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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj hard-hitting aggressively and persistently persuasive "a hard-hitting advertising campaign","a high-pressure salesman"
    • adj hard-hitting characterized by or full of force and vigor "a hard-hitting expose","a trenchant argument"
    • ***


  • Theodore Roosevelt
    “Don't foul, don't flinch. Hit the line hard.”


In literature:

When a man who is not jocular by nature makes two jokes in as many minutes, he is hard hit.
"The Castle Inn" by Stanley John Weyman
I invite you to hit me as often and as hard as you can.
"Brave Tom" by Edward S. Ellis
Keith was too hard hit to say a word.
"The Soul of a Child" by Edwin Bjorkman
I understand that he has been very hard hit.
"The Penalty" by Gouverneur Morris
A statute of the early part of William and Mary's reign hit the association of child-buyers hard.
"The Man Who Laughs" by Victor Hugo
Before I hardly knew what I was doing I hit Jake and we had a fight.
"Around Old Bethany" by Robert Lee Berry
You would hit him hard!
"The Devil's Pool" by George Sand
All the more reason why we must hit them at once, and hit hard!
"The Air Trust" by George Allan England
Hardly had it hit the water before something grabbed it, and Charley drew forth a flopping fish.
"The Young Wireless Operator--As a Fire Patrol" by Lewis E. Theiss
Montrond was hit hard at the first lunge.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 17, No. 97, January, 1876" by Various
Facing his assailant with the bear-spear, he struck up his arms, and with the butt end hit hard so that he fell.
"The Were-Wolf" by Clemence Housman
They hit a man just as hard when he is down.
"The Rules of the Game" by Stewart Edward White
FRIEND JEFF: I've hit her hard in the boneyard.
"The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Vol. II: In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians" by Ambrose Bierce
The thing hit hard up there.
"Vanguards of the Plains" by Margaret McCarter
Fate hits such men particularly hard when her delayed blow falls.
"Children of the Mist" by Eden Phillpotts
I was tremendously hard hit from the first.
"Lippincott's Magazine, August, 1885" by Various
How hard it must have hit him!
"My Friend Prospero" by Henry Harland
He hit so hard the boards bent and the whole barn roared and trembled.
"A Man for the Ages" by Irving Bacheller
I hear whispers that he was hard hit at Ascot, though he gives out that he won.
"The Queen's Cup" by G. A. Henty
Selden had been hit hard, too.
"The Trail Horde" by Charles Alden Seltzer

In poetry:

Never drank, except at market;
Never beat his sturdy mate;
She could hit as hard as he could,
And had just as hard a pate.
"The Legend of La Brea" by Charles Kingsley
But somedimes ven de Kaiser's in doubt,
Und already can't find his vay oudt;
Ven dose hard shpots he hits,
Den he say--"Mine dear Fritz,
Vot you tinks of dis peesness, old Scoudt?"
"The Kaiser Consults Fritz" by Abner Cosens
Bain to Clapham town-end lived an owd Yorkshire tike,
Who i' dealing i' horseflesh had ne'er met his like;
'T were his pride that i' all the hard bargains he'd hit,
He'd bit a girt monny, but niver bin bit.
"The Yorkshire Horse Dealers" by Anonymous British
—Sir Bones, or Galahad: astonishin
yo legal & yo good. Is you feel well?
Honey dusk do sprawl.
—Hit's hard. Kinged or thinged, though, fling & wing.
Poll-cats are coming, hurrah, hurray.
I votes in my hole.
"Dream Song 2: Big Buttons, Cornets: the advance" by John Berryman
They're hurt, they can't escape, and so
He stuffs them head-down in a sack,
Not quite dead, wriggling in a row,
And Fraulein laughed, "Ho, ho! Ho, ho!"
And gave my middle a hard smack,
I wish that I'd hit back.
"The Picture Book" by Robert Graves
"Ho! Ho! a strike! let heem have it now--
Gosh! ain't he a'kickin' heem up de row,
Pullin' so hard, never min', ma son,
W'en he go lak dat he was nearly done,
But he’s all right now, so don't be afraid,
Jus' hit heem again wit' de paddle blade.
"Keep Out Of The Weeds" by William Henry Drummond

In news:

Harris shows mettle after taking hard hit .
NYC launches '1-stop restoration centers' in hard-hit neighborhoods.
Health effects plague communities hard-hit by Sandy.
Queens Community Hard Hit By Storm Sandy.
Pittsburgh beats Giants in hard-hit New Jersey.
Obama orders fuel for hard-hit areas.
Kids in hard-hit family not pulling weight.
The US Transportation Command also brought 120 medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, into the hard hit areas to care for at-risk nursing home residents and other at-risk elderly.
In Queens, Hard-Hit Residents Assess The Damage.
Hard-Hit States Suffer Fuel Shortages, Power Outages.
Obama said military assets could be made available to speed up restoring power to New Jersey and also hard-hit New York and Connecticut.
Northeast back to business after Sandy's hard hit .
Firefighters from a number of local fire departments have already gone down to the New York City area and other places hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.
Duxbury family seeks assault charge against Scituate hockey player over hard hit.
'Curve' no home run, but hard hitting.

In science:

Usually, one distinguishes hard obstacles, where the particle is killed upon hitting them, and soft obstacles where the particle is only killed with a certain probability. A typical model treated extensively in is Brownian motion in a Poissonian field of obstacles.
Survival time of random walk in random environment among soft obstacles
It is not hard to guess the critical parameter set for fractional Brownian motion hitting points or having double points.
A connection between the stochastic heat equation and fractional Brownian motion, and a simple proof of a result of Talagrand
It turns out that identifying all hitting scenarios amounts to solving the set covering problem, which is NP-hard (see e.g. ).
Conditional Sampling for Spectrally Discrete Max-Stable Random Fields
Unweighted hard scattering events are produced using the ‘hit-or-miss’ method as described in section 3.2.1.
Phenomenological aspects of new physics at high energy hadron colliders
The limitations of the FE-I3, in particular its radiation hardness for the fluences expected at the IBL radius and its ability to cope with high hit rates, make the FE-I3 unusable at the IBL for the expected LHC luminosities of up to 3×1034 cm−2 s−1 .
Prototype ATLAS IBL Modules using the FE-I4A Front-End Readout Chip
This together with the fact that more than half of the events hit the prior hard limit AV = 0 indicates that the weight of the colour measurements in the distance estimation is modest.
The expansion of the universe observed with supernovae
This target will be hard to hit if one relies on increases in computer power alone: methodological improvements are needed too.
New lattice action for heavy quarks
Common NP-complete problems of choice for showing NP-hardness of election systems include versions of Set Cover, Knapsack, and Hitting Set.
The Complexity of Manipulating $k$-Approval Elections
In, a construction was given demonstrating that destructive control via either adding or deleting candidates in a plurality election is NP-hard, via a reduction from Hitting Set.
The Complexity of Manipulating $k$-Approval Elections
This is in sync with the biomedical philosophy of “hit first and hit hard ”, i.e., to treat the disease with high dosage in the early phase of the treatment and once a physical recovery takes place, gradually decrease the dosage.
Free Final-Time Optimal Control for HIV Viral Dynamics
Despite bination of tracks and energy clusters, observed by the Central Tracker and the LAr hard scattering at large Q2 the target is only hit gently.
Soft and Diffractive Phenomena