If you free him, stares round ere he springs to the sky;
The slave whom no longer his fetters restrain
Will turn for a moment and look at his chain.
"At The Close Of A Course Of Lectures" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Where is the ostler of old Hawk and Buckle,
And what of Willy Jakeman this hot summer weather?
He is rubbing his eyes with a slow and lazy knuckle
As he wakes from his nap on a bank of fresh heather.
"Hawk And Buckle" by Robert Graves
O golden hawk! O lidless eye! Behold
How the grey creeps upon the shuddering gold!
Still I will strive! That thou mayst sweep
Swift on the dead from thine all-seeing steep -
And the unutterable word by spoken.
"The Mantra-Yoga" by Aleister Crowley

In news:

"I grew up before computers," Mr Hawkes says, eyeing his creation.
Both are fairly large companies in comparison to Hawk-Eye, neither rebuilds "garden variety" CRTs any longer, and both are sufficiently diversified so that they will continue to operate when the demand for CRTs disappears completely.
Keeps a watchful eye on the field as Mooney plays the part of hunting dog attempting to scare up game for the hawk.
If Hawk-Eye technology exists, the tours would be well-served to maximize its use.
Hawks here have long asserted that Beijing build Islamabad's nuclear weapons program and continues to turn a blinde eye to Pakistan's use of terrorist groups to launch attacks on India.
Paul Hawkins, inventor of Hawk-Eye Officating.
A crow keeps a close eye on a red-tailed hawk on the PAWS Campus.
Hawks captain Troy Rutkowski was once a wide-eyed rookie, now he's helping younger players adjust to their new lives in the WHL.
The magnetic-field-based system of GoalRef will be used at Yokohama Stadium while Toyota Stadium will be equipped with the camera-based Hawk-Eye system.
However, both GoalRef and Hawk-Eye's technology must now pass a stadium test before either system can be used in a match.
Goal-line technology providers GoalRef and Hawk-Eye have been authorized to install their systems worldwide after signing license agreements with FIFA, soccer's world governing body said on Tuesday.
Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough debuts his new eye protection in Wednesday night's game against the Atlanta Hawks.
Paul Hawkins, inventor of Hawk -Eye Officating.
Paul Hawkins, inventor of Hawk-Eye Officating.
Despite massive overhaul with eye toward future, Hawks insist they're not in rebuilding mode.